Magic PickUp Lines

Magic is all around you, especially when you least expect magic to be there.
That is the beauty of magic, it always come around unexpectedly.
You might as well try your best to deal with magic or at the very least to touch around magic when you want to.
Surely, a little bit of magic is romantic and girls love romance as much as they love magic.
Here are some pickup lines on magic that will surely bring magic to you and maybe get you the girl you have long wanted.

You must be a tyrant of the Hellkite kind because you have melted this coldsteel heart of mine.

If you want to see magic, we should head straight to my bedroom so you can experience it.

Baby, I swear to you I will not even Flaccify no matter what pressure you put me in, come.


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Let us put all we have learned in wizarding school into action so come on and come on me.

I have my wand here in my pants and it seems to be getting harder may I take release in you?

There ain’t much to tell now but to remember that I can transform you easily into something.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Your shaft looks really good, I bet I can make it better with my sheath, come and put it in.

I think I felt magic when I first saw you, is it just me or should I come by you once more baby?

I want to tap you for a long time, now that you are in front of me, I’m not letting you get pass.

I have an Armada Wurm inside of my pants and if you want to see it, come and get it out now.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

May you have a good endurance because I am about to tap you for the longest time tonight.

I’m but part Eldrazi and I can start proving that by annihilating that Fertile ground you have.

Baby I can show you some magic you have never seen and you’ll thank me for it too, I’m sure.

If you have any vigilance at all, you should have known I’m here but now you need not to.

Back to School PickUp Lines

I want to end the wards but first my troops must have some ravish with the girls, come one.

I see you are hiding the pol of knowledge inside that skirt, would you let this null rod in there?

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I’m thinking your name must be Avacyn.


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I call my shaft my wand and I should tap it out and gather mana from your red zone, my baby.

I heard you really like magic, should I show you one where your panties suddenly disappear?

I can share every cloak with you if it means I can feel what is going underneath all of that too.

Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Now, you must be a mage because as you can see you’ve made a part of me grow bigger now.

If you are not a wizard, a witch you must be because you are powerful enough on the bed.

Girl, we can show each other some good time or we can just lay down all our cards for today.

There is magic all around us right now and I bet I can spin a good spell to make you come.

Valentines Day PickUp Lines

I promise I can wipe any doubts you have of me with a single spell, let me start it right now.

I would show you my wand and you will realize that it might be the biggest one you’ve seen.

We can travel through time with my magic and repeat this moment over and over again, babe.

I see you have great potential in magic, let me take a look at you and start tapping right away.

If you are into magic, you will like what I’m about to do to you, so just relax on the bed, babe.

You must be the green mage because you are making me grow harder every second now, girl.

Are you what they call the red mage coz there are some sparks flying hot between us two now.

Neither would I try and flaccify around you if you would give me what I want tonight, girl.


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Now, look real close because I am about to magic you up and remove all of your clothes now.

Boy, I have some tricks under my hat still waiting to be unveiled, would you like to see them?

One tap and I shall have you looking all brand new, should I start now or start later tonight?

There is something inside you that is just waiting to be unleashed should I be the one to do it?

You must have some magic in you because whenever I stare your way I see only you then, girl.

If you are looking into one Sirius relationship, all you need is come to me and tell me now.

Should no one be sitting right here beside you, is it okay if I Slytherin there right now, babe?

I think you must be from magic because when I can find you even in the middle of the crowd.

I bet that you and I can create some magic in my room right now, come and find it out, babe.

I think you should change your name into Felix Felicis because boy you are gonna get lucky.

Maybe you are not as muggle as you think you are coz you certainly look magical to me, girl.

I want to tuck you inside of my hat and do things to you that you’ll never think about, baby.

My magic wand is looking for a place to rest, can it do just that inside of you about now?

Baby, you are like magic to me, whenever you are near I get extra hard without any word.

This mirror reflects what I want and I see you next to me in there, would you be with me?

Baby, you are smoking hot, you should be taking off your clothes at this very moment, babe.

You must be the golden snitch because I can see how good of a catch you seem to be tonight.

I think that you are the new Nimbus 2000 a magic broom that is sweeping me right off my feet.

You have this magic effect on me that makes me want to tell you that you should be with me.

You are all my dreams combined and I cannot wait to make them a reality with you tonight.

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Do you play any Quidditch because I was thinking of how much of a keeper you can become.

You are truly charming that you must be acing Flitwick’s class of Charms and potions, babe.

There can never be a wrong choice made by the sorting hat and he says I belong with you.

Should there arise any problem, do not hesitate to come to me and I’ll solve it for you, girl.

If you want, I can tell you the tricks to all of my magic tricks but you have to sleep with me.

You look so pretty in your new mage outfit that you are just taking away all of my breath, girl.

Boy, we must be in the right room because I think I am needing you to be with me right now.

There is no one else I would rather be in this broom closet but you, come and take me tonight.

I want to Weasley my way right into your heart and your mind if you would let me do just that.

Do you want to see some magic? I can make your hymen disappear within seconds, baby.

There is an old magic that I know which would work fine with you, come and try it out here.

You have natural magic within you and I can see that with my own to eyes right now, baby.

Are you really a muggle, take your clothes off and prove it to me this instant, I would know.

Your robe looks magical enough to me, is it real or did you go and buy it somewhere else?

I think I must be under a curse because I keep getting harder when you are around me, girl.

Would you help me find the cure to my hard on? It has been this way ever since I met you.

One of the greatest secrets of magic is that which is left untold, I’ll tell you if you kiss me now.

Babe, I have had this boner when I get close to you, when will you help me out with this thing.

Are those boobs real or did you put a spell on them to make them that way, let me touch them.

I think I am under a curse but then again, maybe your beautiful face has just gotten into me.

I would do anything you want me to if you will please me inside the room for this night too.

Come into my bedroom tonight and I will show you a magic for a lifetime, believe me on this.

I knew you were the one for me the moment our lips touch because I truly felt some sparks.

You must be a basilisk because time froze the moment I had laid my eyes on you, my darling.

There is no better way to say it but that you have a face that is truly bewitching, you do really.

You know how I do all if the magic that I do? Well, I try to get a good night’s sleep every day.

Bringing in some spell is what you can do best but I can counter it up, you don’t need it.

Baby, you can try some spell or not but I bet you will still be as good in bed right now.

I bet you are in need of a bit of magic, I’m right here to give it straight to you, as of now.

There ain’t much but this magic in my pants wants to be let out to see what it can give to you.

There are seeds of magic inside me which I can pour into you if you would so much let me to.

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