Marijuana PickUp Lines

Perhaps in some point of our lives, we always feel the urge to get high.
Whether we want to go out and take a swig out of those bottles while we smoke, or we want to seek our lover’s touch, we do it without a care about the world.
Inside our own minds, we want to trap ourselves and get higher than our fears.
We go up, higher than the clouds, higher than we could ever dream about.
We longed for this feeling, like being able to forget everything and just succumb to this kind of happiness.
You can either be like that or just find another pleasure with the company of other people.
The following pick-up lines about marijuana might be able to help you know what you seek out in your life or just get a girl for yourself.

Your hair and skin smell like marijuana and it’s too addicting not to notice.

Will you be my crazy, ridiculous dance partner weed me tonight?

Smoking and drinking while we dance through the night, that’s how I imagine getting by.


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I can be your warrior that can both protect this marijuana and your heart at all costs!

We can smoke up our minds, make defenses, and protect ourselves from the harsh reality.

I can give you a drink and a hashish right now, but I’ll just become thirstier than you are.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Let’s dance here weed each other in the crazy dance floor!

Howdy I could be forever in love weed you!

Can you imagine kissing you like how I smoke this marijuana?

I don’t think I can’t rid this scent like how I can’t get you out of my mind.

Airport PickUp Lines

I still get high with just your hazy gaze alone.

Your smile can get me higher than I could possibly be.

Run away, get higher than you could be, and go to the dark reality with me.

Can I hold your hand while we slowly lost our grip in reality?

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Take off your dancing shoes and fly with me across the peaceful night sky.

Wear your birthday suit and take a swig with our demons inside our heads.

The moon is getting bigger and I think we are slowly floating away.


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Let’s fly across these lights and dive into the dark waters all through the blissful night.

Smoke this weed and let my body take you to the paradise.

Everytime you look into my eyes is an idyllic moment.

Nerdy Pickup Lines

Everytime we are together, there are always floating skies full of dancing stars.

Smoking marijuana is just like the warmth of your breath caressing my face.

Sometimes I feel like your weedy smiles are in every corner of my mind.

Your body smells like equal chances of fantasy and misery.

Golf PickUp Lines

Can you stop smiling so I cannot be this high and stupid?

We could fly across the world beneath the dancing stars and impeccable life.

I could throw my life into you and I think that’s fine to me.

Everything feels so light and blissful, I can actually carry you everywhere you want.


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We are getting higher and higher until we caught ourselves in paradise.

You can guide me while we slowly drift away from reality.

Time should be slower, I couldn’t really get enough of every little bit of you.

Suit up with your childhood fantasies, vicious dreams, and ultimate desire.

The thing I really want to do right now is to breathe your high spirits and drink it as my own.

Let me know if you want to drink this glass full of pleasure and secrecy.

Speak slowly, I want to picture your beautiful mouth in my lips.

Murky halls and smoking zones, I think we finally have our own paradise.

We could go into hiding and we would be as happy as we could ever be.

The stars already said we could be higher than they could be.

Are you willing to join in my adventure and seek the end of the universe?

You can take a sniff and you can soar into the paradise.

I loved how your breath smells like vodka, marijuana, ecstasy, and seduction.

Let’s bhang bhang weed each other all through the night.

I liked the way your hazy fuzzy eyes look right through me.

We could drift away together into nothingness.

We are just two oblivious people living in this empty space.

We could drown ourselves together into the oblivion.

I know we are just floating away into the nothingness but we still like it.

Can you feel floating in this pool of oblivion?

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It’s mesmerizing we have created a paradise right beneath this empty space.

I want to be that marijuana so that you can breathe me into your own.

You have a marijuana smile tonight, mi amour.

I think you are now accepted to the Olympics of smoking marijuana.

I always believe the end of the rainbow is the pot full of marijuana.

I know I just have these little sluggish feelings for you.

I liked the scent of marijuana and your lipstick on my shirt.

Your wheezing laughter after the smoke got me higher in my seat.

Our secrets tonight were hidden under this marijuana and the wet hanky.

This is a hella smoky good and stoned night!

Sweat, slobber, and smoke fill this vast of emptiness.

I want to breathe you in, my dear marijuana.

I like how you smoke that weed in the wee hours of the morning.

I want to own you like how I smoke my marijuana.

Your dazzling eyes reminded me of weeds in my pocket, waiting to be caressed and kissed.

We can walk out of here, smoking marijuana under the silent moonlight.

Your hands smell like marijuana, too addicting and delightful.

Do you feel absurd that there are other joyful things but all you do is just smoke marijuana?

Your gaze makes me go into euphoria craze.

Here in this misty pub, we are dancing to rhapsody.

Do you ever feel this happy giddy before?

I think you are my dope for tonight.

Can you be my date tonight, my dear marijuana?

Let’s bhang tonight and yes, it’s a double meaning.

You are my cannabis and I will smoke you up.

Can you imagine throwing marijuana as confetti?

You are too beautiful tonight, my beloved marijuana.

Would you imagine making wines out of marijuana can make me so happy?

You are so smooth talker, my dear marijuana.

Let’s see what we can do: either we smoke weed, take a swig, or kiss each other’s mouth.

You, my dear, have that what I call marijuana effect to me.

I may be sound cheesy, but I think we should get marijuana day.

You’re not Mary Jane, but you’re my marijuana for the rest of my life.

Hearing your voice is enough for me to get high.

We are share our bloods that contain alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and happy tears.

We could sing right now, or we could smoke weeds and go up to a much higher place.

Bhang bhang into the bar, the hotel room, the public restroom, your flat, my cozy place.

Breathing and kissing your neck, yes I really want that my dear marijuana.

Let’s go drink deadly tonics and laugh our faces with the fallen marijuana confetti.

You can listen to my wheezing laughter getting higher, and I will kiss you tonight.

Dopy giddy dope you should not always say ‘nope’, and we could get what we hope.

My weed brain’s a little fuzzy right now, but I just want your cherry red lipstick on neck.

We are stoned, hashish, and crazy who actually had loads of fun!

Breathe this hashish and I could get you into the outer space with my unimaginable kisses.

Just so you know, you are the most beautiful girl weed the prettiest smile in my world.

Forget this ridiculous city by engaging to another world that we can call our own paradise.

Later on, maybe we can build another empire where we could smoke marijuana all day long.

Just name my junior as ‘active weed’ so you could get higher when you finally see him.

Do you think we could be weed lovers?

We could be absolutely weirdos and weed buddies right now!

I could make a necklace out these marijuana leaves so that you could be high from my love.

Weed you, I am not afraid anymore.

We could be the king and queen of dopes and breathe each other’s skin all through the night.

Nothing could ever break my growing love, and I would fight it weed all my might.

I only have my eyes right in front of this beautiful girl weed the most beautiful smile.

I would water your thirst and drink your insides, just get scream higher than you could be!

We suddenly met here as weed lovers.

If you will become my lover, we can weed-stand every struggle in our lives.

Let’s walk all through the night across this city full of love and weeds.

I can fly across the starry sky night, singing your name and screaming you are too beautiful!

How about we go bhang bhang and rave weed ridiculousness under the pretty moonlight?

I am glad to say you have met the most funny and weedy genius in the entire sick universe.

Well, I am technically a superhero but my supersuit is made of delicious weeds.

My work is basically both being the hilarious office guy and the man that can get you high.

Maybe tonight, you can enjoy a nice cold beer, a sniff of weed, and heaven’s scent of mine.

Can you be my disco partner and dance weed me tonight?

Hey lady, you are so stoned and beautiful that I could kiss you in my entire life.

Let me take you to the paradise that we can call the weed universe.

Laugh when you breathe this in and scream when I breathe you into my own.

I could walk away now but this weed, and your scent will forever linger in mine.

We are technically partners who have fallen in love at first weed.

I am so addicted to you like you’ve fallen in love weed your smoke.

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