Hockey PickUp Lines

Hockey is one of the sports that has a lot of fans because it is a fantastic game.
In hockey, two opposing team battle each other using a ball or what is called a hockey pick by pushing it with a hockey stick into the opponent’s net or goal.
There are different types of hockey such as ice hockey and even field hockey.
Ice hockey is one of the most popular one out of them.
Hockey is a nice game to watch with family and friends.
If you plan on using hockey as your gameplay to pick people up, here are some hockey pickup lines that might just work out fine for you.

Want to learn how to play hockey? How about we watch videos of the game in my room, girl?

If you play ice hockey, I can teach you a few new tricks in order to warm yourself up, baby.

Hey girl, want to be the manager of all my equipment including the one inside my pants?


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Baby, you have such nice pair of skates, I want to take them off of you right this moment.

You have less teeth because of the game? It’s alright, it gives more room for tongue action.

If you were a puck, I swear I would never ever shoot you because I would miss you always.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I got scolded by the referee today for hooking but I told him it wasn’t my fault I’m hooked.

They say hockey is a fun game to play I bet you can play with me too I’ll be a nice boy for you.

In case you haven’t noticed, girl, I am so hooked on you, I want to let you know about that.

We can just drop all out gloves here right now and just have a good try on what we can do.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

I can promise you I am built for a game and I can go on as many times as you want me to.

I am better than a one timer, baby, I can go on for as many rounds as you want, let’s see?

You must be into hockey because I can see your stick just out of that pants of yours standing.

Baseball PickUp Lines

I am more than ready to hit you tonight, from your behind, so I’m okay with a misconduct.

You might be a goalie but I swear I am scoring on you tonight, no matter what blocks me.

You may try to block me off, but I’ll make sure to hold on to my stick and push really hard.


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I think this puck would look good inside of you and my stick as well, want to see for yourself?

If you are into hockey, you can consider the deal done if you put your puck into my own goal.

I hope you have a jersey because I am needing a name from you and your number as well.

You want to test out my equipment real quick and see if it meets your standard, how about it?

Sweet Pickup Lines

I know you are tired but I’m not, I am willing to go into the penalty box together with you.

If you want, I am more than willing to let you ride on this Zam boner that I have inside this.

You have seen how good I am on the ice, babe, but you haven’t seen how great I’m in bed.

I have to tell you my skate is made and is as hard as steel but it is certainly not the only one.

Disney PickUp Lines

When I saw you, I knew I am going to win tonight, the Stanley cup it is, on deep throat, girl.

Baby, if hockey is your thing I can hook you up real good and teach you to play better, really.

Have you ever tried kissing someone with no teeth, you get a lot of tongue action, believe me.

My name is just Stanley and if you want, I can show you my cup in private, come to me now.

Rumor has it that Zdeno Chara has one long stick but mine is a lot longer, you wait and see.


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We can try some field hockey and then we can just roll around the grass afterwards, babe.

Once you see my equipment, you’ll either run or you’ll look at it real good, believe me now.

I believe you and I should go back to the house and just watch some mean play tonight.

You know, you can always just send that puck on my way, if you get what I meant to say.

You want to be holding my shaft? We can try if you are worth the game on the bed tonight.

Want to try your hand at ice hockey? We can try a few games and then I can warm you up.

I want to learn the game, would you teach me how to hold the stick in a proper manner?

You look like you have a stick up in your pants, or are you just happy that I am here now?

Well, if you say so that I can’t score tonight, would you mind giving me some assist, girl?

You might have scored one goal because I am now lit up coz of you, baby, coz of you, girl.

Hockey is a team game, we can team up on you if that is how you want to play this game, girl.

I want to squeeze you up and straighten you up to hit that five hole of yours, I do, babe.

They say players with the puck have big sticks, I can show you mine in the bed right now.

The only thing that I want to be holding on to right now would be your boobs, my darling.

If you just slide straight into me, I am going to let you have a score all night, come try it out.

You want to try out for the hockey team, you must let me test you out first since I’m a player.

I want to give you this stick of mine and use it full length then puck you really good and slow.

I may not play the game but I can give you a body check whenever you feel like getting one.

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You may not play the game too well but I promise I will let you score on me, come join me.

I am more than willing to get a misconduct in this hockey game so I can hit up with you now.

You seem to have a bag for my stick, can we check to see if it really fits or if it is too big?

I want to wear that legs of yours on my face like a mask so I don’t get that cold, can I try?

I think we should try to fhock and see if we have some chemistry between us, you and I, babe.

I can warm you up really good if that is what you want me to, come and join me in the bed.

There is this box in hockey where they put bad players in, should we let them watch a show?

I have a stick that curves when you suck on it, should you want to try it out, just tell me now.

Yes, you got the rumors right, I only take this mask of mine for one thing: a pussy, baby.

I want to get some slapshots on that fine ass you have there, you might want to let me do so.

I know you are a hockey goalie but that only means I should try scoring with you this night.

I really wouldn’t mind poke-checking on you right away as soon as your done dressing down.

I can give you a new definition for the word roughing on my bed tonight, come check it out.

I was called a dirty player once before but you have to see how dirty we can be this night.

I have got this curved stick that I think will fit right inside your crease, baby, it just might.

I have a lot of hidden hockey tricks I have yet to share, come to my bedroom and I’ll teach.

Life will be so much better if you just stick with me, you and I will stick it together, honey.

You ever think about crossing the blue line together with me now, I bet we can do just that.

They say we get distracted easily and no tact to our name, hey baby, want to screw tonight?

I can show you why hockey is fun if you decide to spend the night with me on my bed, babe.

I bet I can do a good hip check on you if you would let me, should I do that starting now?

You must be my opponent’s net and I the puck because I keep wanting to get inside of you.

You can be the manager to all of my equipment, if you know where to put them rightly, now.

You, miss, just sweep me off my feet every time, come and I will try sweeping yours off too.

You can play hockey all you want but if you want to get better, I can give you some good tips.

I am used to scoring but I can hold back a bit for you if you want me too, just let me know.

You should really date me now, I am a player and I find opening and just get the puck in.

I know just when to play it really rough, so you should really try about getting into it with me.

I can assure you I have a lot of stamina because I am indeed a hockey player, wanna test it?

I have great stamina so you can try to see if that holds true to me as well, come check it out.

The ref gave me deductions for hooking but babe, you are the one I am hooked about.

Hockey is wonderful, especially when you are holding up a stick then, want to hold on mine?

You must be a hockey player since you’ve these big cold hands, want to come home with me?

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