Law PickUp Lines

Make flirting with someone who has yet to become a lawyer or a lawyer himself/herself with all these pick-up lines we have written just for you! So strike up a conversation and embark on a new adventure with that person who caught your eye.
Be careful on choosing what pick-up line to use because you might be slapped or sued! Good luck!

Darling, let me catalog that precious card of yours tonight.

I don’t know girl I feel like this treatise turn into some kind of hornbook when you’re around.

I am willing to show you a good opening statement tonight if you promise to show me yours.


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I am so excited to give you the best opening statement tonight in my room.

Just give me instructions, boy. I promise I would be the most willing advocate of yours.

Want us to practice lateral equality? Meet me at my place tonight?

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There is no need for us to argue over equality and fairness because in this room, we’re equal.

I do not even have to be a fudiciary because I would definitely take care of you. I promise.

Girl, you are like my A+ test scores, satisfying and fulfilling all at once.

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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction baby? Because I am seriously affected by it right now.

My ratio decidendi wanted so much to discover, search and explore your dictum.

Ohh how did that gavel went under your pants? That’s not a gavel? Interesting.

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Is there a law against those gorgeous and brilliant people such as you?

I do not want to make you feel apprehension but I am thinking about what we can do later.

All I want right now is to study your beautiful body instead of all these books.


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I would look up the Law book for something to file against you for stealing my heart this fast.

I am not demanding for an easement. As long as we are making each other happy that’s fine.

Yes I can be negligent with other things but I will not, I promise be negligent with your heart.

It is against my own made-up law to treat girls badly so you are so lucky baby girl.

Great! We are both a firm representative. Want to know later tonight if we are indeed firm?

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I want to explore your body and see what is firm about you aside from being representative.

I want to see what you are wearing under your barrister’s gown darling. Will you let me?

I know a file room wherein we could get rid of all this tension and stress today. Game?

You can ask me directly baby girl. No need for mind games and leading questions.


You look extra hot today because of that briefcase. But I bet what’s in your brief is hotter.

I am willing to get a life sentence with you and for that’s not bad at all.

You save everyone from punishments but who saves you?

Want me to save you even just for tonight?

Want me to play your part as a lawyer tonight? For a change?


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Because of all you’ve done today you are entitled for compensation from me tonight.

I do not need to find a burden of proof because I just know that I am in love with you.

You can have my irrevocable trust darling. You are free to choose what to do with that.

I have got this urge to sue your pants away the moment you walked in in this law room.

I do not mind, really to be the accessory if you are going to be the principal.

I will give you everything. I will even give you the power to my jurisdiction not just tonight.

I am so sure you made me fall in love with you while you are talking law to me.

I am in love with you without reasonable doubt.

Baby girl, because you have enriched me, wait for my restitution tonight at my room.

I cannot help myself to charge you guilty because you are looking hot like that.

Girl, can you talk a law to me a little more? Because your voice is soothing to my ears.

I can never move past how beautiful and brilliant you are especially when you talk about law.

I found everything about you beautiful but that is not because you study law but maybe yes.

Having you in my life, girl made my life insane in a good way.

Can you teach me basic law? Because maybe if you’re the one who’ll teach me I’d learn.

I am fluent in your law language. Want to try my skills then have a dinner with me tonight.

Are all lawyers this hard to crack? But I will be patient darling because you are worth it.

The day you came into this school I am so eager to attend this class even though it is boring.

Dear, sure, I can handle a few bumps such as difference in convictions just to be with you.

You look a lot like you came out directly from a good movie about lawyer and that is amazing.

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I am not only interested in your mind but your body as well.

I want to genuinely know you, how a brain of a lawyer works.

Law is my weakest subject. Want to help me with that? I’ll buy you a dinner in return.

I will not treat you differently just because you study law. Want to go out tonight?

It is so easy to drown in your beautiful fierce eyes.

If I would die by drowning, I’d like to drown in your beautiful fierce eyes.

I think lawyers lacks passion in their life. Want to prove me wrong at my house tonight?

I would like to see that much passion you have in court in my bed. Are you up to it?

I think you people are passionate. Want to see who’s more passionate between the two of us?

Want to know how lawyers do dates? Go out with me then.

Can you help me find a law word that can describe your beauty? Because you deserve that.

Your barrister clothes are great but would look even greater on my bedroom floor.

I don’t have a problem with whatever clothes you wear I just prefer you with nothing on you.

I promise I will not get tired of all the law-related things you do because I love them.

I will make use of what little time we have left to prove my love for you.

Do you mind if I check your briefcase? Because I lost my heart when you walked by.

Do you want to come with in my very own prison? I promise that would be a fun experience.

Do you want to know what heaven looks like for us studying law? Want to experience that?

You and I both love anything related to law. Want to talk about that over coffee?

Because of you I like everything related to law.

You and I are destined to be together. We both try to enforce the law.

Boy you look hot in your police uniform.

I want to get caught doing a crime if you are going to be the lawyer who will defend me.

You look way better than fine in your suit darling.

Want to do something nice tonight with your suit on.

I would be so willing to call you Sir even outside this four-cornered room.

I promise I am a good lawyer but if you want me to be a bad one I can be a bad one.

If I am a lawyer I will be enforcing the law of attraction on us for as long as I want.

You being a lawyer and in suit is always a plus.

I bet you are using your studying law as a way to get girls.

I am not trying to get into your pants by saying I’m a lawyer but if that works that’d be good.

I do not think I have seen such a fine man like you until tonight.

Baby I have overcome a lot of stress in my work but I am willing to take more for you.

I trained and studied a lot just to get this position so expect me to sacrifice a lot just to get you.

I will persevere just to get to your heart just like I persevered while studying to be a lawyer.

Bring all your lawyer stuff tonight because I will help you release your tension tonight.

Congratulations! You made it to my most wanted list. Only a few people made it to this list.

My disciplined nature is challenge by the trouble-maker in you.

I should be putting myself away from trouble ‘because I am a lawyer but I’d like to have you.

I can handle your crazy; I promise I do not need any back-up.

Do you mind if you just hold me tonight not in contempt.

I do not know if I have a chance in you but I’d like to risk it so I’d court you.

I am a lawyer and I always like to be on the top of things (people) even when I was a student.

I am able to get off criminals as an attorney but I can also get you off tonight if you like.

Would you like me to use my power as an attorney right here, right now?

I do not do courting and if that is okay with you I can make you an appointment with me.

You have the ability to make this court out of order because of your body, baby girl.

I do not need a full vest right now because I can feel myself go hard just by looking at you.

Want me to bring the ejectment action right here, right now?

I promise you are beautiful enough. I am not qualified to judge you when it comes to that.

You look like you are innocent but I don’t think that is the case when you have experience me.

Do you want to get divorce? I will give my service to you for free.

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