Justin Beiber PickUp Lines

Do you know someone who is into the pop star Bieber and you want to woo her/him with your knowledge of his songs and the pop star’s life? Then, woo her/him using the funny pick-up lines below! Enjoy reading and choose wisely!

Can you be my very own version of Justin Bieber, darling?

Can you be my own Selena, dear? I promise I will not break your heart like Bieber did.

Girl, I am pretty sure the song Baby was originally written for you.


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I would like to sing the song Baby for you over and over again until you become my own baby.

Boy, your name is stuck inside my head like the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs.

I want to know you by heart like I know the lyrics of the Justin Bieber’s songs by heart.

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I think your beauty will not ever fade like the songs of Justin Bieber’s that never gets old.

Girl, I heard you are a heartbreaker. Can you be my heartbreaker?

If you are a heartbreaker, I think it would be a privilege if my heart is broken by you.

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I would love to be broken if you are going to be the heartbreaker, boy.

If I were Justin Bieber, I would also like to write songs for you like the way he writes for Selena.

Girl, I could not write songs but I would love to try and dedicate it for you like Bieber writes for Selena.

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I cannot write songs for you but I would love to make you feel special by dancing for you.

I would do everything I can in order for this world to have one less lonely girl by making you happy.

For you dear, I would listen to Justin Bieber’s songs so that we could have the same interest.


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You are like a Justin Bieber’s song stuck inside my head no matter what I do.

I want to help this world out by making you happy. That’s one less lonely girl!

I want to make you so happy to the point that this world would have one less lonely girl.

Just like Justin Bieber I do not think I need pick-up lines to win your heart over.

You look so pretty that no matter how I try I cannot think of a funny Bieber pick-up lines right now.

Valentines Day PickUp Lines

Oh boy you have got my heart beating fast like only a Justin Bieber song could.

Are you Justin Bieber? Because I swear he is the only guy who has this effect on me.

If ever you need a boyfriend to whom you could sing that Justin Bieber songs, I’d volunteer.

Boy, if you need a girl whom you want to share your love for Bieber, then I am definitely that girl.

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Do you want me to take you to places just like that song tells you?

Me too. I do not I need somebody’s body because I already have you.

I don’t think I need a lot of people who’ll love me because your love, my one love is more than enough.

If ever you haven’t found your one love yet maybe you can give me a chance, love.

One love-I only need one love and that would be your love darling.


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I just met you girl but here I am already catching feelings for you. Want to go out, girl?

Whenever I am around you, I always catch myself catching feelings for you, dear.

I can definitely relate to that Bieber song wherein in my head, you and I are already a couple.

I promise girl, I would never let you go.

What is your favorite title of his song? Mine is, never let you go because I wouldn’t. I promise.

I also think that Justin Bieber is great composer and writer. Want to have coffee and talk about that?

I can relate to Justin Bieber when he said that it feels like going to heaven looking into your eyes.

Just by looking in your eyes, everything is suddenly better again. Familiar with that song?

I am not a good singer but for you I would sing a Justin Bieber song you love so much.

I would sing songs to you like Justin Bieber sing songs for Selena.

Can you be my own Justin Bieber even just for tonight?

Do you like to go to places you have never been before? Then, make me your boyfriend.

If I am going to be your boyfriend I promise I won’t let you go just like Bieber said in his song.

Girl, you do not need to sing the song Boyfriend to me over and over again because yes I’m yours.

Can you help me unstuck your name on my mind and fulfil my fantasies of you?

Being with you is magical like I am currently listening a Justin Bieber song I love so much.

I love you like I love Justin Bieber and that is saying so much, darling.

You do not have to search and search for your one love because I am already in front of you.

I know the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs by heart too. Want to jam tonight?

Even in my dreams I could see you singing a Justin Bieber song. You occupy my mind like that.

You give my life additional color just like only a Justin Bieber could.

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I would do everything I can so that your world could be my world too.

Listen closely dear, our story could be like Bieber and Selena’s.

Listen closely, babe because our story might just be straight up from your favorite singer’s songs.

I could feel my heart beating in sync to yours whenever we listen to his songs.

Like Bieber said in one of his songs, I am willing to wait for you forever and a day and more, darling.

If you smile darling, I smile too and that’s automatic.

Can you see the harmony that we have? Like Bieber and Selena’s.

I hope we find our own rhythm like Bieber and Selena’s.

I want to create music with you, beautiful music like that of your favorite singer.

I promise that I would memorize the lyrics to all your favorite songs like they’re my favorite too.

I assure you that I will miss a note with you because this is your favorite song.

Do not make your heart cold and hard darling because there is a potential that we could be fire.

We could be fire or we could be more than that just like what is said in Bieber’s song.

Without you asking, I would take you always.

Just like Bieber said in one of his songs, everything about you dear is contagious.

Your smile, passion and love is contagious dear and I would like to put all of you in a song.

I will show you all around the world if that is what it would take to make you fall in love with me.

I will show you all around the world so that they could witness your beauty and that you’re mine.

I will hit note after note even though I am not a good singer because this is your favorite song.

I really do agree with Bieber because your little imperfections are what makes you perfect.

I am no longer searching for somebody to love darling because I already found you.

Somebody to love? I am right here in front of you dear.

I agree with Bieber when he said that neither Christmas nor valentines would be happy without you.

If you were a song, I bet I would play you over and over again but still not get annoyed by it.

Like Bieber I could be a gentleman just so you would choose me as your boyfriend.

I’ll offer you the same offer Bieber did, I’d be your very own Buzz Lightyear and I’ll fly you wherever.

Do you want to know who is my favourite girl? You. Always, you.

If you like cool I would be cool for you.

You will not catch me saying never when it comes to you.

Maybe we will not be having a record on music but we can make a record tonight.

I want us to be on the record like Bieber is.

If you come home with me, I promise we can do everything we want just like Bieber sings.

If I sing you the song Baby would you agree to be my baby?

Search no more because right in front of you is Mr. Right in flesh.

I would run a thousand miles and more for you just like Bieber said in his song.

I do not need to Eenie meenie miney mo because I have already chosen you, dear.

I do not mind if you are going to be the one who sets the tempo as long as we sing a Bieber song.

You are right there are many pretty faces here but I do not need them because I got you.

I would risk everything, no in between, all in, for the both of us.

I am willing to go all in for you and I, for us.

You are like a Bieber song that I cannot unstick in my head but I also do not want to.

I would be willing to steal Bieber’s identity to make you happy for a day.

Want to be flown around the globe? Then, choose me like Selena chose Bieber.

Girl, when it comes to you, my motto is never say never.

You are the one love that is worth giving a fight even if I knock down a number of times.

I will fight forever for you girl like Bieber fought for Selena.

I think it is time for you to show the world your beauty. Fly with me?

Want to know my weakness? You, singing Justin Bieber’s songs until I fall asleep.

You are my very own love and heart Bieber’s singing in his song that I will not let myself be apart.

I will give you my heart just like Selena gave her heart to Bieber.

Would you be the muse of the songs that I will be writing just like Selena is to Bieber.

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