Military PickUp Lines

The military is a dream place for some and a hell for some people as well. There are a lot of things that are going on in the military. Men are required to go to the military while some women opt to go to the military. It is a free choice given to women who are determined to go to the military. If the person you like is in the military, you might want to be well spoken in military language. Here are some military pickup lines that are sure to work on that person from the military or a military aspirant that you can use to hook up.

They say the military is hard, I say to you I am hard already just looking at your body, girl.

You certainly seem like such a rebel to me, I bet I can straighten you out in my room, babe.

I think you have caught a radio in between of your legs, and it’s about to go down on me.


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I will flank you up from your rear and show you how to mix pain with pleasure, tonight!

Your weapons seem hot already and looks like you’ve acquired your target, engage it now!

I have to tell you I’m a Navy guy and I would fight for you as much as I would in battle.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I have been known as the drill sergeant for quite some time now, do you want to know why?

I’ve been in the military for quite some time, we can talk it over some wine in my bedroom.

I bet you would appreciate a trajectory right where our vectors are most likely to intersect.

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Honey, you can give me a single pushup, if you want to get off easy, give up your bra tonight.

I am asking you some permission to cross your personal border, will you give it to me now?

I think I must have spilled that camel pack I have on you, let me take your clothes off, honey.

Sweet PickUp Lines

Military training is strict and if that’s what you like, I can be strict to you on the bed, baby.

You have served our country for several years already, I know that, so let me do you tonight.

I want to be able to serve you as well, you are a hero, after all, serving our country all year.

I heard you want some tactical insertion, let me show you how good I am on doing just that.


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Hey, girl, you thinking of riding my torpedo, you can ride any time for as long as you like.

Have you any idea how to clean one gun, because I’d like you to clean up mine this moment.

If you like military, you must like me, I’m from there, let me show you what that means, girl.

I am just letting you know that both my eyes have been locked on you since we have first met.

Superman PickUp Lines

Today, I am more than willing to share my foxhole together with you, just drop by my room.

It seems you can read me better than anyone, even my captain at the army, yes, let’s do it.

Every time you walk into the room I feel that the cavalry is coming, I want to whistle loudly.

I have a military uniform, should we consider it some foreplay before we get down to the real?

Physics PickUp Lines

If you will sleep together with me, I can assure you that you will remember me forever, babe.

I think you must have been in the air force because you are hotter than any Raptor I’ve been.

I want you to know that you’ve always flipped my selector switch right from safe up to burst.

If you really want to save some water in the long run, I guess you should shower up with me.

There are some things military officers know about that the public don’t, let me show it to you.


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I can shoot you up if that’s what you want, just tell me if you want it outside or inside of you.

Babe you must want to know how long I have been a drill sergeant, I can show you tonight.

You have every single part of me, including my privates standing up at your beck and call.

You must have been a drill sergeant for a long time know since you know how to drill me.

Military secrets are for keeps, I’m going to share some to you on my bed, come and be here.

I have to let you know that Uncle Sam is not the only one who have the hots for you, baby.

We can play make believe war where you lay down and then just blow my brains out, girl.

I would very much love your company know, if you don’t mind, let’s have steaming hot, sex.

You do not even have to do anything at all, you have REDCON 1 written all over you, darling.

You think I look good with my military uniform, let me show you I’m better without it, babe.

I wanna let you know that you are the most effective firing agent I have ever met in this world.

If I am a military boot then I have to say that you are the lace that holds me together, girl.

I think you have left your gun on your pocket, what? You’re just glad that I’m here tonight?

You must have fallen out of the B-17 because I have to tell you that you are really the bomb!

Are you over 65 already because I feel that you have been a veteran all along, you’re slick!

They say being in a military is a tough job, I have to agree, I can’t get away from you much.

If you were special to me, like you are, I would call you my E-3, you just get me so much.

I think you have an M4 on your pants or you are just happy that I am here right now, girl.

Do you want to put the gun of yours into my holster and then just hook up together now?

You must be an officer because you are making this private part of mine stand up really good.

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Will you wait for me to get out of the military, I’ll show you some real pleasure before then.

I can put Corps inside you if you want, just tell me when and where you would want it, babe.

I bet you have been in the Air Force because you smell so good and you are so hot right now.

Want to just prance around my bed and do some Foxtrot with me, you seem to like that idea.

I want a five paragraph from you and just see if you can withstand your further punishments.

I want to discharge right about your face right now, should we try testing it out tonight?

Before I go into the military, come and give me something that is worth remembering, babe.

Is it okay to do some honorable discharge of my fluids right on your insides, would you mind?

They say I am probably one of the best in the company, the best humper, let me show it to you.

They have always put me in the rear since I am a good humper, let us try it out with your ass.

Hey, girl, my roommate is going to be staying away for the night, let’s make the most of it.

I will break you down really good, maybe a shotgun style would suffice, I’ll let you feel that.

There are some military people going around, they have guns, want to see it in my pants, girl?

Not all military personnel are strict with regulations, I’m willing to break a few up with you.

I bet I would really qual if I ever get in the vicinity of your range, will you let me know of it?

Now, just stand on those yellow footprints right now and wait to receive my thing up yours.

You wanted to go on a driftwood, where do you think that will lead you exactly, with me?

I can put a finger in it and then ill some fire just for the effect that it is going to give you.

Date a military man like me, I am willing to fight for you like I would fight for my country.

You are making me feel like I’m going up and up and your assault cutting is getting to me.

You can drive a Whisky Tango, well then you can drive me all over yours as well, do that.

Your hole is totally tight, I want you to know it’s my favorite foxhole from now on, lady.

Is it a crime for me to ride you out and let you know what you are missing on about now?

Want to mess with some military outposts, I am willing to be with you all season, my baby.

Are you a real rebel, we can mess the government real good if you can come with me.

Baby, if you wanted to mess me up, I have to say you’ve got really good tactics as of now.

I will fight for you as much as I can, that is what an army guy is all about, honor and love.

I’d love to enlighten you up about the army and show you that I can be the man for you.

We don’t all do work and no play, I’d break some rules with you if that’s what you want to.

Let me just say that you are the best that I have ever seen, your ass is totally hot, girl!

We can do some military exercise, I heard the missionary position has been too boring some.

You might want to salute to me, I’m in the military, I can show you some good time tonight.

Let me be with you, I’m quite frank and the military just go a long way with me, come soldier.

I love soldiers and people in the military, those green uniforms just squeeze juices from me.

There ain’t much I would like but the chance to be with a military person just like you are.

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