Marching Band PickUp Lines

You knew that this blaring sound was not from the band but from the louder beat of your heart.
This was so sudden that when you caught the eye of the most beautiful woman in this world, you felt that this was the love that you were looking for in your life.
You want to take the risk, so you gave her your best smile.
Perhaps you can try these pick-up lines, so you can finally take her to the great dance with the song of the lovely band in the stage.

I will sing a lovely song that can turn your world around and can turn it upside down forever.

Let me fly with this gorgeous lady like you in the night sky and turn the music on for the stars.

We should go watch the world and hear the peaceful music in this band and inside our hearts.


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This heartbeat of mine whenever I see you are like a marching band that crept inside my soul.

I looked at your beautiful eyes and I knew it was wonderful feeling like the greatest love song.

I want to write a song about a man who fell in love with a beautiful lady on this dance floor.

60 Best Pickup Lines

We should dance with our hearts out and fly to the moon with our radiant musical smiles.

My heart is like a trembling drum of the marching band and a music beat of the disc jockey.

I hope you wouldn’t mind be my partner in this dance along with the music of our heartbeats.

Let me call this a wonderful evening and let the breeze serenade us with a cool lovely jazz.

Airport PickUp Lines

We should fly with the birds in the night sky and sing the reckless serenade for our own love.

I want to go into the stage and dance with the marching band like I want to dance with you.

Let me take you to the night sky and sing with the twinkling stars until the break of the dawn.

We should go to the street parade and march with our love and compassion for each other.

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to write a song about two strangers falling for one another that we can sing for tonight.

Let us fly away now and see the wonderful world of music in the middle of the dance floor.

Can I have your number like a musician asks his musical sheets and artist begs for his paints?


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You should try to listen to this song of the band that would definitely take us to our paradise.

I want to fly with you to the night sky and listen to the serenade of the stars about our love.

I want to listen to the marching band who wants to play the wonderful love song for our lives.

Firefighter PickUp Lines

I want to search for the musical soul that can bind us together in this dark mysterious world.

Let me fly into your beautiful world with my smile and the song about our love and emotions.

I want to see the night with our eyes and feel this love song succumb to our beautiful souls.

You should dance with me in this starry night and hear our love song played by the crickets.

Canadian PickUp Lines

We can go home with our beautiful smiles and our written song hidden inside our pockets.

Are you one of the members of the marching band because your song is the music of my life?

Let us wander the world with every beat of this song and every melody of our fluttering hearts.

I will sing the wonderful song that can take us into our own beautiful kingdom and paradise.


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I wonder how we can dance all through the starry night with the beautiful melody of our love.

I want to see you right now like how the children always want to gaze at the marching bands.

You can fly with me to the west coast and hear the sound of the ocean waves as our love song.

You should take the road and hear the lovely rhythm of my heartbeat that yearns just for you.

I hope I can sing like one of the angels in the sky and give you a wonderful love song tonight.

The sound of the violin is absolutely alike to my heartbeat whenever I see your smile.

Are you a member of the marching band because my heart beats to the rhythm of your name?

I want to fly to the sky and find the love song that can take us to our own beautiful paradise.

Just take a look at this beauty and you will hear an incredible melody of our delicate love.

I want to sing our own love song made out of the beautiful rhythm of our fluttering hearts.

You should never be afraid to take the coal-based train and hear a song in its whistling sound.

Looking at you, I suddenly see a beautiful love song in your dark eyes and bright lovely smile.

We can go to the marching band and wait for your beautiful smile to sing a love song for all.

Let us go to the seaside and search for the lost smiles that can sing our love and compassion.

We should go to the world where love songs and beautiful smiles can cure pain and agony.

I want to see the marching band and sing everything that I want to give all my love for you.

We should go and search for the bright rainbow smiles that can give us beautiful love songs.

I want to see a brighter tomorrow where we can sing our love songs and live a peaceful life.

Let us go to the marching band and sing our love with swaying trees and the glowing fireflies.

We can definitely hear now the wonderful love song inside our minds and our beautiful souls.

Fantastic Marching Band Pick Up Lines with Pictures









Can I give you a mix tape about your favorite bands and love songs that let me think of you?

You can be the leader of the lovely band that I will follow right now and for the rest of my life.

Let me sing this feeling for you and dance through the night with our own fluttering hearts.

I want to sing you a love song that I hope it will take us to our desired beautiful paradise.

Maybe I will follow you right here, right now like a marching band for the rest of my life.

Your beautiful smile sings the love song right now as it suddenly flutters my poor lonely heart.

My heart will follow your stunning smile and your twinkling eyes like a well-written love song.

You may want to fly away from here, sing with the starry night and the glowing moonlight.

I want to see the wonderful world with these musical notes and the lovely beat of the drums.

Are you included in the marching band because I want to follow you forever in a heartbeat?

I will let you conquer my heart as long as you can let me sing you a nice love song tonight.

We can go to the lake and dance with the love song of the stars and the glow of the fireflies.

You may want to dance with the starry night and the beautiful melody of our fluttering hearts.

We must sing the love song of the world, the one that can take us to another wonderful place.

You might belong to the marching band and troops, but I knew that I actually belong to you.

We should follow our hearts like the melody would follow another tune in a well-written song.

I want to drink with you all through the night as we start to follow the melody of our hearts.

We should go to the marching band and sing our emotions for the twinkling stars in the sky.

I want to dance with you like a beautiful melody wants to dance with its own in the chorus.

Let me sing the melody of our love that can take us away from both to our own paradise.

We should join the marching band and play the beautiful music of our own feelings and ideas.

We should sing together with every beat of our own souls and every melody inside our minds.

We can dance all through the night with the most beautiful lullaby inside our hearts and soul.

I will follow my heart like a marching band, so I will follow you for the rest of my lovely life.

I will sing my love for you using a wonderful song that describes all your impeccable beauty.

I want to go to the marching band and sing the melodies of your beauty with a lovely smile.

We should sing all of these love songs that cannot explain my admiration for your beauty.

I felt that the starry night sings us a wonderful love song that takes us to our own paradise.

You should never forget the written melodies inside our fluttering hearts all through the night.

We can go to the marching band and watch the reality sings the best melody of our love song.

I will follow one of your beautiful smiles like a good marching band on a wonderful journey.

We must go to the marching band and watch the confetti sing our love song for the both of us.

You might want to go to the marching band and feel the jazz music inside our beautiful souls.

Are you a member of the marching band because I want to hear your songs inside my mind?

Let me take your hand and dance with the most beautiful melody inside our innocent hearts.

We must dance along with the rhythm of the wind and whisper of the ocean waves in the night.

I hope that we can finally hear the actual melody inside our hearts and our beautiful minds.

We must dance along with the ocean waves and wait for the reality to sing our own love song.

Your beauty is the loveliest melody that I have ever seen in my entire life.

Your dark eyes are the lovely melody in an out-of-tune song of this band.

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