Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Harry Potter is just one of the best films out there and there is so much more to this world that it resonates.
It shows how the wizarding world works and it tells of the story of Harry Potter, the boy who survived every bad thing that has happened to him and the adventures he had.
Harry Potter brings people courage and so does the character.
For those people who love Harry Potter, you can use it on them to add some points for yourself.
Here are some Harry Potter pickup lines that you can try out.

Do you know who Harry Potter is, if not I will show you why he is the boy who kept living.

Your name might not be Luna and you may not be a wizard but hey I’ll will Lovegood you.


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You might be a muggle but I am mostly sure that I can show you a magical time, baby.

Let me show you the wanders of a magic wand and you will not regret it one bit, believe me.

Of all the people in this world it seems that my broom has chosen to give you one ride, girl.

I would like to get this basilisk that I own in your chamber, the one full of your secrets, babe.

You can save one of the magical brooms available by choosing to ride some Quidditch player.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I think you are in this room of requirement because really, I need you to be here with me now.

I am a keeper just like this guy named Oliver Wood, do you know him cause you can keep me.

If you want to learn how to speak troll language, you can come to me and I will teach you.

Do not worry about anything else because I will protect you with my magical wand, my dear.

Good Pick Up Lines

Every day I have been coming so close to you, I bet you have been using an accio spell to me.

There is this tree called whomping willow and I was wondering if you’d like to go there?

Let us ride in my broom through the night and I will show you how to have a really good time.

You must be wearing an invisibility cloak because it seems that I just can’t see your clothes.

Hilarious Pick Up Lines

I want to have some Felix Felicis ready on hand so I can somehow get lucky tonight, really.

Maybe I’d rather become a dementor just so I can give you one of those deathly kisses I have.


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My love for you will never die but only grow more beautiful like a phoenix rising from ashes.

I feel like I am getting hit by a cruciatus curse when I am with you, it just feels so bad, girl.

I want to be with you every step of the way even if it means getting hit with an avada kevadra.

Great PickUp Lines

There’s a place called the shrieking shack and I want to make it live up to its name, you want?

As it turns out, Hagrid may not be the only giant here in our school, believe me on this one.

I will speak to you in Parseltongue, slowly slithering my way into your very heart, my dear.

You want to be my Moaning Myrtle in this world full of Hermione Granger, you could be.

Funniest PickUp Lines

I would gladly give you my heart if it means you will keep it safe and tight, my dearest girl.

You are the one I love, the Hermione to my Ron, the Ginny to my Harry, you are my baby.

Baby, let me show you what it means when they say I am a natural charmer wait for it.

I think I must have fallen already under your spell and it sucks but I love you for it, babe.

You know how a mandrake’s scream is so loud, I can make you scream much louder than it.

I will unsheathe my sword to you right now if you show me where your chamber is, dearie.

You may just be a magical human being because I can’t accept otherwise, that is the truth.

Forget the train ride, I will show you what a good ride really is, tonight if you will let me.

I can be anyone you want me to be, I have enough Polyjuice to last me for a whole night.

If I am a seeker, would you be the golden snitch that I need in this very moment, my dear?


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Should I be the sorting hat, I would definitely put you in my house, which is Gryffindor.

Sure, I am not a wizard but I can show you magic tonight if you let me and give me a chance.

I think transfiguration is your forte because you have changed my life completely, believe me.

You are a muggle but damn girl you’ve got all the right angles to make me a happy man.

Just give me one night and I will show you that a wizard should never be crossed with, baby.

I promise to give you my Portkey if you let me, I will let you into this heart of mine, babe.

If you want to know more about my wand, it is twelve inches made of the best bark of tree.

Wingardium leviosa is not needed here because you put me in cloud nine having you near.

I got Bertie Boot’s flavored beans and I am willing to share it with you, that I can promise.

I am more than willing to enter a tri-wizard tournament with you if you will let me do that.

You have that look in your eyes that tells me that you need my unyielding love, do you baby?

I am willing to show you just what a real patronus looks like, I will show you safe haven, girl.

You can definitely expelliarmus me anytime with your soft smell, simple and very disarming.

You must be using a confundus charm because I am blowing my mind just talking to you.

I don’t believe you are a muggle because you have the most magical body, dear girl.

This is a portkey and it is willing to take you somewhere you have never been to anyways.

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If I look into the mirror of erised right now I bet I would see the two of us together, baby girl.

Do you know about platform nine and three quarters? I have something of the same size.

I think that I might need a pensieve to put in every thought that I have of you, my dearest.

I wonder what would happen if time were different because I do not know what to do now.

You must be a dementor because it feels like you are sucking my soul out of my body, girl.

I never would have guess you to be a chaser when you so obviously are a keeper, my girl.

You keep taking my breath away and I am betting you to be but another dementor right here.

I think you may have been one of the horcruxes because you just complete me, my baby.

I love the way you talk those spells on that mouth they all sound so amazing to me, dear girl.

You must be a half-alive Voldemort because you are always here in the back of my mind.

I solemnly swear that no one in this room is up to any good and you must deal with that.

I would make you the greatest love potion that nothing in this world can ever break, my dear.

Being without you is like being hit by an avada kevadra case, I would instantly die, really.

I can be the elf in your house, I promise I will do anything that you want me to do, darling.

Let me be your Doby in this world full of giants and snakes, I will serve you real good.

You’re the one that has me going over & over again about things such as brooms and wands.

Let me show you what a real game of Quidditch really means, a game full of actions.

No matter what they tell you I swear they won’t do anything good so just keep on relaxing.

You only live once so why not give it your all in trying those silly spells as of this very moment

You cannot choose your parents but you choose how you are going to live in their legacy.

Harry Potter is the boy who survived, who lived but my girl, you are the one I’ll choose.

I chose Gryffindor because Harry Potter is there would you like to be on the same house, girl?

Come on, let us talk about Harry Potter and I will show you that I can be a wizard as well.

Harry Potter taught me to be courageous enough to fight for your friends, I’ll fight for you.

I am Harry Potter and you are my Ginny Weasley and together we will be for all eternity.

Forget the train and Harry Potter, I will show you something so much better than all that.

Harry Potter is just a figment of your imagination but I am not, I’m gonna show you magic.

You and Harry Potter won’t work out coz you’re a muggle but believe me, we just might.

I will give the sorcerer’s stone to you that Harry Potter got and propose to you on my knee.

You are the one who survived the death curse after all, Harry Potter and you are gorgeous.

Harry Potter is not gonna go and save you right now so I will be the one to, dear girl.

You might have noticed but Harry Potter is no longer here to save you, so just deal with it.

I want to be the Harry Potter to your Hermione because I want to be that constant to you.

Harry Potter sure is hot but hey, so am I, he’s not here so why not make do with me, girl?

I have Harry Potter’s wand and I will show you just how much magic it can hold inside.

My all-time favorite, Harry Potter is finally here and I will show you, life is amazing girl.

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