Heart PickUp Lines

You already know that you have found the love of your life in the darkest corner of this pub.
You may call this fate, as you made your way through the crowd because you never recognize this feeling before.
Right now, this person made the massive muscle inside your chest start to beat like a crazy eagle.
This feeling may be ridiculous, but this is the real thing.
You must now decide if you should give yourself a shot tonight and try to win the heart of this beautiful angel.
Why not try some of these pick-up lines so you can finally have someone to tuck inside your ribcage?

Are you my queen of hearts because I am willing to give my head and offer my world to you?

Let me kiss you a good night and wrap you in the love that you always deserve in your life.

Dance through the night with me while our love warms our bodies until the blue moon glows.


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I will take care of your beautiful mind along with our magnificent love tuck inside my ribcage.

Let me take care of your delicate heart and nurse it until it can grow into a gorgeous thing.

I flutter like a magnificent butterfly and a graceful eagle whenever I see your gorgeous smile.

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Let me think of that wonderful moment where we can dance with all our emotions and smiles.

You are my lovely heart that can dance all through the wildest dreams in our secret universe.

I love how your smile can twist my emotions and sing the lullaby of the angels in the heaven.

Let me keep you inside my heart and fly together like the pair of beautiful cherubs in the sky.

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Let me call this love the most beautiful curtain of our emotions that embraces the both of us.

Let me light up your world with my emotions and my colorful words like the crayons in a desk.

I will give you my heart when you decide to light up this world with your magnificent smiles.

Let me love you with all my colorful emotions and sentiments like flowers blooming in spring.

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to dance again with the sound of our fluttering chests like a white dove in the sunsets.

Let me kiss you tonight like the blooming peonies in the spring and butterflies in our chests.

You already have stolen my heart with the twinkle of your eyes like the stars in the night sky.


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Let us dance tonight with the sound of our chests beating and our minds flying across the sky.

Let me dance with you like the colors of the wind making our chests fluttering until the dawn.

We are alike in the sense that our hearts beat as one when we start to dance at this moment.

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Let me wish you to be mine when I want to make you smile and wrap in my colorful emotions.

I want to kiss you tonight where we can feel our chests bursting out of happiness and bliss.

Let me dance with you like the dancing bears and the trees that share concealed emotions.

Do you live over there because I thought that you are already residing in my chest forever?

Redneck PickUp Lines

You should give your heart, and I would give you my love that can stretch the entire universe.

I will sing you a lullaby that can be wonderful and mesmerizing for our emotions.

Let us dance with the wonderful sound of the rain like our peaceful emotions in the midnight.

You can take my hand and wrap me in the warmest embrace where we can melt the world.


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If I can be an organ in your body, I want to become the lungs so that I can be close to your heart.

Let me dance with the wonderful grace and the movements of our chests fluttering forever.

I want to give you goodnight kiss with the taste of our colorful emotions and blissful paradise.

Let us dance along with the music of our soul and the emotions waltzing around our bodies.

Let me take care of your heart like a mother goose would care for her ducklings in the pond.

I want to dance along with the sound of your dancing shoes and our fluttering chests tonight.

I could win your smile if you may have the chance to listen to the beating muscle in my chest.

I want to forever dance with your comfortable shoes and sparkling smile like our old feelings.

I will take care of your heart like a gardener will love his roses, lilies, petunias, and tulips.

Let me wish you a cool goodnight with the huge smiles in our little faces and our ribcages.

Let me dance with you right now like a wonderful song of the love inside our fluttering chests.

I want to take care of your heart like a mother would tend her baby in her warmest embraces.

I want to dance with you like the sudden rush of our emotions while running around in circles.

Let me wish you the sweetest dream while hoping that I could make you flutter like a firefly.

I want to dance with you until our ribcages start to burst out of extreme happiness and bliss.

Let me touch your delicate heart like I want to reach for the moon and the sparkling diamond.

Let me give you a goodnight kiss while I hope that you would flutter like a monarch butterfly.

I want to dance with you like the moon would shine our chests and make it beat for both of us.

I will be careful of your heart and embrace it now like my very first-born child in the hospital.

I would always wish for the moments where you can just make my chest burst out of pleasure.

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I want to dance with you like the moonlight shining our emotions in those brighter moments.

Let us we put our hearts on our sleeves and dance the night away like there is no tomorrow.

I want to win your gorgeous smile like I want to feel your chest fluttering inside my mind.

Let me pick you up tonight and dance all the way to the depths of our souls inside our ribcage.

I want to win your delicate heart and sing the special tune of our love for the rest of our lives.

This lullaby can serenade us to the serenity that we may want to grasp with our own emotions.

Let me give you a gentle kiss that can make you fly out with the fluttering wings of your heart.

I want to give you my heart right now, so I can make your world become the blissful paradise.

Let me dance with you while we carry our emotions and our lovely memories inside our souls.

We should dance across the hall until our chests begin to rupture out of happiness and frenzy.

Let me sing you the greatest song now which we can dance along with our souls in our chests.

I will put my heart on my sleeve, so you can see that I have fallen in love with you forever.

I want to fall in love with you like the sudden rush of emotions coming out from a music box.

Let us just keep singing tonight and feel this love coming out from the depths of our old souls.

I want to dance with you tonight like the beautiful glow of the stars and our colorful emotions.

You are my heart that keeps beating whenever I see your beautiful smiles and eyes in my life.

Let me dance with the twirl of your fingers and the swift rush of the emotions from our souls.

Wear your comfortable tiny shoes because we would now run away to the depths of our souls.

I want to take your hand and kiss it like the honeydew in the morning and the cool heartbeat.

Let me whisper the wonderful song that can take away our sanity and our emotions tonight.

We should dance along with the sound of our jazz music in the depths of our minds and souls.

My heart only beats for your gorgeous smile and the twinkle in your eyes like a starry night.

I want to run away with you and forget how my emotions just spin all over the two of us.

Your beauty is so amazing that I can see how my soul has fallen in love with your pretty smile.

You are much beautiful than you may think about these dancing emotions in our souls tonight.

You should notice how my heart is on my sleeve and I want to process all my feelings for you.

You can give me a kiss that can make my head to spin around and rush with sudden emotions.

You are my heart that beats for my soul, the one who can give me the life that I want forever.

Let me become drunk about this love and profess all my feelings about your wonderful beauty.

I want to dance with you through the night and feel the passionate love rushing all around us.

Let us drink this love that can give us the emotions and the life that we certainly want forever.

I want to wear my heart on my sleeve and show the genuineness of my love for you forever.

I want to dance with the sound of the jazz of our emotions and the solitary tune of our feelings.

I have no jar of hearts as I can only keep yours inside my ribcage and lived with it forever.

You are my heart that can only give me a life in this world full of melancholy and dejection.

Let me dance with your delicate heart and feel the breeze rushing on our faces all the night.

You are my gentle heart that I want to spend my life with the entire world until the end of time.

Let me wish you a peaceful evening while we can dance with all our emotions and feelings.

I want to dance with these colorful emotions inside our souls.

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