Halo PickUp Lines

Halo is a fiction game that is about military. It was created to make people who are interested in military games to enjoy it firsthand. Halo is a first person game wherein the main character shoots his way out of the game. There are a lot of mission in Halo and it is quite nice. If you have a girl that is addicted to Halo and would want to charm your way up into her pants, you might as well try out some Halo pickup lines that would surely help you out. Here are some Halo pickup lines that you can use in order to find yourself really good.

Want to play Halo and show me what you are capable of before we head on to my bedroom?

Oh, baby you can ride my hog any time that you want, it will always be up and ready for you.

Do you see the way I am handling my sniper, I sure hope you are impressed enough already.


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You should see how I can handle this superior weapon I’m hiding under this armor, baby.

I press up the X to pick up all of my weapons but I want to pick you up, can I press U?

Something must have gone wrong with my auto aim mechanism, I can’t help but look at you.

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I can’t believe you like Halo too! It’s my favorite and I can show you a couple of moves, girl.

If you want a Magnum, I can have that arrange, I would have one even, right in my pants.

Do you want to play Assault now, because you are looking like a real bomb to me right now.

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I can’t peel off my eyes away from you, my auto aim must not be working well, any longer.

If the announcer came in right now I just have to say you are totally unbelievable, my baby.

I bet anyone would agree with me if I tell them you are one hell of a fighter, they would know.

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I have Halo going on my gamer tonight, come up on my bed and I’ll show you how to play it.

The whole world should know how amazingly sexy you are underneath all the armor, girl.

Oh, babe, that armor is just not doing any justice to your body, I should remove it from you.

How about I let you take these flags of mine and just score if you let me to third base with you.

I am just like a grenade and I can guarantee you that I’ll explode as soon as I’m inside of you.


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I can wield two weapons at the same time, want to see me go, I can handle your bombs well.

Halo is a nice shooting game, but I know another one which makes use of your mouth, babe.

I was following my indicator and it somehow brought me back to you, what a mess it really is.

I want to gain access right in that base of yours, I wonder if I should enter the rear at first.

I have some blanks waiting inside of me and I would love to use your base as a practice spot.

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Want to see if I’m good at shooting like I am good in Halo? I can show you some ropes now.

You should help me out in firing some blanks, I sure could use your base right now, baby.

I have a sword full of energy inside my pants, should I take it out or can you just do that?

I will be a home base and you get to be the bomb, that way you would need to blow me up.

Halo have taught me a trick or two, I’d love to show you how it’s done after quite a while.

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Playing doctor is why too childish, I should be the gyno and you can be the patient, baby.

You know, this gun of mine inside of my pants ain’t going to clean itself out, my darling.

If you would just help me to clean up these pipes of mine, I would help you out with your cave.

If you want to play Halo, you must show me how willing you really are, come to my room.


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If you want to try it out on a hippogriff style, I am more than willing to try it out with you!

Come on, I would love to see what is under all that armor that you have some time tonight.

I bet you look sexier without all that armor that you have, I’d love to take a peek in it.

We can play Halo on my bed and whoever loses must strip herself naked, how about that?

I have a magnum in my pants should you want to try it out, I have reserved it just for you.

When I saw you, I knew I was going to be sharing all my XP together with you forever, babe.

I have finally found someone I want to share everything with, all my XP at that, baby girl.

I bet we can have some fun playing Halo and just experience something memorable together.

When I am together with you, I can no longer think of anything, my mind just goes blank.

Your dad must have been in the marines out of space because you have an alien type of booty.

If you will just stay close to me, I can assure you that I am going to make you feel better, babe.

Baby, Halo is the one thing that makes me want to kiss you tight and never let go, come here.

Am I seeing a Magnum in that pocket or are you just happy that you got to see me again?

I think that must be a bolt shot in your pants or you are just ecstatic that I am here right now.

I have a sticky type of detonator that I assure you will hit the spot where you will explode.

Your base is so tight that I want to gain some access into it, can I use your front hole or rear?

You are a gift, and I cannot wait to unwrap you and just cuddle with you all night long, girl.

If you know your Halo, then I must say I have got to know you as well, should I check it out?

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Like some RPG, I want to grind you up after I am inside of you from dusk up until the dawn.

I think I must have the longest one in terms of rifle and I can’t wait to use it inside of you.

I will shot you and you just have to decide whether I do it inside of you or on your face, baby.

You know what, I would gladly go down for you and suck you off good if that’s what you want.

There has never been game such as Halo that makes me want to get someone naked like you.

I am good at blowing things up, I bet I can show you exactly what that means right tonight.

The heart is not the only one that is up long to par, we can check this thing in my pants too.

Let me claim your base tonight, so that no one else can use it but me alone, I’d like to try.

I guess it is time I lay my flag inside of your base and claim your body up to be mine, babe.

I do not smoke, but when I do, I kind of have my barrels running hot, can you clean it out?

Halo is totally the game, if you beat me in it, I would be at your service, all day long, baby.

Just lay down and relax, I can handle the rest just fine, I’d let you know when I’m inside.

I would really love to check your rear entrance as much as you would enjoy having me in.

Your bolt shot is sticking out right now, do you want me to give you a quick blow, honey?

I can make the characters in Halo look kind enough, if you know what I mean by that, girl.

It is not of my character but I bet I can blow you up real good since I am a good bombshell.

You should put that gun inside of this bolster in my pants as soon as you can, I’m too hot, girl.

I have a good detonator that I can assure you will blow you up in special places tonight, baby.

You have my rifle at your disposal, just a few touch and it’ll blow up really good just for you.

Girl, Halo is the limit for me, we can take some pages from its book and have some fun.

You want to play Truth or Dare? I’d tell you the truth about my size and dare you to kiss it.

My patience is not the only one that is long, babe, so is the one hiding inside of my pants.

You can get scared or you can just enjoy the ride, might as well do the latter right now.

There is not much I can do now but lie down and let you have some awesome time tonight.

There is nothing better than Halo in my mind, we should really try to see it out for ourselves.

You must like Halo and I can use that as grounds for foreplay if that’s what you want to.

Let us get ourselves some time together and just play Halo on the bed now, right girl?

Halo hypnotizes me with every level, just like you are doing to me with your eyes, babe.

You have eyes that are so nice, I’d rather stare at them any time than play Halo tonight.

I bet you can make a good Halo player with your mouth and the way your hands are fast.

Playing Halo is tough but getting you in bed is tougher, I sure hope it is worth every second.

Girl, ever since Halo, all I have ever thought about was having you on my bed to play it out.

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