Medieval PickUp Lines

The medieval period also known as the middle ages is a good period.
The medieval era is when the knights, castles and feudal systems where still present.
There are many historians interested in the medieval period.
Medieval period is certainly a focus for some people.
If you are trying to date someone who loves the medieval period, you can just go ahead and try these awesome medieval pickup lines that are surely going to make things work for you.

Hey girl, want to go back to the medieval period, you can become my fair maiden any time!

I hope your day would not feel complete without seeing your beloved knight, at your service.

If you thought the Romance have great aqueducts, wait until you get to see mine, my baby.


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A good banging out to keep the plague away from you so come on and try me out, I’m good.

If you are from the medieval period, you will be the damsel in distress, let me save you, lady.

It seems you have a doublet there, would you like me to hose it down for you, I’m good at that.

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I think you should come and go to my chamber tonight, I will show you great promises in it.

I think Trojans you have must be painful for you, maybe some oil is needed for your armor.

In the medieval period, they behead people, I would rather have that than to be dumped, girl.

Are you good at hexing people, because I must be assured that you practice hexing safely.

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I know you’ve heard I had Bubonic plague but no worries, it did not go through that part.

If you do not kiss me in the next five seconds, I am afraid I might just turn into a frog, babe.

Babe, did you know that they have wizards back in medieval period? Would you like to see?

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Baby, I think that chastity belt that you are wearing right now would look great on my floor.

You are under siege, my lady, now remove all the clothes you are wearing and grip my hook.

Is there any place in here where I can sheath my sword for the night, would you have one?


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You can check out all my fights & see that I have never lost, maybe you’d destroy me tonight.

What is a medieval princess like you doing at a place that looks like a dump, come with me.

We can reenact the medieval era, I can be the knight and you be the princess in my bed, babe.

Has anyone told you about your wimple, I think that they are lovely and would be nice to hold.

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I want to hold those cups you have, what big and plump cups they are, let me milk them up.

King Arthur is popular for his sword, I should show you mine within the minute as well, girl.

I can make everything you are wearing disappear, for I am a medieval wizard, look and see.

Are you sizing me up because I assure you I have hidden treasures back in my chamber, baby.

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There is this rodent right now here in my pants that wants to eat the cheese right inside yours.

If you want, baby I would let you chain all the mails that you want to have, I would do that.

Can I have a hold of your wimple, because it seems to me they would suit sitting on me, girl.

I was put in the medieval team inquisition and my legs weren’t the only one stretched, baby.

I think it is my duty to take care of you and help you get out of your dress, I really think so.


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If you think that your horse is very nice, I think you should wait until you ride me to decide.

You have not seen any scabbard lying around? Now, where would I be sheathing my sword.

I would love to see what is under all those medieval clothes that you are wearing, my darling.

I promise, my lady, that doing it will help to lessen the effects of the pox that seem to hit you.

Come and be with me, I swear I have never had the plague, you can check it out for yourself.

I got up on your balcony because I wanted to see and wait if you wear your clothes to bed.

Honey, you have such a beautiful body, stop hiding beneath those medieval clothes, I tell you.

I am a good spy but tonight I want to be a bad one and take you here and now, my darling.

Honey, like a dragon, I can feel this heat inside of me, burning with my desire to have you.

I wanted to taste you, to have you as something delectable and just want to be with you now.

I’d love to rip off those medieval clothes you are wearing until I get a glimpse of your body.

Back in medieval times, we use swords, now I have one in my pants, can I sheath it up yours?

I want to go back to you, even as I am on the crusade now to give you what you’re missing.

I have this wonderful stallion inside my pants, why don’t you come and give it a good ride?

You can quench the fire inside my loins, I would just love for you to do that, would you mind?

I need your liquid, your honeysuckle to quench my thirst, let me get a good taste of you baby.

In the medieval era, horses were used for travel, now come and ride me baby, I’d love you to.

Will you just hold me for tonight and show me that tomorrow I can be with you still, babe.

Tonight, I want to conquer you, to touch every inch of skin that I haven’t been in, I really do.

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I think a maternity armor would also look good on you, want me to get you pregnant, baby?

If you want, I can show you some medieval moves like how my sword can prick you up, babe.

I needed to swim just to meet with you, so would you care seeing me do a good breast stroke?

You can have the key to my heart if you give me the key to your chastity belt, my good grace.

I have conquered a lot of places but I think your cave must be the most dangerous one ever.

There were talks of dragons back in the medieval era, I think mine has found a nice cave.

I have lost that leg of mine in a battle back then, now I’m just walking on my hard shaft.

I am not a priest and I will never be one but I can send you to heaven with this sword, girl.

Be the scabbard I will sheath my sword into tonight, on my bed, inside my chambers, baby.

I am the king of the bed, I would prove that to you if you come into my room tonight, baby.

I think chalices were popular in the medieval time, and you have a pair of beautiful ones.

I have a sex slave but I lost her, is it possible to borrow you from your master for a bit?

I just wish I can have some manly feelings to me and that you would not deny me a kiss.

I would love to see what is underneath those medieval armor you are wearing, boy, let me.

I can undo your medieval dress faster than you can even say the word medieval, I really do.

I have been totally naughty just so you can put me up and punish me all night long, master.

You can make me your horse and I would want you to mount me, maybe without the saddle.

You are really pretty, I bet the stars do not know what they are competing up against, lady.

I think the size of a staff does not really matter, that what really matters is the magic inside.

You seem happy to see me whether it is back on the medieval era or now, am I right, baby?

I am but a humble mare that you can ride for hours, I have great endurance and stamina.

I want to be your knight and be your shining armor so I can feel you up all day long, babe.

There is not much I can say but that I’d love to take you back to the medieval era, ride me.

I was never infected by the plague nor the pox, so come and see for yourself if that is true.

You have such a wonderful looking body that I want to see and hold it for myself right now.

Tonight, let us go back a few centuries to the medieval period and let us have fun, you and I.

You’re a chirogeon? Well, I have something in here that you can try draining out with mouth.

I have learned a lot of rituals all over the year and I bet you can teach me another good one.

I heard they wear chastity belt back in the medieval era, I’d love to take that off of you now.

I am actually a great and bad wizard, I can show you both my staff and also my balls now.

Baby, I have the cure for you, no matter what it is that you may be suffering through, okay?

You just need to smile at me if you want to come to my chamber tonight, do me that favor.

Baby, all I need is you watching over me tonight as I sleep by myself alone in my bed, really.

You can make my heart pound every time, you are truly my knight in a shining armor, babe.

You can join the orgy that we are having, we can accommodate just one more princess here.

I am on a quest on finding the best woman in bed, want to try out or should I conquer you?

My fair lady, you come from the medieval age, I’d love to get a hold and a taste of you too.

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