Horse PickUp Lines

You may think like a crazy cowboy tonight and steal the heart of one pretty lady in this pub.
Forget about stealing because this woman might even offer all her life to you if she happened to like you so much.
How can you do that? Maybe try to be a little less scary and intimidating, show her your best normal smile in the word, and throw the giant elephant out of the room.
I guess you should try one of these pick-up lines and perhaps you would both riding your black horse and fly into your own paradise.

I want to ride my horse all the way to the moon where I can walk with you into our paradise.

Let me wander this town and use this saddle to carry our fears and worries about our lives.

You can talk about me and the little woman about the lazy cowboys who found their true love.


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I want to show you my horse that can take us anywhere we want to ride to the heavenly sky.

I want to touch your wonderful built and ride you all the way to our own version of paradise.

You should run away from with me and ride all around to the corner of this dark cool world.

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Let me drink this fantasy and ride the world like a couple of cowboys searching for treasures.

You may sing right now about the world and how we can turn it around by riding restlessly.

I want to carry my horse like I can carry you in my hearts and tender it for the rest of my life.

Lay me here tonight right in this back seat and ride me like a wonderful horse and a knight.

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I want to ride your world and all of your dreams like the most magnificent horse in your life.

You should think of anything that can lurk your feeling and ride all of those away in this life.

You may want to feel this love like riding a horse and going to the place where no one knows.

I want to sing tonight all my love and the faithful prayers about you and our dear little pony.

Angel PickUp Lines

I am curious how your dark horse will look like with your glowing gaze and dazzling smile.

I should be faithful with these happy silly thoughts and ride all this pain away to the fences.

I want to you to capture me like a bandit aiming in the head of the poor cowboy in his horse.


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Let this wonderful feeling take us away together like riding a pony in the tallest mountains.

I want to ride my majestic horse and take you away from the bandits of misery and agony.

You can never go wrong with the gaze of the cowboy that can take you away to the heaven.

Funny PickUp Lines

You should never forget to mount your white horse and drag me into your beautiful paradise.

Maybe sometime, I will beg for you to see a little bit of your dark horse that I will ride forever.

I hope you can feel my heartbeat running around like an energetic pony on the west coast.

You should wander around the world like a dark horse singing the rhythm of its own feeling.

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I hope you might discover the one of a kind world that you might never notice in your pony.

I am in love with your shiny ponytail, how it wiggles and hypnotizes me with your beauty.

You can look the love behind the docks and the wonderful world beneath the pony’s trunk.

I want to search for the little specks in your eyes like the raindrops in the hair of the pony.


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You can ride in my magnificent horse all the way and through the best downtown in this state.

I want to scream about my fears on the top of this cliff while gazing at the little ponies below.

Let this cowboy take you to the magical world where we can have all those wondrous things.

I want to drown in these waves and catch the flames while I ride my pony on the way to you.

Let me take your delicate hands and ride this flying horse into our own version of paradise.

You can never go wrong with every little bit of the phony laughter and the twist of lost fate.

I want to see the little things beneath these huge smiles, wiggling eyebrows, and ponytails.

I can fly all the way from here and catch the huge fire with the nice trunk of this little pony.

I want to discover your love with every song about the little pony and his family and friends.

Do you already lose your grip in reality and feel the ride of a magnificent stallion to heaven?

I want to mount this pony while I bring my sword and fight all the sea monsters to get to you.

You might want to discover how you can run away with the dark horse and its tender feeling.

Your magnificent stallion takes away all the agony and bring the peaceful sight to this world.

You must not wonder about this phony feeling and the miracle that we can feel about the fate.

I want to run like a horse and do whatever I must do now with you and for the rest of our life.

I guess that I would never be the same as the little pony who just fell in love with his master.

I want to be a magical horse who will always by your side and cure all your wounds forever.

I want to take all your pain away with goodbye kisses and singing mares in the grasslands.

I guess you might be the horse of my life that would ride and take me back to our own home.

The fate gets to decide which one will I choose: a magnificent black stallion or a small pony.

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You should not be bothered with the fate of the world and how it turns around with the pony.

Don’t ever listen to every tattle tale of the world and just ride with me around this old town.

I want to gaze forever into your cool dark eyes that looked like a magical pair of stallions.

You should never feel remorseful if suddenly the horse can take you away from this party.

Let me face the world and paint the sky with the beautiful colors from the tears of the pony.

Let me catch my breath and light up the world with the music from the eyes of the stallion.

I want to see this dark world where we can gaze out this feeling like a lost mare in the woods.

Let me take you to the paradise where the stallions cannot enter without their lovely masters.

You can mount my horse and go into the woods where we can find our lost love with the bugs.

You might be wondering how you can fall in love with every pony beat of my heart and soul.

You may notice how I would like a green horse that would be jumping into our green world.

I want to dance with the noisy ducks and go to the party with the singing ponies in the corner.

We should ride and take me with you to the steed world where I can never discover in my life.

I want to listen to the music of these feelings and fly away with this pony in his little wings.

Let me run away into the world with my magical imagination and the wonderful paintbrushes.

You can scream right now, feel the beat of my heart in this soul and watch the pony run away.

Let me taste the sweetness of the sugar and feel the amazing sight with the music of the horse.

I want to feel like a fish in the sea and the pony in the woods, full of freedom and love for you.

I want to take your arms and hold me tight like you would ride a magnificent stallion forever.

You should never forget to dive into the water and ride the feeling when we raise our hands.

Let us see the horse mount our feelings and face the dark world with our little funny faces.

You may wish for a moment like this when we came to the woods and found a pony love.

I want to keep riding this feeling like a magical horse and face the world with all our fears.

I think that we are like a black stallion and pony who met tonight in this dark and noisy club.

Later we should realize we might never dance like a mare in the rain and sing our lullabies.

I want to sing the anthem of the cool horse when it finally served its master and all his friends.

You should think about this special memory between us that we can ride for a very long time.

Let’s hope for the best that we might find someone in a white horse and take us to our heaven.

Let me taste the sweetness of this honey and gaze the wonderful strands in this shiny ponytail.

You were probably not curious about the pony world and its magical problems in the fresco.

You should believe the world has another chance and a pony like us can save it with our love.

You should dance with me and ride a horse until we can find the thing that we most desire.

Let me dream of the reality where we can hear the sunflowers sing and see the ponies dance

I would like to ride my horse for tonight and take you to whatever you want if you like to go.

Let me hear the song of this pony and how he screams all my love and emotions just for you.

I want to guess that riding a horse life is not my favorite hobby unless you may join me again.

Let me ring the finger, face the miracle with a black stallion tattoo, and love its own melody.

I should perhaps try as a lovely mare confessing all my love for you.

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