Musician PickUp Lines

Attending a gig would definitely give you an opportunity to meet new people especially musically-inclined people.
And most likely, you will be amazed by their talent that eventually you will find yourself wanting to make a move at the person who caught your eye.
Below are some of the music-related pick-up lines.

For every sharps and flats of your life, baby, expect me to stand by your side and so I will.

Listen closely. Do you heart it? Our heart beats in harmony and it will keep being that way.

Hoping someday, somehow we will find our own rhythm because baby we belong together.


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I will let you be the conductor of my heart because you are that important to me, darling.

Someday we will be able to gather all the notes to create our music and travel together.

For every sharps and flats of your life, I promise, I will be there to guide you and hold you.

Someday we will be able to gather all the notes and sing our own music together.

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I will hit every note for you because I love you and that is enough to make me do wonders.

I promise, I will not miss hitting a note for you because that is the way we are supposed to.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I will be your white keys, for every black keys of your life and together we will be together.

White keys or black keys, wherever you are in your life right now I promise to hold your hand.

Tonight I will let you set the tempo, baby because that is what you may love to do anyways.

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You are my favourite song that I will never get tired of singing along you are my melody.

I will hit every single note, put in the best effort to hit all the notes for you, I love you so much.

You are my favourite song that I would like to wake up to listening in the morning.


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You are the chorus in my life that I would like to repeat over and over again until I get tired.

You give my life colour just like a chorus could in a song and I am thankful for you, darling.

You are perfect, like the people like me aims to achieve of creating and so you are perfect.

I am the musician but it seems you are better at creating music because you are music itself.

Are you a musician? Because I would gladly be the muse for you if you need me right now.

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Do you need a muse tonight? Because I will gladly volunteer baby for you I definitely would.

I have been looking for a muse all my life and now, I finally found you and so I won’t let go.

If you are a song and I am a musician I am sure I would like to sing you over and over again.

You are the muse in every musician song that I love to just here every single time of forever.

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I do not care what type of music you like because I would be willing to be your musician.

You are the only musician who can get me to sing along, my favorite musician that you are.

You are the only musician I would like to listen to over and over again for you drive me crazy.

You are a song that has the ability to drive every musician crazy especially me, I love you so.

I would like to make your heart go wild just like musicians do when they perform.


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You make my heart go thump thumb like it has been hit by a drum that doesn’t stop beating.

Hey I am a musician, is it okay if I hit on you because you give me this warm feeling?

Hey baby, I would like to hit your notes with you tonight if you do not mind me saying that.

You make me want to learn an instrument to impress a musician like you that is if you would.

You make me want to write a song and dedicate it to you that’s what you are to me now.

If I failed at being musician, it is okay because I still got you and so I do, and so I will baby.

I will make you fall in love in just one night like only a musician can and I hope you will.

There are two things I love as a musician: creating songs and singing them for you.

Baby I would like to be your favourite musician in the whole wide world if you would let me.

You’re a musician right? Can you teach me how we can make music just you and me?

You are a musician right? Do you see the potential of us making good music together?

You are a musician right? Would you look at the possibility of us making good music tonight?

I dig musicians but I dig you most than anyone here in this room because you are amazing.

You make me feel good like only my favourite musician can and so you are my favorite now.

Do you want to make me feel good tonight with your singing maybe you can put that in me?

As a musician, music is my only life but you are life saver and I want you to save me.

As a musician, it sure feels nice to have someone like you in this life of mine, that’s the truth.

If I am a musician people would get tired because my songs will be all about you.

You had me at your first set. That is how I know you are a good musician and you know me.

You be the musician I will be the dancer to every song you create and I will love you forever.

Baby, You and I we can form a band like 21 pilots and we will rule this world, you and I.

I would like to be the song you play whenever you are sad to give you comfort.

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You captured my heart during the first strum of your guitar and have not let go ever since.

I do not care if you are broke I would still be your number one fan for now until forever.

Baby, you make my heart go boom burum boom and God I like that, I like it so much.

Baby I would like to be your apprentice and try every instrument with you for I care for you.

Baby, just harmonize with me throughout this relationship and you will be fine, I like you so.

Baby I will sing with you if that means you get to stay with me all my life so let us start.

You make me feel good like only the best songs I know can and it gives me this happiness.

If I am a composer, expect to just talk about your beauty and your perfection.

I am tempted to do the mic drop upon seeing you in the crowd.

You make me want to write a good song and sing it to the world.

I can make a thousand songs about you but I would still feel like they are not enough.

I could watch you all day and still find your playing beautiful for you are amazingly are.

I could listen to your voice all day and still never get tired of it.

You light up my day like only a good music can.

Everything about you is like a carefully written song.

You make my heart sing like only a good choir director can.

You look wonderful tonight, baby. Let me make you feel wonderful even for just a night.

You and I tonight darling, I bet we will make a beautiful song.

Darling, every breath you take makes me want to be alive longer.

Baby, I do not mind being an accompaniment to you just as long as you are happy.

Accelerando baby, that’s how my love for you is building up.

Darling, every breath you take is an answered prayer from the universe.

I do not mind the how many downbeats are there as long as I spend it with you.

I would like to spend the upbeats as well as the downbeats with you.

I will rent a choir to let the whole world know that I am in love with you.

Chorus is my favourite part in a song just as you are my favourite part of my day.

You are like a cleft without you I am without purpose.

You are a song I do not like to end so I will extend the coda as long as I need to.

I will give you a concerto if that will make you love me.

I will gladly put together a concerto for you and I will instruct them to sing my love for you.

I will stay with you whatever dynamics we are in.

Dynamics is not important. What is important is we both love each other.

You and I is the best duo I have ever had during my entire life.

We make a great duo, mind staying all your life with me?

We make a great duo, mind staying with me tonight?

Can you hear it? My heart echoes the song beating in your heart.

I do not mind you having flats because you are still my favourite musician in the whole world.

I may not be a musician like you but baby for you I will create songs telling the story of love.

Every song I do is a hymn for the beautiful soul like yours.

Let us not bother about interludes. Don’t over think this. Let us do this already, baby.

I hate interludes. Want to go have fun with me tonight, darling?

Let’s act upon our attraction to each other because the truth is that it matters a lot to me still.

Darling, let us make melody after melody to create beautiful harmony.

Darling are you ready? Because tonight we’ll create melody after melody to create harmony.

You make my brain tickle and my hands itch because I would like so much to write about you.

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