Irish PickUp Lines

You might be wondering if you are in the right place at the right time.
This pub is too jampacked, while you can hear lots of laughter and thick accents everywhere.
At first, you felt like this place was a lonely place until you saw a woman in the corner and she gave you one of her lovely kind smiles.
You raised your glass and walked in her direction.
Why not try one of these pick-up lines and maybe you might probably have someone to dance with on a St. Patty’s day?

Are you an Irish because you are beautiful and magnificent like a classic green shamrock?

I think you are a pretty leprechaun that already stolen my golden heart and kept as its own.

I am indeed mesmerized with your golden beauty and one-of-a-kind smiles in this universe.


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You should run away with me to the center of the universe and fly back to this pub in Ireland.

I think you are an Irish because you drank lots of ice cold beer since the start of the party.

I want to become a green shamrock into your beautiful soul and make your hair to be pretty.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Let me conquer the sky with my Irish accent and whisper my love for you into the cold wind.

Let me fly across the night sky while we looked at the city of Ireland and drunk night people.

I want to sing you a lullaby which sounds like the serenade for the melancholic leprechauns.

We should waltz along with the music of the leprechauns and the clank of the gold coins.

Airport PickUp Lines

Let me say that I am from Irish descent and I can drink those beers over there just for you.

Maybe we can just go to Ireland and swim into the cold Atlantic Ocean to find our dear love.

We should never forget that we can take our love to the world where the clover leaves grow.

Are you of an Irish descent because I am really in love with your accent and sweet voice?

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to throw my love into you like I can spread all these shamrocks and gold in this place.

You should dance along with the green bandannas and the swaying clover leaves in the pots.

I want to sing my Irish love for you while I wait for you to accept my hand and dance with me.


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Can I take your hand and put a little cloverleaf that signifies all of my love forever for you?

I should waltz with you while we wait for the music from the harp of the amazing leprechauns.

We should just fall in love with each other like a leprechaun liked the shiny gold in this world.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I am in love with your shamrock smiles and your twinkling eyes like happy giddy leprechauns.

Let me confess all my love for you that goes into all corners of the world full of clover leaves.

I am really amazed at your Irish beauty and the witty intelligence in your conversation.

I want to sing my faithfulness at this very corner where I can see a leprechaun smiling at us.

Game of Thrones PickUp Lines

I want to dive into your Irish love and look for the green land and the wonderful Celtic cross.

You should not give our only power and wait for the leprechaun to fight the love monsters.

You can touch with the shamrocks and the Celtic cross where I can beg to win for your love.

We should run with our shamrock smiles and fight the leprechauns as much as we can now.


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Let me fly away along with our raging love like a cloverleaf falling away into the nowhere.

I want to save these memories in a music box and live in a huge castle with you, my princess.

I am deeply amazed at your Irish descent and how it glows your beauty as time goes by.

I want to sing with the leprechauns, so they can bless me for winning your little golden heart.

I have been searching for the beautiful leaf and I found you here, my dear lovely shamrock.

You can search for my name and you can hear it from all the blaring noise in the city night.

We can walk right here and then jump into the cliff where we can fall in love with each other.

You can listen to my heartbeat like a song of an indie band in the town of Northern Ireland.

Let me worry your Irish eyes as I will become a dragon and protect it like a Disney princess.

I want to raise my beer and scream my happiness for meeting someone as beautiful as you.

You may never know that Irish beauties are irresistible, and you are the most stunning of all.

I hope you can dance later with your comfortable shoes and show your cool Ireland dance.

I want to hear more of your sexy Irish accent when we finally arrive into our own paradise.

You might take me to the dance floor, but I also hope that you can take me inside your heart.

If I will reach the top of the world, I will sing and scream out my Irish love to the cold wind.

I will walk into the chaos and I will give you my shamrock love at the end of this long journey.

You can lift my spirit with one of your beautiful Irish smiles like a choir of angels in my head.

Are you still the one who can take my hand and wear our shamrock hats in this dance floor?

It can take forever to stare at your Irish beauty and stunning smile, so I hope you won’t mind.

Let me take care of you while we can sing the shamrock serenade for the mermaids in the sea.

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I want to stare at you again and look for an Irish freckle or a beautiful birthmark in your face.

You should sing the lullaby and feel the rhythm of the silly leprechauns in the midnight sky.

I want to dance with the leprechauns, so they can bless me for winning your golden beauty.

I think my soul is already made out of shamrock and the flying away into the world of you.

Let me fly into the west coast but never forget the Irish love and make it our special memory.

You should not be afraid to fly with the little leprechauns as they can take care of our love.

I want to walk into the woods and find a tiny shamrock that can signify our love and passion.

Let me become awestruck to your Irish beauty and forever gaze at this wonderful memory.

I want to see the chaos fly out the window and take care of our one-of-a-kind love right here.

We can walk with our Irish blood and our brilliant minds that come with our magnificent love.

I really thought that you were an Irish because of these beers and your beautiful little freckles.

You should sing this love where we can think of nothing but happiness and bright shamrocks.

I will do anything just to see your bright shamrock smile shine across this dark lonely world.

You should never forget to fly away with one of your serious smiles and your few Irish hats.

I will confess my love for you along with the beauty of these shamrocks and the Celtic cross.

You might be a huge gold coin who I will be chasing for the rest of my life like a leprechaun.

I want to see your Irish dark eyes and fantastic hair that can forever shine in our lives

You might want to feel the breeze of the wind and the rhythm of the shamrocks for all of us.

I guess that you might be an Irish descent with the most beautiful smile in the entire world.

Let me take your lovely heart and protect it with this Celtic cross like a tiny chirping bird.

I want you to become my lover in this town full of happy shamrocks and dancing leprechauns.

We should do the Irish dance along with the shadows of the wind and the chaos of the night.

I want to sing the protest song and wave my shamrock flag with the beauty of my love for you.

Let me go around the world and feel the breath of the clouds in our serene shamrock love.

I beg your pardon, but I am an Irish descent who just wants to gaze at your amazing beauty.

You can take my breath away when I met you like a leprechaun finally discovered his gold.

You can lift my spirits and make me feel like a leprechaun with your golden sunshine beauty.

I want to sing an Irish folk song and we should dance along with the beers and clover leaves.

You must dance with the city people now and I will wait for you waltz with your golden heart.

I wish that I can write you a song about my wonderful love and your dazzling Irish smile.

I don’t want to sleep tonight if I will keep dreaming of shamrocks and your golden beauty.

I want to sing my love for you with this golden harp and the music of the little shamrocks.

I want to dance with the midnight sky, listen to the music of the wind and the little shamrocks.

I can see your golden beauty here and I felt like a happy leprechaun for this special discovery.

I am amazed with your Irish dark eyes and I feel like I am drifting away into your black hole.

You can dance with the shadows of the Irish wind and can talk with the spirits in the woods.

I think you are the shamrock of my life because you bring the luck and goodness in this world.

Will you be my little shamrock that forever be my source of luck and my drive to compassion?

You might be an Irish, but I guess you would not believe that you are the shamrock of my life.

I want to dance through the night and sing the serenade for the cloverleaf and leprechauns.

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