Guitar PickUp Lines

The music is blaring right now in this pub, but you slowly felt that your heart is beating much louder.
You caught these beautiful eyes and suddenly you felt that the angels went down from heaven and began to serenade with their angelic voices.
You also felt her lovely smile seemed like a melody in your life.
You want to take a risk, so perhaps you can try these pick-up lines and capture the heart of this beautiful maiden, as you know she will listen to the music of your love.

Just hear the melody inside my heart and you will know that I will love you forever and ever.

Let me take your hands and dance with you tonight through the beautiful music of this band.

I want to strum my little guitar right now and sing all my lovely feelings for you until the dawn.


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We can dance now with the whistle of the wind and the wonderful music of the waltzing crickets.

Your beauty is like the lovely notes and the beautiful melody of the skillful musician’s guitar.

I want to marry you and dance forever with the lovely rhythmic beating of our hearts and souls.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I want to carry my guitar while we go down together on this road to our beautiful paradise.

Let me put my soul in your heart while the angels above sing their musical notes about our love.

You can carry my delicate heart while we listen to the serenade of the river for the both of us.

We should never forget to dance with our hearts underneath the beauty of the moon tonight.

Airport PickUp Lines

I want to send my love into your soul with the beautiful rhythm of heartbeats for all of my life.

You should hear my heart beating just for you like a beautiful rhythm of this wooden guitar.

We should dance along with the music of our wonderful souls in the middle of the dance floor.

You may want to look at the window and see the doves singing about our wonderful love tonight.

Angel PickUp Lines

My love for you is like the peaceful strum of the guitar along with the sound of the raindrops.

You can probably dance with your summer dress and sing with the orchestra of the tree frogs.

This lovely musical note will only remind me of your beauty and kindness for the rest of my life.


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You should listen to the rhythm of the wind as it whispers about my wonder for your loveliness.

Listen to the strum of this beautiful guitar and you’ll know about that it sings for your beauty.

I am like a musician who will forever sing his love with the orchestra of my heart and soul.

Thanksgiving PickUp Lines

I want to sing my amazement about your impeccable beauty with every melody of my heartbeat.

I want to dance with the flowers and trees who will sing our song with their beautiful melodies.

You can sing your answer with every strum of my guitar and every melody of my heartbeat.

We should dance together while souls will waltz with the lovely music of our fluttering hearts.

Computer Pick Up Lines

Let me play the strings of this guitar like I would let you touch my heartstrings inside my soul.

Maybe we should sing our hearts and soul while we wait for the fireflies to sing along with us.

I will forever wait for your lovely heart to be in the same beautiful rhythm as my fluttering heart.

We can go to these outskirts of town and sing the sweet lullaby of the angels for the both of us.


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I want to dance with you in the edge of the beautiful lake and strum my little guitar just for you.

Let me wander the world and sing my love for you while we travel together to our paradise.

I wish someday that you can finally feel the rhythm of my love with the music inside our hearts.

I will play my guitar and sing a song about a man falling for someone as beautiful as you are.

You can probably fly with me right now and wait for the musical notes to give us happiness.

I want to ride a boat and sail the world with you while we sing our beautiful love to the fishes.

I will ride an airplane and fly away with you through the blaring music of our hearts and soul.

I want to play my guitar now and sing you a lullaby for our sleeping hearts and peaceful minds.

You may want to ride this horse and travel with me while we listen to the serenade of the grasses.

I think the fireflies are calling for you, waiting to sing a song about our blossoming love tonight.

You can feel my heart and my love for you if you will listen to the music of my beautiful soul.

We can ride this getaway car and sing along with the guitar that plays our song in our hearts.

Maybe we can fly to the moon and built our kingdom that sings all of my love for you forever.

I want to search for your beautiful eyes and feel the rhythm of our heartbeats inside my mind.

Let me find this lovely music that lingers inside my soul and speaks the beauty of your mind.

I will play and strum my out-of-tune guitar now that will sing all of my feelings just for you.

We should maybe wait for the night to sing us a peaceful lullaby after this lovely dance of ours.

Whenever you call my name in our conversation, I felt I always hear a lovely strum of a guitar.

Let me call this a night and I will sing you a little lullaby so I can put you to sleep with my love.

I want to take your hand and sing all of these musical notes inside my beautiful heart and soul.

Euphoric Guitar Pick Up Lines with Pictures








I will strum my cool guitar, so wait for me and listen to the rhythm of my love and gracefulness.

I wonder how many times I am amazed by your beauty that I felt like a lovely musical note.

You should listen to the sound of my guitar and feel its rhythm like my own loud heartbeat.

You may want to take my hand and hum the song of the moonlight for the both of us tonight.

You may want to borrow a guitar now and hear its beauty like I saw yours when I first met you.

I want to write a song for you and strum a little music, so you can show me your lovely waltz.

I wonder how many times that I will look at your face like a musician will look for his guitar.

You should feel my love for you that lingers inside my soul, the one that will take you forever.

I want to sing this lovely memory for you along with the rhythmic beating of our hearts and soul.

Always remember that I will sing this lullaby along with the lovely rhythm of the ocean waves.

I want to always feel your pulse inside my soul and hear the music of your heart in my mind.

Hear the serenade of my love and you will feel every melody lingering inside your beautiful soul.

I want to fight this feeling and let you play a melody that will forever flutter your lovely heart.

Let me play my guitar for you and hear this lovely music that will say the things inside my heart.

Feel the breeze and let the night dance on its own with the beautiful music of my love for you.

I want to play this guitar and strum a little song about your wonderful beauty and gracefulness.

You can sing what you want to say, and I will just sing along with the music of my love for you.

You might strum a melody in this guitar and I know that my world will be upside down again.

I might be singing you a lullaby tonight, but I am waiting for your sleeping heart to wake up.

You can play your cool guitar and I will be right here waiting for this love to sing for both of us.

I wonder how we can feel this love with every rhythm of our souls and our beauty of our hearts.

My love for you is like the beautiful guitar of a great musician who will never be out of tune.

I want to make a melody out of your beauty and your intelligent words in this conversation.

You can feel the rhythm of my heart if you start to notice my little gestures and beautiful smile.

Let us dance together along with the strum of the guitar of this musician and our heartbeats.

You may want to feel this paradise with the song of the lovers who suddenly found each other.

Maybe our love is like a beautiful and sweet melody in the dull, monotonous song of our lives.

I think that I am an out-of-tune guitar who just wants to play a not-so-awkward song for you.

You may want to sing along with the peaceful rhythm of our fluttering hearts and lovely souls.

You can sing the happiness of the secrecy in our love while we both travel into our paradise.

You should play this guitar while I sing the musical notes containing all my feelings for you.

I want to play the guitar while these melodies will take my beautiful love into your heart.

Let the rhythm of this music take us together into the most beautiful paradise in the universe.

Let’s carry our guitar and ride the cloud like Aladdin and Jasmin did in their magical carpet.

I want to feel the music inside my soul like I want to feel you with me for the rest of this night.

I want to sing my emotions about this sudden love between us with the lovely strum of this guitar.

I want to serenade you with this cool guitar like I want to dance with you for the rest of my life.

You are the beautiful melody in my entire life.

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