Jewish PickUp Lines

No one would like to impose on religion since it is a very hard and sensitive topic.
However, it is alright to talk about it every now and then.
Being Jewish is something to be proud of.
Jewish people would love to mingle around everyone else as well.
If you are Jewish or you are thinking of hitting on someone Jewish, you need to be prepared and know more about how Jewish people are and what the Jewish people do.
Here are some nice Jewish pickup lines to help you out.

You must be Jewish because I think I got interested the moment you told me Shalom, darling.

What commandment would you like to break with me tonight, baby, let’s do everything, girl.

I will make this night different from every other night that you have spent baby, I gladly will.


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You must have been hurt when you once wrestled down Jacob, you look like an angel, babe.

I wished and wished all night that you can be a torah so I can undress you up and have you.

I want to run my hands up and down on your spine like I would if you were a torah, baby.

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Honey if you want to speak Jewish, I would love to spend the night together practicing too.

I can tell you Shabbat shalom baby if that is what turns you on, let me know tonight, girl.

We can go ahead and start climbing the date palm if you want or head straight over the date.

If you want me, I can part your red sea, I am more than willing to do that for you tonight.

Is it okay to believe that Jewish people love to have some moment on bed too, let me see that.

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Girl, I am serving right now on the so called IDF but I have a hard thing inside my pants too.

I think your father was a rabbi because all the vowels on the Torah is right there on your eyes.

You have these eyes which shine like the stars that guided every traveler right at night, babe.

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I finally understand what it means to be Jewish and I praised the heavens when I saw you.

Do you want to try this shofar, I can let you blow it from now, but you can have this choice.

You bring a new meaning to the world Chanukkah because you light up a fire inside me, girl.


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The way you are looking at me, I think I should really kiss you right now, do you mind, babe?

When you walked in and told me you were Jewish, I instantly wanted to convert religion too.

Jewish people celebrate Sabbath and now I know it means that I should give you some rest.

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It is certainly someone like you that makes me wish that mechitzah is something see-through.

When I saw you I knew I no longer need to search coz you are what I was searching for, babe.

Am I seeing matza balls inside of those pants or are you just really turned on by me, boy?

I kept thinking of you and finally realized that it means I should convert myself into Jewish.

Easter PickUp Lines

I think you are the messiah coz I have been truly waiting for you for the longest time, baby.

Would you wear a mechitzah for me, maybe make it a bit more see through right now, babe?

I was promised honey and I was also promised milk, is it you could it be you were sent to?

I will nail you as hard as I can if you would let me, I would love to do that, I really would.

I’m thinking of being Jewish as well just to be able to see you more often, baby, let me do it.

We can run together, you know, just you and me, and never look back to anything ever again.


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Will it be okay to come into that massada of yours, I would love to see what is inside of it.

If you allow me, I would love to dip this maror of mine inside of that charoset of yours, honey.

I may not be Jewish but I can only see the stars and they are all inside of your eyes, babe.

If you want you can go inside this garden of Eden that I have inside of these skirt of mine, boy.

I hope you will allow me to put a light inside of your menorah, I gladly would tonight, babe.

I can show you how my Maccabee will fit straight inside of your canon, I can show you in bed.

Once you have tried a Jewish woman, you wouldn’t think of trying anyone else, believe me.

I think you can shake that tush of yours tonight in front of my face, I’d surely love to look.

If you want to take a spin inside of my dreidel you can do so, just give me a holler, baby.

There is nothing wrong with you but you should atone for your sins, come give it to me babe.

I know your Jewish so I’m asking if it is okay to put out that burning bush of yours, inside.

Oh baby, I see you are Jewish so will you let me wonder around that wilderness of yours?

If you want, you can bake this rugelach I have straight inside that oven of yours, let me see.

If you want to actually go crazy for the night, you can go to my bed tonight, come join me.

You need not worry, I would never Passover you, I will just get over you and pump hard.

You are Jewish so let me raise my staff and part you as I go deep and deeper inside of you.

I am worshiping you because I think that you are my savior, well let’s break those rules.

You seem to have stolen my heart and I think an eye for an eye so bring me yours as well.

I think it is funny that I woke up and suddenly I was in heaven sitting next to an angel, babe.

There is nothing I would love more than be with a Jewish woman such as yourself, baby.

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They told me that the flood is coming once more and so I decided I would save you today.

If you have any trace of being a Jew I would share some of this sexiness with you, darling.

God said that we should multiply, so let’s start doing that from right this moment, baby.

Had I known Jewish women look like you do, I would have gone for the type in the first place.

It’s flooding way down here, I just thought you should know I appreciate you getting wet.

I can share my Hebrew hotdog for you if you want to have a taste of it as well, my darling.

I was breaking far many more commandments, what more is one, come and let’s break it.

There is nothing more I would love than to have a Jewish woman like you in my bedroom.

We can make the dead sea to come back to life, I believe that baby, let us try that right now.

I can be Moses in this prelude and then you can go ahead and play along with this staff, girl.

I don’t care about what the Torah reads because I am leaving no corner of you untouched.

They say Jewish women are really good in bed, how about you prove yourself to me tonight?

There is nothing else I would like to do but to have a Jewish girl like you all alone with me.

I do hope you are not married to anyone coz I would hate to break any commandment now.

I am one of the people that were chosen but your choice is the only thing that matters now.

I would love a women that is just like a dreidel, something that has a heavy bottom, baby.

I am not Elisha but I will most likely open my door to you still coz I really do appreciate you.

I can see your body, Jewish girl and I would love to see what’s underneath all your clothes.

I think I might have broken an omer because my heart totally went for you when I saw you.

I want to hit your ass now as hard as I possibly can until you finally scream out loud, baby.

I will make you what they call an aguna or I can just simply tie you right now, down, babe.

I may not be your Elisha as you are Jewish but is it okay to also open your door for me now?

I will take you to the land that was promised to you, come join me in the bed first, right now.

I am the rasha on the bed, you would want to see me for yourself, come and see it firsthand.

Instead of studying the torah, would it be okay if I just study your anatomy starting today?

If you are Jewish then you must atone straight for yom kippur right, so atone for it now, girl.

I’d love to try and see if you are really hot, I can undress you and then see for myself, baby.

I want to see your tag because I am sure you must be made from Eden, you’re way too perfect.

The longer I think about you, the more I think you are totally amazing and wonderful, girl.

You said you’re Jewish, then come and shake this luluv of mine inside of my pants, baby.

We can do it behind the bushes just like Eve and Adam bushed around and did things there.

My apples are just dying to be with you right now, my honey, they are dying to be eaten now.

Come and taste sin with me, together let us break every commandment written in the stone.

Jewish and staffs have history, I have this one in my pants, want to check it out for yourself?

It was of my people that started circumcision, no need to thank me, you are most welcome.

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