Mad Men PickUp Lines

For those who liked to binge watching, you may be familiar with ‘Mad Men’, an American series premiered a few years ago.
This revolves about the group of advertisers working together in Madison Avenue, which emphasizes to the pun of the word ‘ad’.
Like any other people, you could probably relate with this series, although it involves much of the life of the old folks and perhaps your grandparents might be much familiar with this setup.
Still, there are maybe some pick-up lines that can win your girl aside from wearing those vintage sunglasses, pomade hairstyle, and cool leather jackets.
Here are some that you can try out.

I’ll be Jimmy Barrett that will say drunk people are the most hilarious folks you’ll ever meet.

I hope when we get to the climax, you wouldn’t say, ‘Not great, Bob!’.

Someday, you will walk into every room and you will bring our whole life with you.


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I want you to notice me and will not like one of a hundred colors in a box.

I think I am an advertiser swooning a client, begging for approval in the project of love.

My love was like lightning bolts to the heart, like how Don Draper said it on ‘Mad Men’.

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If you could be mine, I would have a very beautiful picture of something to look at everyday.

I may be look like Don Draper, but I will never lie like he did before.

Hey, let’s see if we could go around the city and take a paper route.

Our wonderful night would always be darkest before the dawn.

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I want eat your pair of apples just like Don Draper always does.

You are too drunk and sooner you will become funnier just like what Jimmy Barrett said.

You will be like Betty Francis when she said that she wants what she wants when she wants it.

When you say you want the moon, I expect the moon but then I’ll give you the entire universe.

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I should never be like Don Draper who was a well-known storyteller.

People change names, and sometimes I think you should change yours and take mine.

You can be Peggy Olson from ‘Mad Men’ and get higher from my unimaginable kiss.


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This place reminded me of the scene in ‘Mad Men’, full of cigarettes and alcohol drinks.

Can you answer the question of Don Draper of ‘what women wants’ without being amused?

Do you like ‘Mad Men’ because I actually do it like as much as I liked you.

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In ‘Mad Men’, happiness is the smell of a new car, but my greatest pleasure in life is you.

When the doors are all closed by the heavens, I was just told that you can just open a dress.

You can be Betty Francis and I’ll be that marijuana, and you can smoke me up into the bliss.

Do you think my love was not just a slogan just like in the ‘Mad Men’.

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I will also give up my life just to be with you just like how Pete Campbell did in ‘Mad Men’.

Do you feel anything when you imagine that this cigar in my mouth will be your own tongue?

Your demeanor reminded me of the women in ‘Mad Men’ show: too funny and smart.

Your eyes are reminded of Betty Francis’ eyes, or should I say yours are much prettier?


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Let’s get married before you’ll be like Midge Daniels and say you can be a good ex-wife.

Are you the type of woman like Betty Francis who believes a man should kiss her first?

If your tantrum in life has finally subsided, you can join me in this paradise of our own.

Go back to the 60’s just like the cast of ‘Mad Men’ and we will dance along with the old folks.

Maybe if we will grow older, we’ll be as witty and genius as the folks from the ‘Mad Men’.

Don’t stop drinking tonight or you might have drinking problem like what Don Draper said.

When Bertram Cooper said, ‘they have created a monster’, I remember my feelings for you.

You are my apple who could into my monstrous mouth like in ‘Mad Men’.

We should live like there is no tomorrow just like what was said in the ‘Mad Men’ series!

Do you agree with Don Draper that lies are no ineptitude with insufficient cover?

Well, I bet you do not drink for wrong reasons like what ‘Mad Men’ said, or do you?

Let’s walk right into the Madison Avenue and stroll like in the 60’s era.

We could lay together in a bed made of money like in ‘Mad Men’.

My love for you is like a carousel: going around and around until I feel I’m at home with you.

You are the most beautiful soul of my melancholic world.

When I met you, I realized there is a big difference between wanting and having.

I will be Don Draper in your life who’ll always come home and say you’ll always be my girl.

Do you feel sometimes going to many places and ending up somewhere you’ve already been?

Right now, I want to leave these tools in my toolbox, and let my body led yours into euphoria.

People may think being conspicuously happy as a mistake, but they just think of you as a fool.

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You will always have your hand in my pocket, and my never-ending love.

I could take your clothes off with my teeth and give a go-around like you never had before.

I recently watched the ‘Mad Men’ and I think you can be the citizen of the republic of dresses.

The whole country will be drinking if you will be either accept or reject my love.

Like what was said in ‘Mad Men’, you can spend the rest of your life hiring me as your lover.

Young men like me love risks because we weren’t bothered with the consequences.

Ask me if good time or bad time as in the ‘Mad Men’, and I will respond affirmation to both.

Wishing you’ll be like Anna who told Don that she knows everything, and she still loved him.

Although I couldn’t own everything about you, I secretly hope you will rent your vagina to me.

My suitcase is always packed for the moment when you say we should go far away from here.

I couldn’t imagine seeing you not by my side in every sunrise, that I think I want to marry you.

If I make you happy right, I know you will ask for more like what was said in ‘Mad Men’.

Let’s put paper bags with holes in our faces and evaluate each other using our bodies.

Love was said to be created by men like Don Draper to sell nylons, which was quite absurd.

The television series ’Mad Men’ is mostly watched by mad men who want to be less angry.

Maybe we should take be much slower or we might not want you to wake up pregnant.

I could not afford that reporter, but I could give all of my love to you.

I know you are good at everything, but definitely you are not of those girls.

We can meet each other in Africa and get wild in the wilderness.

Even though you dress like Peggy Olson, I still liked you the same.

Loving you would not definitely be the worst way to get you.

In ‘Mad Men’, giving up was never an option while others can make you win someone over.

When I met you, I didn’t become less than I was and instead I felt I achieved something great.

Get ready and let spice things up for our date night!

I can be your Don Draper for tonight and I can take you to alternate universe.

Your sense of humor reminded me of Peggy Olson’s.

Maybe someday I would like a party with a theme of ‘Mad Men’ television series.

Why can’t I advertise my own love to you and to people around you?

You breathe this cigarette smoke and I will breathe your body into mine.

I thought I would believe Don Draper that love does not exist, until I finally found it in you.

My love for you is like a time machine that I could use in going to painful or happy places.

I will love to chase you, although I know I have little chances, but I think it will be worth it.

I would like to go to Madison Avenue and profess my love to you.

I would want to do what you wanted, and I listen to everyone as long I fulfill your wish.

Tell me that the next thing to happen will be better because that’s I will always hope for.

All people were born alone so I was hoping we could not die alone and forget those facts.

You are not an idea because you are stuck in my mind and I could not forget forever.

We are both powerless right now in this bed of money and I am not comfortable with that.

You are pretty face that came into my life and suddenly everything went out of the window.

So, I guess you will be the person I need to impress right now, or won’t you?

I want to blow up the bridges of your sanity and consciousness.

Grab my greasy hair and ride along with me into the paradise.

I liked the mixture scent of weed and vodka into your curly short hair.

I want to advertise my body to you and you should evaluate it later tonight.

I will love your perfections and flaws, as much you want to achieve more of it.

If you will allow us together, I would definitely fall asleep beside you.

The audacity of Peggy Olson also reminded me of your braveness in standing up for yourself.

You are a pretty client being attracted to competent advertiser like me.

I bet you are not like Don Draper and you will definitely not lie about your name.

You can get rid of your black dress, while we both forget the memories of this world for now.

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