Jamaican PickUp Lines

Jamaican people are also known as the people of a small island called Xaymaca which literally means of the wood.
Jamaican people likes to refer to the place they live in as Rock.
Jamaican people also have some other terms for it.
There are a lot of people who belong to the Jamaican people.
The Jamaican flag was adopted around 1962 of August.
If you plan on hitting it up with a Jamaican or rolling in the sheets with a Jamaican, here are some Jamaican pickup lines that you can try out and see for yourself if it can work out with a Jamaican.

Oh girl do you think you can come home tonight with me because Jamaican me hot right now.

Baby, you are just the patty that I need inside this coco bread of mine so come be with me, ok?

I kind of lost my numba and I was wondering if I can get yours for instance, do you mind girl?


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I hope you are not tired at all coz you have surely been running thru this mind of mind, baby.

Me loves you more than you can cook that food that you try to make when we first met, honey.

Jamaican me really crazy girl, just thinking about all the things that I can do with you tonight.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Hey, empress, you are looking real good to me right now, want to take a tumble on the sheets?

You certainly look wife material to me, so why don’t we try making a baby right now, lady?

I think you look good enough to eat for me, you should really let me get a good taste of you.

We can do some really good stretching together, you and I, we should have a good try now.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Do you want to drink at the bar tonight, all my treat coz Jamaican me feel something more.

I can climb the tree naked with you if you wanted me to, come and give it to me now, my babe.

There are some times when I think that we must do everything together, you and I, let’s try?

I hope Jamaican yourself feel okay because I bet I can make you feel better with my hands.

Back to School PickUp Lines

If you really wanted to be together I can set us up and get to know each other better, like now.

You spend so much time with me that I think the sweetness must be rubbing off of me already.

Who would have known we would come together you and I, well I want a taste of you, really.


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Girl if you’re Jamaican we would click together coz I’m really into your type, come with me.

Jamaican me feel good so come on now and let us just do things only the two of us can, babe.

You have a good smile but I bet I can feel better if you let me just taste you or sample you too.

Chocolate PickUp Lines

For a bit, let’s forget about race and everything and just try to get on that bed right now.

All I really want right now is to try and make things a reality, should we go ahead and try?

You are definitely looking like a Jamaican wife material, should we try things between us?

There is nothing else in the world I would want right now than get on that bed with you too.

French PickUp Lines

Come and let us taste each other and just explore more things within the two of us, okay, girl?

You make me feel and tremble inside and that really means a lot coming from someone as me.

Those legs you have on you looks really nice, would it be okay to touch them right now, baby?

I think that being a Jamaican is cool, so how about we try the dating pool to see if we’re ok?

You can stop traffic just by crossing the street girl, that’s how gorgeous you are, that is it.

I want to kiss those plump red lips of yours and see how they would feel against me right now.

If I can just get your name right now, I bet my whole night would just be complete as well.

You sure have a nice Jamaican body, I just want to run my hands all over you now, baby boy.


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You have this look in your face that tells me you want to be hot and sweaty tonight with me.

There is nothing to fear, you don’t make things hard for me except for my shaft, that is hard.

You can have me hard and hot in a few minutes so just go ahead and make love to me now.

Those Jamaican eyes are totally getting to me must you stare at me that way, so tempting, girl.

I don’t know about you but I would love to get laid tonight, shall we be in this together now?

Come baby let us put you into good use and just have some fun thing trying to figure it all out.

I can use your cave if you let me, I would feel right at home with you, I can bet on that now.

Keep those Jamaican on me, they are big and hot and I want them all over me as of tonight.

You are now my favorite Jamaican person so come over to my room tonight and I’ll show you.

We can still be in good terms, you and I, even after all this is over, let us both feel good now.

I can show you some of my best tricks in bed, come and be with me and I will give you tips.

There are so many new techniques I have learned to please a woman, let me show it to you.

I have had so many fantasies involving a Jamaican and you must be the one to fulfill it for me.

I can make you yell my name with pleasure, should you check it out if I am telling the truth?

You may think that I am but talking crazy but the truth is that I am feeling crazy ‘bout you.

A nice build is what you have and it is surely making me hard, making me hard down here.

If you like, you can take a look at my shaft and see for yourself if you want a piece of it now.

Jamaican me think about things I have never thought about and having you on my bed is one.

Tonight, I can put up a good fight with you and show you what’s in my blood, come with me.

Girl, I have some great tricks reserved just for you, we can explore more as we go along.

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Now, listen all you have to do is lay there and let me finish doing all the works to please you.

I think that Jamaican smile of yours is really getting to me right now, makes me so damn hot.

I bet you would not last thirty seconds on this, I am going to give you a really good time now.

You can tell me to stop anytime that you want, yell it and I will do so, I bet you would not.

I will make you feel so good you will want an encore with me, want to bet on it as well, boy?

You must be a Jamaican because you have some of that smile that just proves you really are.

I have some skills I can be pretty proud of like how good I am with my hands, I’ll show you.

In a bit, you will realize just how much loving I put into everything I do, starting with you.

I can do some magic every now and then like removing your undies without you noticing.

Jamaican me feel like I can do anything when I am with you so come here and just do me now.

There ain’t much I can say but that Jamaican me feel like I can do anything, that I can be all.

How would you like a private session with me right now, just you and I having some good fun.

I may look harmless to you but I get to be another person on the bedroom, want to meet him?

They say I have these alter egos I have no idea about, wanna meet up with them in the bed?

We can play together, it is a game for two, we can just be fine, me and you, so let’s just do it.

For now, what we should do is just have fun and explore every inch of skin covering us both.

I love your Jamaican skin that makes me want to take a good taste of you right away, baby.

Now, what I want is for you to realize that there you can confide to me any time you want to.

I have this hard thing inside my jeans, you can help me along if you feel like it, I hope you’d.

We can sing Jamaican songs all along and it would only make me feel hotter for you, babe.

It is throbbing inside of me, waiting to be unleashed now, so come and meet the beast, baby.

You can say it all you want but those coconuts in your chest are truly a spectacular sight.

A fine woman is what you are, and I want to have a piece of you if you would let me do that.

There is nothing I would like better now than to be with you and spend the night in the bed.

Maybe we can do some compromise where you get to become in charge just for the night.

I don’t mind being the one on my back as long as you can please me up really good, okay?

If you would be so kind, I would love every inch of you and make you keep on coming, dear.

There is no other way I’d love to do this but to kiss you and start all over your body now.

Let’s do it the Jamaican way, vanilla and without anything at all, come at me right now too.

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