Mormon PickUp Lines

In our life we have someone that is very special in our heart.
Usually, we can’t express our love to them that is why most of us uses pickup lines.
Every individual has his or her own emotions and feelings regardless of its race, culture and religion.
Whether you are a Christian, Catholic, or a Mormon, it is your right to be loved, feel love and share love.
With the help of the following pick-up lines, Mormon can easily relay their feelings and love to their special someone.

Hey girl! Is this heaven? I can believe I am seeing an angel right now.

Miss, I think you commit a sin. Because you stole my heart the moment I saw you.

In god’s eyes, we are all perfect. But in my eyes you are the only one.


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Hello Miss. Did you come from Celestial Kingdom? You really look like one.

Hello girl. I will be having a mission. Can you be my companion?

I have my own Book of Numbers But then I realize can I have your number too?

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I don’t think you belong here girl. I think you came from heaven, my angel.

I think we have met before. In my dreams? Or in my pre-existence?

In the Article of Faith number thirteen tells me to seek for lovely and good. Then I found you.

I participate in EFY to feel the Spirit. Today, I am very lucky to see an angel there. YOU.

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The Book of Mormon is like a treasure to me. Like you, you are very special in my heart.

We are all commanded to multiply and fill the earth. Can you be my help?

Do you know that we are destined to each other? I think I saw you in my pre-existence.

Hello miss. Can you teach me how to get there in your heart?

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May I know what is your favourite temple? Because I think it will be my favourite now.

Just like the Book of Mormon, I always treasure you and respect you.

Are you a Mormon like me? Yes? I think we are destined to each other.


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Can you hold me? I want to hold on you forever because you are my iron rod.

Every time I am with you, I feel my heart and soul is burning. Like when I feel the spirit.

Hey girl. Do you know that you are perfect example of beautiful child of God?

Nerdy Pickup Lines

Do you mind if I will touch your face? I want to know the feeling of touching an angel’s face.

I saw your angelic face, in the clouds above me. Can you believe that?

Can you spell your name? So that I know if my surname suits to yours.

Every time I look at your special eyes. I can see my future with you.

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God is been very good to me. He gave me what I am looking and asking for. YOU.

Being a Mormon that seeks for the good and lovely leads me to you.

Do you what is unique to a Mormon? We practiced marriage for eternity. So marry me.


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You better love a Mormon like me. Why? I believe in eternity. So my love will be forever.

Do you know what EFY stands for? It means I will do Everything For You, my love.

Have you ever tried to date a Mormon? If not, then can you go out with me?

Can you please help me? I can’t find my heart and I think you have it.

Are you familiar with the fruit in Lehi’s dream? It is like you, very precious and unique.

Are you curious what a Mormon do, believe and practiced? Then date me to know us better.

Do you believe in angels? Before, I don’t. But when I saw you I already do.

Aside from being the lady of my dreams, what else do you do my lady?

I don’t believe in eternity but Mormon taught me how to, so will you love a Mormon like me?

I think I lost something and I guess you have it. Your number?

Do you know that my Liahona leads me to you? Now I don’t get lost.

Seeking for good and lovely? I think you already found.

Hey girl I think I am lost, do you know how to get back at your heart again?

If love was a sin, then you’re my saving grace. You’re my angel.

I am aware that heaven exists especially when you came into my life.

If God commands to love one another then you’re supposed to love me too.

Even loving you cause my death, and then I shall die in the arms of an angel.

Whenever I touch you, I catch a glimpse of heaven.

Every time you say my name, I could feel the spirit all over me.

I could see the stars shine above anything else in the world when I see your face.

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I’m not a saint. I’m a sinner. Cause in order for me to win you, sometimes I’ve got to sin.

Keep your faith in me, together we’ll see the paradise I create to spend our love for eternity.

Did you just smile my bright angel? I could now die of happiness.

Seeing you today I could send my endless gratitude to the Lord for making me witness it.

I’m not a believer, but I’m a dreamer. And I guess, dreams do come true. Because of you.

I’m no angel. I am just who I am. You don’t need a miracle. I will love you for infinity.

God only wants what’s the best for us. And I guess, you’re the best for me.

It’s funny how I pray to God every single night to be the one and only one meant for you.

Call it what you will: Fate. Destiny.One thing is certain; God sent me you.

I swear to the crimson moon, and to the blazing sun, I’ll keep you safe and sound.

Words are not enough. It’s just letters and sounds. Nothing could describe my love for you.

Even the slightest ray of sunshine. Even the clouds in heaven don’t know how much I love you.

Do you know that you are so incredible?Your love guides me in the eye of the storm.

You are truly an angel. Whenever I got trapped in a war, you guard my frightened soul.

In the midst of the darkness of a nightmare, you serve as my guardian angel.

Someone might put me through helL. But I don’t care, as long as I’m with you.

Hey girl. I can do anything as long as I’m with my safest haven. YOU.

Do you know that life is not that all that bad? Because you are here beside me.

I knew that someone is willing to walk through life with me. Could you ve that?

I want to be in heaven with you. I’ll stay with you right by your side.

There are thousands of Mormon out there. But I can tell that I am a unique you will ever meet.

God gave me a mission. To love you for eternity. And I think it goes the same with you.

Every time I heard my name called by you, I could sing a melody in my whole existence.

I’m the book of Mormon you will always read to make our children sleep and sound.

Come, and fly little angel. You won’t get hurt if you fell into my arms.

I know now the definition of eternity. It was three letter word. You. Me. God.

I thought human hearts are composed of blood and veins.I realized it was composed by you.

My mother said, I can’t find a perfect girl. But look! I found one! Standing right in front of me.

I don’t come to church without a reason. But now, I’d love to come every day.

You’re the lamb of my life. The dove of my peace. And my sheep of freedom.

If I could live a thousand years, in heaven or in hell, I wouldn’t mind spending it with you.

Stars are constant. Without us, it would keep on shining. But without your love,I am nothing

Heaven is a paradise. But I don’t need to die to touch it. Cause with you, I found my paradise.

Are you aware that you are an angel? You taught me to be strong and trust myself.

I am just a boy with nothing but love to offer. And you’re an angel who gave me life and hope.

You’re still the one I will love even after life. Cause with you, the promise land rested on me.

If our mortal life is a test, would you be my companion?

Mormon seeks for the good and will also be. That is why I found you.

Do you believe that God exist? Mormon do. I do. Especially when He gave me you.

When I saw your angelic face, I could feel a burning bush in my soul.

I am now starting my mission as a Mormon; I think I need a companion. Would you?

Mormon believe in the sanctity of marriage. Thus, Marry a Mormon. Marry me.

Do you mind if I’ll take the seat beside you? FOREVER?

I am already running out of words. I was totally mesmerize by your face, my lady

My mission as a Mormon is to share words of God. I want you to share this mission with you.

Can you be my Liahona in my winding road? In my labyrinth?

What is special to be a Mormon? Is that you will have a meaningful life with me.

I usually don’t believe in angels and miracles but when I met you I already do.

Love a Mormon and happiness and eternal love will be guaranteed. So love me girl?

Is it hard to be a Mormon? No! Unless you seek for the lovely and for me.

Where is your temple my Lady? Can I also go there? To feel spirit and you?

Mormon love music and songs. And as one, I understand why I love your voice.

I think you are one of the Gadianton robbers? Since you stole my heart

What it takes to be a Mormon? You believe in eternity and be with me.

Your mission as a Mormon is my mission. I am willing to be you with even after life.

Are you familiar with the Hymn number 98 of Mormon? It says I need thee every hour.

Is it possible for you to love a Mormon like me? If yes, you are so lucky.

I will love you like I love my Religion; I will give you unending love.

Being a Mormon is unique or odd? If that’s what you think I love to be your only one.

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