Lacrosse PickUp Lines

Lacrosse is a sport which is played via a team using the lacrosse ball and the lacrosse stick.
It is a game where in heads of lacrosse sticks are used in order to catch, pass, shoot and also carry the lacrosse ball into the goal.
There are different versions of the games complete with different rules, different lacrosse sticks and equipment such as field lacrosse, box lacrosse, women’s lacrosse and even intercrosse.
It is a fun game that a lot of people in the world loves to watch.
If you want some to use as a pickup line, here are some lacrosse pickup lines for you.

I bet your lacrosse stick has a lot of amazing skills and you know all the trucks, baby?

I do not know what I should be doing with my hands, babe, would you care to help me out?

You can have me tonight if you promise that you will score a lot on the enemy’s goal, darling.


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Which is the shaft that you want? Titanium, aluminum, scandium, wood, composite or mine?

Show me how you move that lacrosse stick of you and I’ll take care of your balls, boy.

You seem to be checking me out now and I’m thinking how to get you out of your uniform.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You liked sports game, well I can show you a good game on bed tonight, wanna drop by?

Hey, girl, just letting you know that I can give you a head too if you want, I’m a player.

Girl, I’ve got this huge lacrosse balls that you can definitely suck on when we get home.

Basketball PickUp Lines

That penalty box needs to be put in good use, you’re one bad boy, let me punish you now.

I’m gonna give you a good punishing that you would want to come back to the penalty box.

I bet I can show you some good time like I have been playing a good game on the field, girl.

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

Should I put my lacrosse stick inside of your goal and then let us see who would first give up?

I am a chick with a stick and I can assure you that I can just be as tough as you are, boy-o.

I bet you are just tough looking but I can handle your stick, what do you think, dear boy?


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I think of you a lot, you have these big balls and I want to just score myself a home in you.

I can show you both my stick and my balls if you promise you’ll give me a good head.

You can try your best to stop me but I will bring my balls right into that goal of yours, baby.

I am glad that lacrosse has punishments, you had been a bad boy, let’s go to the penalty box.

You have got a nice head, I bet it would look nice on a lacrosse helmet, come and get one.

Coffee PickUp Lines

It seems your pinny has not been washed yet, want me to go ahead and make it even dirtier?

I bet you can get off being dirty and all as we roll across that field, I can play dirty with you.

I will be the goalie and you be the player, see if you can use your stick to get past me now.

They say goalies are off limits to everyone, can I volunteer to be your goalie, babe?

Math Pickup Lines

Hey, lacrosse boy, I have long been wanting to tell you to use me as your lacrosse hoe now.

I like your tan lines though you look like a zebra, I want to touch them all the way tonight.

Those mid-calf tan lines of yours are very sexy indeed, can I see them right away, darling?

I find mid-calf socks very sexy, I bet I would love seeing you in only them, baby girl.

Hey girl, are you a lacrosse fan? Because I would definitely let you play with all my balls.

Black mid calf, white mid calf, team color mid calf or do you want to taste my mid calf now?


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Those grease on your eyes have definitely made it look smokier, I want to look right into them.

I get lost in your eyes, would you show me how to play this game once again?

Do you want to try playing lacrosse, babe? I will even lend you my stick for a while right now.

You can close your eyes when I shoot but I assure you it will find its way to my goal.

I will do you some great hack job since you seem to like pain, I bet you will be so turned on.

Sometimes I close my eyes as I shoot it but it will land on where I want it to be, I know it.

So, I have been wondering all along, what is your favorite lacrosse position for so long, boy?

You never have to worry about chilly ankles at all because I will wrap myself all around you.

That stick looks great in your hands, want to keep holding it every single night of every week?

We all have our preferences, but honestly, my preference has always been you, I like you a lot.

I bet you have never ever been hit with a lacrosse stick this big before, wanna try it out today?

Is that a lacrosse ball on your pants or is that a boner, I can take both off right away, my boy.

Let’s face off and see which one of us can last a lot longer than the other, I bet I’ll be longer.

When I imagine you wearing my calf socks, I get a boner and I want to hold you again, babe.

I am blessed with the ability to sweep, pinch, pop and plunge, want to see me in action, dear?

I bet you are happy to see me, I can see it through your lacrosse shorts, after all, my darling.

I am a newbie at this game so I do expect you to teach me the ropes or maybe your stick, boy.

Drop the football pads, those melons in your front look bulky enough as they are, I’d taste it.

If you would let me, I would go out of my way and be wearing a signature helmet for you, lax.

Let’s be nature friendly, let us save the horse from trouble, just ride a lacrosse player tonight.

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You have to fall in line, my lax bro, if you want to get a taste of that wonderful girl up later.

I’ll show you the best corner of the room in the after game party, we’ll have some good time.

I have a reputation for giving heads, I want to show you what that means in my room tonight.

Lacrosse games has rules, but we can forget the referees and just play dirty, you and I, later.

Your shaft is looking really good right now, would you mind if I take a hold of it, lax bro?

I bet you fear nothing since you look tough right now, I want to just squeeze your real good.

You cross the fine line of sexy and tough, you are way too sexy for your own good, my goalie.

You can call me your personal lacrosse assistant, I will help you in any way you deem to ache.

I don’t like much fluff in my life but if you are willing to give it to me, I don’t see why not?

You keep on grinding on that mesh every day for all I know, want to try grinding into me?

I bet you can give some really good head to me and my team tonight, let’s try it out, girl.

That mesh is really doing what it’s meant for, how about substituting the mesh with me now?

I bet playing lacrosse today was rough, how about you come home, and I’ll massage you up.

I am not a lacrosse referee, so I will not give you yellow cards for being physical with me.

Do you want to try out for the lax team? Well, you need to know how to hold a shaft right.

I will give you my stick if you want to play, you can be the goalie while I try to score off you.

I will even let you win girl, if you’d agree to me taking you home later tonight, how’s that?

I can do all the positions that you would ever want, which is your favorite one, darling?

I definitely see how happy you are seeing me because I see those balls in your pants, man.

You must like lax a lot if you are willing to give me up for a practice game for tonight.

I can be the prettiest lax hoe that you can ever have, so why not try to see for yourself?

You have amazing skills with that stick, I bet you can show me some really good time tonight.

You have this attitude that I really like, would you prove me to be right, tonight?

Me and my teammates have amazing teamwork, would you care to try and see for yourself?

I have good eye and body coordination, I can suck you up while holding you as well.

You seem to be good at whatever you are doing, you might as well do me right away.

I have long been waiting for a lax player like you to come, I heard you have large sticks.

Those long sticks of yours has been exactly what I’ve been searching for all my life.

I can suck a lot and then again, I heard you have some balls that I can try out.

Bring your whole team, let them show me if they can really try to score me some home.

I will show you what violence is and then you can put me in that punishment box of yours.

When things are getting too hot, we can just stay inside a box and be cool headed.

There is no stopping me once I have set my eyes on you as a target, want to see it now?

Lacrosse is a game of the brain, who is smarter, I can show you how sexy the body can be.

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