Hurricane PickUp Lines

You thought that this was like a natural calamity, as it nearly destroyed your sanity and calmness.
Ever since you met this beautiful creature, you always thought that you would want to see a lovely sight every time you would wake up.
You would want to share every possible silly thought and every sip of your chamomile tea.
You would take the risk, so you decide to approach the person in this pub.
How about you use these pick-up lines so that you would have someone to share the scene of every calamity in your lives?

This love between us is like the calmness after the destruction of the hurricanes and cyclones.

I would definitely seek the beauty in your precious little smiles in every calamity in this world.

We should just dance even though we are in the middle of the calamity and the destruction.


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Your beautiful smile is the oasis in the desert and the warmest hearth in the stormy midnight.

My love for you is like a beautiful hurricane that washed every thought inside my pretty mind.

I can feel this love between us like the strong and cold breeze on a stormy afternoon in July.

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Your lovely smile is the calamity in my heart that wrecks all bad things and shows sunshine.

I want to see the chaos and the storms drown right into the depths of your beautiful dark eyes.

We are in the hurricanes that can destroy and fight our insecurities inside our dark worlds.

You should dance with the sound of the swaying trees and the music of the glowing fireflies.

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The sun might fall into the stormy clouds, but just know that I will always fall in love with you.

I think you are the savior that can rescue my poor little heart from the hurricane of the pain.

Your beautiful eyes are like balls of sunshine that can give us all the light during the storm.

I hope you won’t fall underneath the rocks but realize the start of a love unfolded between us.

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I want to swim into the ocean waves and fight the hurricanes so that I can finally be with you.

Let me taste now the nice feeling of being trapped with you in the middle of the raging storm.

Maybe we should dance with the monkeys and fall in love with each other in the rain shower.


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I want to seek our love underneath the boulders and the dark clouds in the stormy weather.

Let me be the sunshine that will conquer your world and fight all the hurricanes in your life.

Your beautiful smile is like the wonderful sunshine after the raging storm in the west coast.

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We might take a flight with the birds and travel to our little paradise where no storms exist.

Soon, this tension between us will become the wonderful love like a rising sun after the storm.

I want to fight all the hurricanes that would destroy all your hopes and dreams in the future.

We should dance together along with the raging thunder and the music of our loud heartbeats.

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I should become the hurricane in your life that would destroy and take away all your agony.

Remember how I would become the umbrella in your life and I would protect you at all costs.

Listen to the sound of the thunder as it is definitely my heartbeat in our little conversations.

Your beauty is like the most wonderful sunlight in the middle of the raging stormy afternoon.


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I would fly with the smile in my face while I wait for our love to pour down like a rain on us.

We should sing together along with the sound of the thunderclaps and the music of the rain.

I hope that I will be the stormy weather that will wash all those painful memories in my mind.

I want to ride the hurricane and take your hand while we travel to our own beautiful paradise.

Sing for the brighter tomorrow using the song of the stormy clouds and the rainy afternoons.

Billions of hurricanes might not be my calamity, but the moment that we would apart again.

Let me whisper the name of the stormy cloud that would scream the most faithful song tonight.

I want to take your pain and wash it with the rain shower of my happy teardrops and dreams.

This hurricane might take away our love, but we could fight it with our own sunshine smiles.

I want to see your pretty sunshine smile and let it swallow the darkness of the rainy midnight.

I would wish to dance with you in the lullaby of the music box and the downpour of the rain.

I will listen to the sound of the downpour rain inside the depths of your beautiful soul tonight.

Let us conquer the rain and build our kingdom with the hurricanes of our painful memories.

I beg you to forever whisper my name through the torrent of the rain and right into our hearts.

The power inside our souls can be magnified by our raging emotions like the stormy weather.

Let’s just forget the hurricane of pain and we should dance together for the rest of our lives.

Let me fly to the west coast and watch the raging storm take us to our own beautiful paradise.

This raging storm should teach us the wonderful world right behind our beautiful little scars.

I want to sing the hurricane song so that the heavy rain will take us away to a special place.

Let me hear your angelic voice that can stop the worst storm and bring out the sunny days.

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Whenever our eyes meet, this hurricane-feeling in my heart suddenly shake me to the core.

We should dive while we forget how the raging storm can drown us to the depths of our souls.

Out of these cyclones and calamities, you are the eye of the storm and the rescuer of my life.

The corner of my mind forever seeks for the comfort of our home against the raging storm.

The dangers of the stormy weather might probably drown us to the inside of our little hearts.

We should ride the hurricane of our dreams and travel to the place where no chaos exists.

The fantasy in our minds might probably ignite the raging storms in the depths of our souls.

I want to dance with the laughter of the raindrops and the raging sound of the thunderclaps.

Your beautiful mind is like the wonderful paradise above the city of rainstorms and cyclones.

Your gorgeous smile can take away all painful memories and hurricanes inside our hearts.

I want to sing the party anthem of the rainstorm and seek our love underneath the sunshine.

Someday, we can dance all through the night and feel the coldness of the rain in our hearts.

I would fight for you against all of these raging storms and the hurricanes inside your soul.

My feelings for you are like droplets of the raindrops falling on the rooftop, falling into you.

I will take over this town like a hurricane and seek for you, so I can give all my heart to you.

You should search for the true love that I want to drown in the depths of your beautiful soul.

Wait for the moment that the rainstorm will destroy all our insecurities and turn it into love.

The light inside your soul is as magnificent as the greatest rainstorm in the dark cold world.

When we speak to each other, my mind is in a hurricane and my heart jumps like a crazy frog.

I think the rain might have fallen in love like me with your sunshine smiles and twinkling eyes.

Feel the love inside our hearts like you would be in the town of raging storms and hurricanes.

I wish the hurricane in front of our eyes can heal our wounds and convey the love between us.

The song of the cyclones might take us away to our own paradise and seek for our true love.

I hope these clouds can give us a ride and take us away to the place where no calamity exists.

This hurricane feeling might have driven me into you and make me fall for you all over again.

If these were raindrops or tears of joy running down my face, I just know that I fell for you.

Someday, we can finally sing the anthem of tomorrow and fall in love with each other again.

The sky might have waited for the hurricane to go away like I always waited for you to come.

You should hear the musical note inside our hearts and feel the cyclone rushing in our minds.

I can feel that your lovely smile can take away all these tornadoes and cyclones in my heart.

I would never forget to protect your fragile heart from the raging hurricanes of tomorrow.

I thought that your gorgeous smile is the strongest hurricane that made me so breathless.

Let me wonder how your beauty is as magnificent as the tiny voice inside of a huge hurricane.

I want to take away your pain like a hurricane does whenever it goes in a small poor town.

You should probably hear the song of the raging storm, which is all about your loveliness.

Dance what we can through the night until our knees give in like the trees during the storm.

My heart will always be a raging storm if somehow I will never see your pretty face again.

I hope that this hurricane of painful memories can become our endless love for tomorrow.

We should sing together the lullaby that can make us survive the raging cyclones of the future.

My love for you is as huge as a hurricane and as tremendous as the great cyclone of the past.

I hope that we can dance all through the night like tornadoes in the middle of the dance floor.

I want to write a song about your beauty and how it conquers the world like a great typhoon.

Whenever I see your beautiful lips, I see a magnificent world where no calamities can exist.

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