Minecraft PickUp Lines

Crazy about your favorite game but crazy about someone whose favorite game is also your favorite game? Then these pickup lines are definitely for you! Read on and choose a pick-up line that suits your crush’s personality:

I think I need a Diamond Pickaxe because you make my thing hard as the diamond.

Do you know that the hardness of diamond is ten? That’s how hard my thing is right now.

Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe darling? Because that is the only way you can get my thing.


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I do not think I need a bone meal darling because I am already long.

Do you think I need a meal or this is enough length for you?

I think your name is related to bone meal because you certainly make me grow for inches.

Girl I would like to use my bone meal on you so that I could have more of you.

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I do not think you need a bone because I am already satisfied just as you are.

Do you mind if I mine your treasure right here, right now darling?

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If you are a treasure I would mine you all night long just so I could get you.

I hate slime balls because it is sticky but I do not mind if you are going to make me sticky.

Girl do you mind making my thing sticky so that I could use it to mine you tonight?

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I have been waiting for a long time to use my line on you, Ice.

If your name is Ice then you are the one I have been waiting for a long time.

Is your name red stone torch? Because you make my piston elongate even more darling.


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Do you have a red stone torch darling? Because I need to elongate first before mining.

Damn I need a torch right now to elongate my piston!

I do not need a torch to elongate my piston because your sight is more than enough for me.

I definitely do not need a lever to turn me on because with you looking like that is enough.

This sounds too cliché but darling you really did light up my whole world and universe.

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I do not need a torch for my life to lighten up because your smile did the job already.

Can you be the torch that brightens up my too many darkest days?

Go on turn me on with your tricks and words so that I will not need a lever ever.

You are like superman and nether, both are out of this world.

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I do not think I will ever believe that I have you because girl you are out of this world.

Who needs pressure plate? I’ll gladly donate because I don’t need this because I have you.

Pressure plate? No thanks because I have got this wonderful girl beside me already.

Right now I want to ride you like a pig like in minecraft game.

Do you want to see my version of creeper under my pants?

Want to experience what this creeper is capable of girl?


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Boy I can see that you really are happy to see me because of that creeper in your pants.

You are like the sun that has the ability to set all zombies on fire.

I want to be set on fire by you darling. Meet me at my place tonight?

Let us make a huge fire enough to engulf us tonight!

We can make all these things here set aflame because of our passion tonight darling.

Darling if I need to gravel to get your heart then I will do it.

I must be gravel, your gravel because I am definitely, deeply falling for your entirety.

I want you to be a pile of dirt so that I could have an excuse to dig and dig you.

If you are a chest I would let you have all my treasures in the world.

You do not have to ask for my heart darling because I would gladly put it into your chest.

You glow like a treasure hidden in the chest for a long, long time.

Oh look at the mess you made, you creeper. You made my heart explode in littlest pieces.

I would let you hold my heart even if there is a possibility that you are a creeper.

I would always choose you over Minecraft darling. Always.

I would like to put a saddle on you and make myself ride you until the dawn comes.

I love you like enderman loves pumpkin lady.

I do not ever need a red stone torch to activate my sticky piston.

Right now I believe I will do everything in my power to please you even if you are no witch.

I can feel myself falling for you just by looking at your eyes like you are a witch.

I am enamored by you. I do not care if I am under a spell or not because I love you.

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You do not need some kind of witch power just so I would fall for you because I already fell.

A witch spell is not needed because I would give whatever it is you need darling.

I always want to look at your eyes like the effect of enderman on me.

Oh damn where is that bone meal? Because you make my thing grow. Now I have a problem.

I am into you like I am into diamond armor right now.

You are cute like Steve level cute boy in the Minecraft.

Girl we can make the End feel like it is out of this world.

You are way hotter than the nether in Minecraft, woman.

Girl we can make the end like the end in Minecraft game.

I told you, no need for a boner because I am always ready for you.

I am more than willing to be your mob grinder for tonight and for this lifetime darling.

I want to tame you and play Minecraft with you forever.

Are you this difficult to tame? But do not worry I won’t back down because I love you.

I desperately want to tame you and make you ride me.

Do you want to experience the thrill in playing Minecraft? Common, I will teach you.

This feeling is exhilarating like I am actually playing Minecraft but more fun.

I want to spend all the time I can get with you because I know you’ll leave like the moon.

There are only two constants in my life: you and Minecraft.

I want you to be in my life forever like Minecraft would.

Let us talk about Minecraft because we’re both crazy about that and the crush I have on you.

Want to spend time with me? Then, play Minecraft with me.

You always look opti-fine there is no day that is an exception for that.

You always look opti-fine in my eyes darling. No need to change much.

I am no professional miner but I can definitely make you give to me your treasure.

Mine with me or I will mine your treasure, choose darling.

Want to make a couple of NPC’s in Minecraft with me? That will be fun lady.

I will let you win games after games on Minecraft. I promise.

Do not just stand there darling. I am yours tonight because you tamed me.

I like TNT on Minecraft but I like you more baby girl.

I want to be your creeper and explode inside of you. I promise.

You are more than enough creeper for me babe. I will not search for more.

Do you want to hold my diamond sword? Because darling I would let you.

I would like you to be my ore so that I could mine you for an indefinite time.

I will take care of your egg like I take care of you if you are an enderdragon in Minecraft.

Minecraft or you? You know the answer to that darling.

I have got the love mode all set up. What are you waiting for darling?

Play Minecraft with me and set up love mode.

I want to explore your body like I explore Minecraft boy.

Teach me how to do this like the way you teach me Minecraft.

Want to explore a different kind of territory tonight with me?

Want to see my biome? I’d gladly do that because that would be your biome too.

I am not dirt but I do not mind if you dig me right now darling.

Look at me or do you just want to look at my diamond sword down there?

Man, let me touch your fuel rod please?

With you looking like that I almost forgot I am playing Minecraft.

With you looking hot like that I can feel myself ready to explode.

Boy you have the ability to light up my cave like a torch in Minecraft.

I know how much you love this game so I will learn how to play that.

Do you like me to drop a meat on your melons like in Minecraft?

Are you hungry? Want me to put a met on your melon?

Do you want to see balls like those in Minecraft?

I could make us live like in Minecraft darling. Want to be with me?

I can be serious and I can be funny as well. Want to hear a Minecraft pickup line?

Be ready to be turned on! Because Minecraft pick up lines are coming your way.

I only want to see explode in bed and not in this game and real life baby.

Want to go mine and strip at the same time? Then let us play Minecraft.

Want to smelt with me? I promise that will be pretty amazing.

I would not play your emotion like the way I play Minecraft.

You make my furnace burn like that of the furnace in Minecraft.

Do you mind refining my wood for me so that we could be both happy.

Do you mind if I have this bucket of water with me? This is too avoid fire ‘cause I am with you.

I will chase you with determination, the same determination I use in playing this game.

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