Lifeguard PickUp Lines

We always look forward to vacations in one of the gorgeous beaches across the country.
It is nice to see such beautiful sceneries: coconut and punches, white sand, golden sunset, colorful umbrellas, tan skin, bikinis and swimsuits, and beach volleyball players.
Life is good until you felt something is not right – you have the stupid cramps! This is not what you came for, and you thought you are going to die in that deep part of the beach when suddenly a pair of beautiful arms lifted you up.
You think this person is an angel, or rather look like one.
You want to thank him or her for saving your life, but you are lost for words.
Perhaps you can try few of these pick-up lines and you might get more than mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

You can call a lot of superheroes, but I’ll bet I’ll be the most handsome lifeguard for you.

You can just close your eyes and hold me tight, and I’ll save you from this vicious current.

Are you a lifeguard because you look like you can save me from falling into this pool of love?


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You can swim in these dangerous waters and I will always save you until the end of time.

I felt you already saved my poor heart from drowning in the pool of loneliness and misery.

I want to be the lifeguard that will save your gorgeous smile from drowning in the sea of pain.

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Just call my name, I will go wherever you and save you from the forbidding waves of sorrow.

The water might swallow you up, but I will save your beautiful soul no matter what happens.

You are going to be fired if the manager found out that you are drowning me in your love.

Are you my life jacket or my lifeguard because you saved me from this vicious current of life?

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I think you are the most gorgeous superhero ever existed in this beautiful and stunning beach.

I will cross these cruel waves and strongest currents and I will save you wherever you are.

I don’t mind passing through the strongest currents in the world as long as I can rescue you.

I love how your dark hair compliments the brilliant color of your life jacket and swimsuit.

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I think you are my guardian angel with a pair of gorgeous eyes and pretty sun-kissed skin.

Are you an archangel disguised as a lifeguard and wearing this beautiful pair of swimsuit?

I want to watch the stunning golden sunsets with the most beautiful lifeguard like you forever.


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It is really ironic that you are a lifeguard, but I kept drowning into your gorgeous pair of eyes.

Can you save me, my dear lifeguard, from drowning further into your beauty and grace?

I love how your gorgeous tan skin complements your pretty bright smile and lovely dark eyes.

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I’m sure you are not a lifeguard in your past life because you keep drowning me in your love.

Are you willing to be my own lifeguard who will rescue me from the strong currents in life?

Do you want to be drowned in my everlasting love and be rescued by my own loving arms?

You can go rushing into the waves, but I will always rescue you with the power of my love.

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Let’s go swim with the sharks and I will keep you safe with the warmth of my sincere embrace.

We can lie in our backs and let the waves take us into the most beautiful veiled paradise.

I want to keep sinking in this serene reality of you surrounding me with your loving arms.

Even the strongest and vicious currents in this world won’t let drown my eternal love for you.


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You are stunning as a lifeguard on the west coast, with your lovely swimsuit and sweet smile.

Let me rescue you from the sea of endless troubles and the jerky tears of never-ending misery.

I want to keep drowning in your sweet loving kisses and tender warmth of your beautiful body.

You can save me whenever you want, so I will remember your adorable scent like the beach.

Your angelic voice always reminds me of the tranquility and the awe beauty of the west coast.

You watch everyone for their safety when you should see that I kept drowning in your love.

I am thinking of skinny dipping in the pool with the most beautiful lifeguard in the world.

I want to build a sand castle on the coast and drown in the brilliant sea where we both belong.

You are the life jacket that will keep me safe from drowning further in the cruelty of misery.

You can watch the stunning stars in the night sky like you always do in your lifeguard duty.

You won’t drown in this sea because you’re the most beautiful mermaid ever walked here.

Let me drown in the majestic blue sea while my silhouette is shined by the little lighthouse.

I want to swim with you and sing the song of the beautiful mermaids above the flat rocks.

I wonder how your butterfly strokes give me a feeling of drowning in the warmth of the ocean.

Let me call the waves of the ocean so they can take us into the paradise that we call our own.

Can you save me, my dear lifeguard, from this sinking feeling beneath the lonely ocean?

Let’s go away from here, the place where we can see sinking ships of love, hopes, and dreams.

I love how your life jacket suits the beauty of your smile and the backstrokes in the pool.

How come you are searching for anyone drowning when I am sinking in your pool of love?

I searched for a lifeguard, and I found you not only as my life savior but also my destiny.

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I don’t know if I found myself a beautiful soulmate or a pretty life jacket, or is it both?

Thousands of umbrellas and dozens of colorful swimsuits could not ever hide your beauty.

Despite the crowded pools and noisy kids, I can see your beautiful figure waving the whistle.

I wonder if the way you blow your orange whistle will be the same as how you will blow mine.

Your brilliant scarlet whistle reminds me of my wish of watching millions of sunsets with you.

The dusky rocks and the smell of west coast always remind me of your pretty sun-kissed skin.

I want you to be my lifeguard who will save me like a knight riding in a majestic white horse.

I want to keep drowning in these dark waters, so you can always swoop me up with your arms.

I can go diving against these dangerous currents as long as I can save your beautiful soul.

Can I climb your lifeguard place, so I will reach your beautiful face and give you a nice kiss?

You can go swim with me past these melancholic memories that we can leave behind here.

Let us fly together across this cold sea, kiss the loneliness and silly troubles goodbye.

I have never seen the most gorgeous lifeguard with a pair of striking eyes and the cutest smile.

I want to be embraced by your loving arms, the most beautiful and strongest pair in the world.

I will keep swimming here in this vast of the ocean for the sake of finding my chances in you.

I want to become your own life jacket someday, so we can be together for the longest time.

I will dive deeper into this lovely, amazing pool of you, so I can fall further in love with you.

I want to write a poem about a pretty lifeguard who has to save a man from the sea of reality.

Let me know if you want to be saved and I will dive into the sea full of sharks just for you.

I want to write a nice song about us escaping together away from the cold ocean of loneliness.

I want to sink in thousands of melancholic pools, so you can dive and save me with your arms.

Can we just fly away from here, the lost world of the beautiful souls and rare sea creatures?

Saving you as a lifeguard made me feel falling in love and searching for your beautiful soul.

I don’t know whether I am already drowning in this bowl of punch or my eternal love for you.

I want to be saved by someone from these vicious currents, like a lifeguard or a life jacket.

I can be the cool lifeguard who can save you from anything that can hurt your beautiful soul.

If you want to go away with me, we can go into a paradise where no one drowns in love.

We can go across this island where we can see no one will sink further in our silly troubles.

You can be my lifeguard, my confidant, my soulmate, my lover – anything you can think of!

I want to sing the song of the sea, the one that will keep me drowning in my love for you.

You noticed I’m drowning because of my cramps, but it’s actually because of my love for you.

I love how your gorgeous eyes shined along with your brilliant orange life jacket and whistle.

Let me the lifeguard that will save you from the sea of troubles in your lonely dark past.

I can be a lifeguard that will dive across the strongest currents in this world full of cruelty.

This handsome lifeguard wants to give you a ring of fire and a veil made from ocean currents.

I want to gaze forever in this lifeguard with the most beautiful pair of eyes and sweet smile.

I want to sing all of my troubles while I kept drowning into the love pool of this lifeguard.

Can I stare forever in your gorgeous face and give you my sweetest smiles in this cold world?

I want to drown into your company and pour all of my eternal love in your beautiful soul.

I want to save your beautiful smile away from the dangerous currents in this cruel reality.

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