League of Legends PickUp Lines

One of the most popular games in the online world right now is League of Legends, it is the most spectacular video game with more than a hundred million of players all over the world. League of Legends particularly focuses on choosing a character, leveling it up and having the best time trying to fight with other players and gaining experience to rank up and garnering enough money to get good upgrades. League of Legends is something that is truly nice to talk about. If you are looking to hook up with someone who plays League of Legends or is interested in playing League of Legends, here are some pickup lines that might work out real good for you.

If we play League of legends, I want to be your mouse so that you and I would click real good.

I have a very large rod and you do not need to pay a single cent to buy it from me, baby.

Girl, if you ever need to use your charm on me and talk me into the bed, just press E, okay?


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I think your name must be Janna because you seem to be really good at blowing me away.

Could it be that your name is Rammus because you have rolled into this life of mine.

You need a rod and I have a large one, you can use it any time that you want, just clean it up.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Girl, want to play League of legends, I have a gaming station in my room tonight, just us.

We can name our kid Janna if you want and I bet she will blow the brains out of guys later on.

Will you be willing to carry me to bed like you would carry other characters in LOL, darling?

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I think you can deny me anytime you want but I would pursue you, really, that’s what I do.

I have heard that you really like diamonds and I bet you that I am already a diamond at LOL.

I do not have any memories of my past, nor can I recall it but I feel that you have been on it.

PickUp Lines

Have we met before, you seem so familiar to me, maybe we can get to know each other better?

We can play League of legends and I’ll even help you out, just give me your phone digits, girl.

I can cs playing LOL together, but then again you seem to be a minion from the enemy, babe.

You have a really nice body and I can appreciate it even from afar, should we meet up soon?

Hey girl, I bet you want to return together with me to my base, I can show you my rod.


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If we play League of legends and I beat you in the game, would you give me something else?

You want to know the difference between my rod and your boobs, not much but the shape.

I cannot look away at your beauty unless you see me but then, I can turn invisible right away.

You can call me as your last whisperer because I assure you that you’ll shout after this, girl.

If you want physical penetration, I am your man for it, I will show you some good time, babe.

Wedding PickUp Lines

I might have to give Sherif Caitlyn a holler because you made me erect, a serious crime, girl.

If being sexy was a sin, I bet you will go straight to hell because you are one hot damn, babe.

Babe, you have got a League of legends body, with all those nice curves, I want to eat you up.

You are totally stacked that I guess you are so used to collecting souls from the underworld.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Do you have a license because your hotness is smoking, we might need the fire department.

I think that you must be what they call the AD carry because I am so fired up to serve you up.

You must be Cassiopeia because one look at you and I am already as hard as a stone, babe.

You need to pay me if you want to League of legends, not with money but with your body, girl.

If you are Orianna, I am more than willing to let you play with these balls of mine, go for it.


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I will serve you for the rest of the night, whatever you say, for you are the AD carry for me.

You have a very nice looking doran ring inside your pants, should I sheath my doran blade?

I want to ask you so bad all night along if I can just start on invading your jungle, baby.

I want to tap on those nice dark spheres that you have, would you let me put my mouth in it?

If you ever want to play with these balls that I carry around all the time, you can do so.

League of legends is a nice game but I can show you a better one on my bed, come find me.

Is your name Cassiopeia coz you have me feeling hot and heavy until I become rock hard.

Girl, you have a nice jungle going down in there, should I start invading it right now?

I will be your League of legends partner, I bet I can make you feel real good about it as well.

These doran blade of mine is looking for your Doran ring, can I put it in there right now?

I have heard it is now the season for mating, should we test if we are compatible, baby?

Those dark spheres of yours are looking really good and interesting to me right now, girl.

I found you charming ever since the day that we first me, could you be Ahri, or are you not?

I’m not gonna lie, physical penetration is my thing, I am really good at it, want to check it?

Is your name Orianna coz you are really good at messing around with these balls of mine.

I do not care whether you are Singed or not, I will chase right after you all the way out.

You must be a reincarnation of Cassiopeia because you have had me really hard right away.

You need some time when it comes to League of legends, I can give you that, baby girl.

Being Singed is not an issue to me, let’s not make a big deal out of it, go out with me, darling.

Do not feel any fear any longer, my dear because I am going to come real soon, wait for it.

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You only need to pay two dollars and ninety five cents and I shall leave you feeling breathless.

I have a blasting wand but with you it turns into a large rod that needs to be cleaned up good.

I bet your mouth can clean up my large rod any time soon, should you do that right now?

You are like a draven and you are now slowly but surely spinning me around this town.

You must be a girl named Irelia because you are surely nerfing me hard, I can’t help it.

You can be Nunu and on a scale of one to ten, I bet you are the zero, the absolute one at that.

If your name is Ashe then I am right because you have got me stunned by your beauty alone.

Girl you have a very nice body and I call it in my language the OP, let’s go test it out.

I can do double penetrations, I have the runes for it, want to see it right away, I’ll let you.

You can deny all you want but League of legends will get it out of you, come be with me.

If you really want to play League of legends, I can arrange something if you come with me.

You must be Taric coz those stunning powers of you has me caught up as of this moment.

I am always on the duty no matter what time you want to make things happen in your bed.

I do wish that I have brought those mercury threads with me for they can resist your stun.

I would like to put some of these mushrooms of mine on your brush and brush it real good.

I have my laptop ready to play League of legends on my bed and then some other after.

I am the Tidecaller and I guess you must be my blessing, you are a hell of a beauty, babe.

I think your father must be named Ziggs because you are truly the bomb for me, lady.

Baby, I am good at League of legends but I am even better in bed, let me prove it to you!

Your name must be Janna because the truth is that you are one hell of a blower, baby.

It is not going to be fun for any of us unless you start running right now, babe.

Once you try to go Demacian, we will no longer think you can go back, I can assure you of it.

You must be Yorick because you have bring me back to life over and over again, really.

There is nothing that I would not give you like League of legends if you come to bed with me.

I can show you a good double rainbow if you really need it, want to test it out now?

You want to play fiddle on this stick of mine, I can let you try any time you want to.

You can be the solo to this Baron of mine, you are always going to have a lot of fun.

I think when Ezreal sees you he will get lost on those beautiful eyes that you have, babe.

You must be good at stealing souls by now because I can see that you are stacked good.

I have skills outside League of legends too, want to come and see it, meet me tonight, boy.

I may be a girl but I have excellent tactics in League of legends and also in the bedroom.

League of legends has surely caught my heart just like you did when I first so you, girl.

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