Lord of the Rings PickUp Lines

Lord of the rings is one of those books turned into series that a lot of people has surely love over the ages. There are a lot of fandoms going in about Lord of the rings as well. People of all walks of life has been reading the books if not watching the movies. One of the best that you can think of when getting the person you like or hooking up with someone that likes Lord of the rings would be to use some Lord of the ring pickup lines that will set the mood between the two of you right. Here are some pickup lines that you can choose from and use.

You look like one of my Lord of the rings figurine, want to see some of them in my room?

I bet Sauron’s after me right now since he knows that I have found the one for me in you.

Have I told you that I love older women? What? You’re a thousand years old, come to me.


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If you are smelling anything aromatic, that should be my man flesh, you can taste it out too.

Do you like Lord of the rings, because I am definitely willing to watch every movie with you.

I am a wizard and I’m telling you I never make things prematurely, I’ll finish you off tonight.

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You might be an orc, babe, coz you are surely making this sting of mine glow pretty badly.

I am seeing fireworks in front of me right now, is your name Gandalf, by any chance, boy?

I think you must be the Ring because I am pretty sure my eyes has been on you ever since.

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I can only promise you one thing on this night babe, I will make you want to scream my name.

I know every word on the Lord of the rings on every book, want to check it out on my room?

You will scream just like a Nazgul by the time that I am done banging you up real good, girl.

Good PickUp Lines

Beards looks good in the color read and blades when they glow blue but what matters is you.

You look like you are glowing, it must be an after effect after all the banging we did last night.

What’s that bulging thing in your pants, are there orcs near or is it just me turning you on?

If you are Elrond then I have to say I’ll help you forget that Orc porn ever existed, baby.


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I bet I can get lucky with the Lord of the rings tonight, should I go and check it out tonight?

Is it safe to assume that you fell straight from Timeless Halls? You look so good I thought it.

You are the start that shines on the night sky, would you come down with me tonight, honey?

If you are a hobbit girl and a teenage one at that, you must have gone to Fuckleberry too.

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Let’s go to Fuckleberry and bang around a couple of times tonight, girl, I’d love to try that.

Are you a fan of Lord of the rings? I can give you a good fan service in my room if you want.

There is not much I can do but I assure you I know Lord of the rings quite thoroughly, girl.

I think that your name must be Arwen because you are so spectacular, I’d dream of you.

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Now, just Gimli a piece of that hot bod you are hiding under all those clothes, dark wizard.

What you seem to me is a Balrog and if you ask me why it’s because you’re too hot for me!

You want to blow out a horn? You can try out my Gondor one and see if it suits you just fine.

You will never bore me with Lord of the rings talk, we should go and see it for ourselves now.


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I’m really no man, what I’m is a beast both in the bedroom and outside of it, come test me out.

I will lighten all your burdens if you want me too, just spend the night with me on this room.

If you ask me nicely, I can play the right cards and lighten every burden that you have now.

I don’t know what you would like but I sure do like to look at you, that’s the truth, believe me.

Hey baby, I know you like Lord of the rings, well I have a ring and I can be a Lord in the bed.

I may not know you enough but I think if you like LOTR, it says something about your choice.

I will erupt like the Mount Doom if you are real good baby, so come and show me your skills.

I am certainly not a man but a savage that will eat you inside out given the chance, baby girl.

What I’m doing is giving you permission to do anything that you would like, that’s the truth.

If I can be a character in Lord of the rings, I can be a wizard so that I can get you anywhere.

I gave you this sword, my axe, my bow, I am surrendering myself for you tonight, darling.

I bet I can last longer than anything you have in mind, even Boromir, come and try me out.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you because you look like Gandalf to me, honestly.

How much I love you is how much I love LOTR and the way Sauron craves power, honey.

I want to tell you that I have got my eye stuck on you ever since I saw you at Lord of the rings.

Sure, call me a fool but what can I say but that I am the only fool who is in love with only you.

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I am look like I am short but that is only because it’s CGI, I’m much taller in person, hunky.

Is your name Bilbo and I a ring because you have me wrapped around your pretty finger.

I am the ring so come on and put your finger around me already, I need you in me right now.

If you are into Lord of the rings, we must be a match made in heaven, we should test that out.

You have a very nice hobbit hole and all I can say is that I want to be inside you right now.

I want to be with you all my lifetime than to face any age of the world on my own, believe me.

I would love to spend a night at the Inn with you and we can practice prancing some ponies.

If I could, I’d put a ring on you, want to test it out if it looks good enough for now, honey?

You are very good, I bet you know your Lord of the rings well too, come see that for yourself.

Babe, I would take you as a Hobbit and then I would be the Isengard then we’d fit completely.

Will you let me enter your hobbit hole, I really want to see if I can fit inside of it, darling.

I want to climb up right now your lonely Mountain and see if it will erupt up inside of me.

I have a huge appetite and I want to have a second breakfast, maybe a little taste of you.

You are so pretty that I thought you were a part of the Lord of the rings, are you really not?

I’m named Beorn and you must know what for, I’m half bear, want to see my dick, baby?

I will take you to the gates of heaven and back with pleasure, believe me, as I really would.

You are going to be one of my Precious, I have got this feeling in the back of my head.

You must be Smaug because you have a lot of beautiful treasure in that cave of yours, babe.

There is not much I want but two things: Lord of the rings and you, I thought you’d like it.

You must never leave a dragon on its cave, you’re going to see what happens when you do.

I would love to check in with you at the Inn and practice some good bed techniques together.

If you can wait until the sun sets, I will be more than willing to show you the secret door.

Love will never be late nor will it be too early, it will come to you once I come to you, babe.

I think that my blade will keep standing whenever you are ready, come and taste it out, baby.

Come and party with me tonight, I have got all the Lord of the rings books in my shelf there.

I have to confess, these elf eyes of mine are sensitive and they only see you, that’s the truth.

They say your feet size is also the size of your dick, well my feet are as big as Bilbo’s babe.

My love for you is like a slice of Lembas bread, enough to get all of your feel, should you see?

Lord of the rings surely did me a favor for letting me meet a beauty like you are, I love that.

I have the staff and I am telling you it is bigger than Gandalf’s ever was, come and see it.

No, I have no oliphaunt hiding in my pants, it’s just that I’m really happy to see you, girl.

You are hotter than even the fires coming from Mount Doom, I cry when I see you, that’s it.

No Elvish words can even express how much I feel for you, I’d give even my soul to you.

We can watch Lord of the rings if you want, I’d be willing to be at your call, honey, call me.

No, I don’t carry any trinkets in my pants, it must be that you turn me on so damn hard.

If you want to borrow my Lord of the rings books, I’d lend you some, give me your digits.

You think that Lord of the rings is the best? I think so too, let’s compare notes on the bed.

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