Gym PickUp Lines

Most likely people going to the gym would find someone cute and has the same interests as theirs and with that you might need something to start a conversation.
Do not worry because we got your back by listing some of pick-up lines below created based on your common interest that is the love for physical improvement:

Buy me a drink because you totally ripped my self-esteem tonight with you looking like that.

What time are you going to be in gym? Because I’d like to sync my schedule to yours.

I will gladly adjust everything for you to show you how sincere I am.


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I don’t think I understand why you want to gym when we could work-out right here

I’m going to the gym everyday but you made my knees feel weak by just smiling like that.

This sweat is not at all due to working out but rather just by talking to you.

60 Best Pickup Lines

How come you dead-lift my spirits when I have just met you?

Your body is unbelievable but having you in my life is not.

I promise I am not in steroids, this is all natural just like my love for you.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I swear I do not take steroids, you just make me insane naturally.

Do I have to flex my muscles a dozen more times to make you realize what you are losing.

Look at my body so that you will have an idea of what you are going to get.

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Can’t you see that I am all rock hard for you?

Baby I forgot my towel. Care to share yours with me?

I am looking for a gym buddy. Do you like to be my gym buddy?


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For you I would push my limit doing everything in the gym.

If staring could melt a heart I am pretty sure I am absolutely melted right now.

Damn you look so hot in your gym clothes.

I am thankful that in the process of losing excess fat I found you.

I would push my limit every gym time just to get your attention.


Hey want to go the gym and lose some sweat with me?

Hey I heard you are new here in the gym. Want me to lend you a hand…forever?

Want to extend our gym time and stretch some muscles with me tonight?

Baby I will take care of you better than I am taking care of myself.

Soccer Pick Up Lines

Do you have time after gym? Because i want to help you in making your diet.

Hey want me to tour you around the gym and get to know me a little?

If you need help just call my name okay by the way my name is baby just kidding.

Your built makes me think you are so disciplined. Want to just be carefree even for a night?

You look good even when you are sweaty but you’d look better if you’re mine looking like that.


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I am sure I would still like you even if you’re built doesn’t look like that.

I promise I would prioritize you over gym every time. You wouldn’t even have to ask.

Girl I promise there is no competition between you and my gym time.

My love for you is greater than my love for gym time.

For you I would lift weights more than I could just to get your attention.

Damn I want to feel your muscles against my skin so bad.

I am not a gym buff but I would love to convert myself to spend more time with you.

If I am going to have a cheat day away from gym I’d like to spend it with you doing nothing.

Darling your body is the kind of body I would like to achieve after sessions in gym.

If ever you need to increase your protein intake, call me because I know a quick and easy way.

If you want to burn some extra calories just call me baby and I will be there.

Want to have fun burning some calories with me tonight instead of going to the gym?

Do you have a push up partner already? Because I am so willing to be yours.

Do I have to lift this barbell a dozen more times so that you would give me attention.

Do you need to improve your bone density? Because I would be willing to help you with that.

You take my breath away better than when I am running on treadmill.

Do you like the idea of you and me going on gym together?

I heard you are into fitness. Want to help me through my gym journey?

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Girl I will let you in on my training regimen if you let me in in your life.

Do you mind if I include our activity in my training regimen?

I need a good stretch because I haven’t gone to the gym. Want to help me with that.

Honey I would like to be included in your daily routine so I promise I’ll go early to gym.

Do you have a Band-Aid because you totally ripped my heart out of my chest and held it.

I do not mind of you use me as your gym equipment tonight.

You and I should work out more to get into better shape.

Babe do you need help in stretching yourself out?

Aren’t you worn out already? Because you have been running on my mind ever since I met you.

Ever since you get in I spotted your beauty mind spotting now for me.

Girl I do not mind you checking me out as long as you let me check you out too.

Your body is lovely but your entirety is lovelier.

If I could lift heavy weights I definitely could lift you on your feet.

If I could allot this much time for gym I definitely could make time for you.

Boy, are you having trouble using that machine because I’d be willing to guide you just say so.

I heard you are looking for a gym instructor. Do you think I am qualified for that position?

I do not think I have ever seen such beautiful body as yours.

I do not think the weights in this gym are enough for me. Mind helping me out in solving that?

My love for you is greater than my love for the gym I promise.

I really like how you move like you are a gazelle-graceful and beautiful.

Dude I like your form. Mind teaching me how to get that kind of form?

I think we are taking just one class together but how did you manage to get in my head all day

I do not mind sharing my playlist for you to help you out getting on-track towards your goal.

Honey you are free to join me in my new place where I work-out tonight just say the word.

Oh I think I know what is wrong with your regimen. You are not doing things with me.

Girl I heard kissing burns calories. Want to try that out with me? To see if that works?

I do not think I can take you making my head spin always. Do you like me or not?

If you are really into fitness then you associated yourself with the right person namely me.

I think I dreamed of those legs all around me. Want to make my dream come true?

My only dream is to make you all sweaty and breathing hard while working out.

I don’t know but I want to improve myself alongside you that is how much I love you.

Water and I are important for your health so you shouldn’t go a day without both.

I work-out so that I could keep up to your stamina.

I know what would be my favorite activity in this gym-curling with you.

I would be willing to zumba dance with you even if I don’t dance.

I don’t need any sports drink because you are enough to keep me hydrated.

I don’t think I need energy drink because you keep me energized and recharged always.

You look sexy in your outfit. Would you mind if I remove them for you tonight?

I am always ready for another round when it comes to you. Are you?

You are more effective in getting my heart rate up than any machine on this gym.

Can you be my push up partner and my partner in life?

I do not care about your size right now or in the future. I just care about your heart.

If I could carry this much weight I am pretty sure I could also carry your heavy heart.

I think I am having a heart attack just by seeing your bomb of a body.

Would you run away with me tonight?

I will let you set the pace tonight that is how much I like you.

I will let you control my training regimen because I know you know what’s good for me.

If you know what is good for me, then you do knew you are good for me forever.

Don’t you think training with me is a lot more fun?

I will flex my muscles as long as you want me to if that will impress you.

Want to talk over homemade salad and soup later at my house?

I am fast but you sure are faster than me in making me falling in love.

Do you have a tape because my muscle is totally ripped in trying to impress you.

Take a walk with me at dawn?

Want to race with me to reach forever?

I don’t mind racing with you and losing as long as I am with you in this lifetime.

I can balance my time for you and physical activities or we could do things together.

I love how you make an effort even if you loathe physical activities.

If falling for you is deadly I think I am long dead and gone.

I hope you have a nice day after this by thinking of me.

Have a nice day okay? And think of my body tonight.

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