Halloween PickUp Lines

People celebrate Halloween every year on the thirty first of October.
Halloween is a tradition that have been passed down from one generation to another.
It is said that Halloween is the season where there are a lot of ghosts, ghouls and a whole lot more of mystical creatures roaming the earth.
Halloween is celebrated and loved by kids because of Trick or Treat where people give hem candies.
It is nice to get to celebrate Halloween with your love ones.
Here are some Halloween pickup lines you can use to get a date on this evening, on Hallows’ eve.

You can dress up in plain clothes, but I’ll still find you beautiful.

I may not be Casper, but I would scare the heck out of you in bed.

I think you look great in that costume but you’d look better inside my bedroom.


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Nothing hides your beautiful face, not even heavy with makeup, girl.

You have some really nice boobs, well pumpkins too!

You should dress up to be Beyonce because you are boo-tiful.

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I would carve pumpkins for you, babe if I can have you in bed tonight.

If I was going to be a zombie, you’d be the first thing I’d eat.

It seems all costume has been rented out for Halloween, can I dress up as your lover?

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I love the way you look like a treat to me right away, I would give everything to taste you.

As your boyfriends is truly the best costume I can ever try to wear, will you let me?

I think that you are wearing such a complicated and intricate costume, let me take it off.

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I wanna give you a stick candy in my pants right now as you ask for a treat from me.

Halloween is a nice day to spook people, I wonder how far I should spook you up today.

Forget the candies and other treats, I want your name and your number, babe.


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I bet I can put a really nice smile on your face if you let me, shall I now?

I shall figure out how many licks I should do to get to your center, darling.

Tonight you look hot as hell and I can’t wait to get you home to my bedroom as well.

Your boobs looks delicious on that nurse outfit you were wearing last season, babe.

You are such a Halloween treat and I want to know if my eyes were not just playing tricks.

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You might just be my favorite treat for this year, a shaft candy come into reality for me.

I may not be a vampire or a ghoul but I will not let you get a wink tonight, believe me.

Suck me off really good and I shall give you great treats you have never seen anywhere else.

Are you supposed to be a tree? Because you are giving me some hard wood, babe.

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You look boot-iful that I cannot help but stare at your face, my baby, really.

Your Halloween costume looks so complicated, should I help you to take it off easier?

This Halloween, you have been the most beautiful ghost that I have ever since tonight.

I really want to ask you out tonight but these maggots on my stomach makes it hard to.

I would carve every pumpkin in your house if you invite me in for tonight, darling.


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When I become a zombie, I assure you that I will eat you and work my way upwards.

I asked a skeleton to get your number, but he never did come back to me, that’s sad.

You look really good this Halloween, I bet you can help rise me up from the dead today.

My manhood is rising from is sleep this Halloween because you have just got a sexy bod, girl.

Why dress up as a ghoul when you could have dressed as anything and still win the award?

My skeleton was supposed to get your digits but he has no guts so I’m stuck here to get it.

When you walked in, the room got too hot, I felt like taking my clothes off for you, babe.

Halloween is the best time to give a treat, should you try tasting this shaft candy of mine?

I definitely want to put this Tootsie Roll in my pants in your hole.

Oh, these warts on my face, they’re make up and they won’t be down below.

Come home with me tonight, you never know who I’ll transform once midnight strikes!

Do you have a bat in your pants or is that my costume’s effect on you, boy?

I think you must be tired this Halloween for I have been having nightmares about you.

I don’t want any candies this Halloween season, all I want is for you to give me your number.

You caught my eye the first time I saw you, mind giving it back to me now?

You have been appearing in my dreams, I thought you were a ghost, darling.

I have what they call a necrophilia, are you any good at looking like the dead?

If you want to see my real costume, you have got to see me undressed first.

I came here as a werewolf, but we both know it’s fake, wait for the real thing on my bed.

Halloween may be scary but I bet I can put some smile back on that face of yours.

I see you are a witch this year, want to take my broomstick on?

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You won’t have to worry about tricks in my pants at all, only treats for your mouth.

You seem like a good ghoul, why are you in this crypt, wanna come home with me instead?

I think you might have been made from candy, you taste so sweet!

My parents are not at home, we can have our haunted mansion alone!

I have got this nice with costume for Halloween, all I need is a broom to put between my legs.

I have these wicked brews of feelings just for you, witch.

I am getting tired of my old broom, would you mind lending me yours to ride on?

I think you can go as a baker this year, those boobs can pass up for buns!

Do you have a magic wand in your pants or is that you getting excited over me?

Halloween should be great if we can find the perfect costumes, I’ll take yours off for you.

You look good in that pirate suit, now, come search for your treasure inside me.

I wonder how many licks it would take to finish off all the Halloween candies I’ve got.

If I clean your shaft would you become my Halloween ball date, we’d have some fun.

Is it through that when a man’s hand is big, he also has a big member, let’s see?

That mask you have on is certainly coming real, well, I bet I’ll come too if I was it.

This is a haunted house, you might wanna get closer to me.

You are really sexy, like hell and this Halloween you can show up as a she-devil.

There is a vampire outrage, come with me and we’ll hide in my room and forget everything.

I do not care about any tricks now, you shall be my treat for today!

I dressed up as a zombie so I can eat you first thing.

I have a promise to make you: at the end of the night, you’d be screaming!

Those nice boobs of yours would be great on a Halloween nurse costume, bet on that.

I think you do not need a costume, you already look like the devil.

You want me to prove I’m a zombie? I might as well just give you a head.

You’ve got some really nice candies, I bet I can suck on them real good.

I should take you home now, Cinderella, it’s almost midnight!

I shall sweep you off of your feet this Halloween, let me do what I can do now.

Forgive me if I drool but you’ve gotten my jaw.

Honey, you can call me the pirate so give me your body!

You should play your card better or you’ll be the one sucking tonight, woman.

I have a mini hulk in my pants, do you want to take a small peek?

I am wearing a chiton because I am hiding the Trojan horse in here, wanna see it?

I dressed up as dog, so I can hump your leg all night long!

You shine so bright this Halloween you’d have no trouble cosplaying an angel.

It seems you have some Halloween apples, I’ll trade you a head for each one of them.

You’re a nice pussy, that black cat attire is suiting you really well, I tell you.

You have some nice buns there, I bet I can stick my hotdog right in there.

Have you ever done it in the forest, maybe we should try it out for fun.

You look too good you must be illegal, so I’ll be cuffing you right now in my bed post.

You are the one treat that I would be glad to suck this Halloween evening, darling.

Could you sign up for this package in my pants, miss?

I am going to answer those prayers of yours and give you a really good night.

If you have ever been in a scary house before, wait ‘til you see my bed, you’d scream.

Since you’re a nurse, can you cure my hard-on tonight?

You give me the shivers because you’ve got a nice bod.

My favorite Halloween treat is my real life sucking treat, the ultimate shaft candy of yours.

Miss Nurse, I want some sugar to swallow my medicine, give me some of yours?

I bet we can have a good time tonight, you and I.

I’d be the doctor and I’ll handle your body examination for tonight.

You can stick your candle inside me this Halloween and we can have naughty fun, girl.

I may look like a vampire this Halloween but that means I am just rating your neck to bite.

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