Great PickUp Lines

No matter what the occasion is, pick up lines are great to use, they are somewhat the substitute in situations wherein you are too awkward to speak naturally. They are the ones that will help you break the ice with you and your friends, they are so used and so easy to understand too. If you have a hard time determining a pick up line, here is a compilation of some great pick up lines that you would surely be able to use.

I hope you are not offended but is your dad retarded? Because you are so special to me.

I was wondering if it is possible to follow you because my mother said follow your dreams.


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If I was an octopus, I promise you that all my hearts would only beat for you and you alone.

Internet explorer was strong to ask you to set it as your default browser, so I’ll be strong enough to tell you my feelings.

If you tell me you are willing to date me now, I would willingly lower my standards for you.

You must have been a wifi in your past life because I can tell you we have a connection.

I personally think that you are a magician because whenever I look at you, the whole world disappears magically.

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You must be religious because ever since you came all my prayers have been answered.

So are you a camera because whenever I look at you I find myself smiling automatically.


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Have you got a band-aid, I think I scraped something while falling in love with you.

Sometimes, I wanted to be your socks so that I get to come with you wherever you plan to.

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I definitely think you are a soccer player because well, you are certainly a keeper, my dear.

Great pickup lines to use on guys

I was feeling a little down this morning but then I met you and everything feels perfect again.

Ever since I saw you I had been feeling something off in my stomach, as if butterflies are there.

I do not think we have ever met because it is not like me to suddenly forget a beautiful person.

PickUp Lines

I love him and no one else but he is already in love with another and it just messes me up.

In reality, every time he tells me about this girl, I keep on being in so much pain than usual.


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I think your left eye must be hurting now because you have been looking right all day long.

So you want to know the day I will stop loving you? When eternity finally has its ending.

I will only stop loving you when the mango tree decides to grow out apple fruits in it.

You must live in a corn fields because I am kind of stalking you, literally! I like you so much!

You look so cold right now I think you might want to have a blanket, or you can use me.

Can I have some directions please? Where? Well, how about straight to your heart?

I think that I have become so intoxicated by you and your beauty I can’t even think straight.

Great pickup lines that work

I was too enchanted with your beauty that I actually forgot everything else in the world.

Right now you are the only girl I love but give it 10 years and I’ll have another one who calls you mommy.

So I was wondering if it is possible to take a picture of you so I can show my friends an angel.

I tried to remove all the feelings I have for you inside of me and I failed exceedingly.

Forget Batman, forget Superman, Spiderman, Iron man and all of them, let me be your man.

Do not be sad, you do not know but maybe someone could be in love with your smile already.

My doctor recommended me a daily dosage of Vitamin U, would you help me out with it?

I want to thank you because you make me cry less and you make me happy every day.

You are the reason I try my best to wake up early each morning, to be able to see you.

I think you are amazing, one look and you have me going for you, that is your real charm.

I wanted you to like me too, so much but you already have someone else in your heart.

Some days, I still remember the pain of my previous relationship and it still hurts me.

Why had I only met you now when everything is so complicated already?

Why did you show up now when I am bound to so many responsibilities I can’t escape from.

I feel so stupid not knowing the right things from the wrong ones, why I still ask myself.

I think there must have been some reason why God only made you arrive now.

You are my worst regret in my life, if only I had learned to be patient, if only I had.

There are days when I wish I had never ever met you, because it just sucks so much to hurt.

Seeing you hurts me, it hurts knowing that you already have someone else in that heart of yours.

It pains me to realize that I have no place to be in that heart and that I am left alone again.

Why did you have to meet me know that you already have someone else in your heart?

Why did I have to fall in love with someone who already loves someone else, why is fate so cruel?

There are things that only you know about me and I plan on keeping it that way for now.

You are the first person I have ever thought as a friend in this life of mine, let it last.

In this world, you are the person who had made me smile again after all my hardships.

Is it alright for me to love you knowing you have someone else in your heart already?

I wish I can stop being so stupid and just forget everything about you right about now.

You are the most fascinating person I had ever seen and I don’t think anyone will beat you.

Sometimes, I look at you and I see the person I wish I had become in my whole life.

There are moments when I just want to hold you tight and never ever let you go again.

I feel like your dad was once a boxer because you truly are a knockout from head to toe.

Do not even attempt to wear makeup because you do not want to mess with perfection.

If being beautiful can be considered a crime, I bet you will be guilty without a doubt.

I have always thought that happiness starts with H but why does mine start with U.

Let me tell you that you are free, you are not bound by anything and that what I like about you.

There just is not a word in that dictionary that can tell how great you really look, you know?

Your beauty makes the sun looks dim, that is how bright you are when you go out of the room.

When you walk inside the room it is as if all the eyes just focus on you and you alone.

Is it possible for us to be together, maybe someday? I am certainly willing to wait for you.

I wish I had met you earlier when you did not have someone in your heart just yet.

If I can go back to the past, I would go back to the time before you met her and meet you.

Maybe if I had met you first, we would be together by now? Could it possibly be that way?

I am so in love with you and I just do not know what to do with this love inside of me.

Some nights, I think of the possibilities of love between us and it just makes me cry to sleep.

I do not want to be in too deep in this love because I know it will just hurt me over and over.

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You see, love messes people up, it makes things look hard, and makes people crazy.

I do not want to be in love if being in love means not being able to see you anymore.

I am afraid to tell you my feelings because maybe you would leave my side and go to her.

I just want to love you like I love you but I cannot because you already have her with you.

It rips my heart out whenever I look at you and realize that your heart is already taken.

Are you the cure for forgetfulness? I just cannot seem to forget you ever in my years.

So tonight, I asked God for a miracle and then the next morning, you came into my life.

I love the way you smile at me and it makes me so weak that I begin to fall for you.

You look so fine today and it makes me want to invite you over but you are too hot.

The AC at my house is working just fine but having you over might mess it up, you know.

There is someone I love more than I love myself, there is someone I am willing to die for.

If somehow, things get a whole lot better than before, I swear I am going to stay with you.

I want to wait until the time when you start to have feelings for me but I cannot afford the luxury.

I know that you will never accept me anyway so I stopped telling you the truth about me.

I love the way your life has direction, that you know where you want to be in the future.

If only I had met you way back then, I think my life would have been so much better now.

 You must have invented the airplane because you certainly seem Wright to me, my friend.

If God had made someone more beautiful than you are, He might have kept it to himself.

There is no better place to be right now than to be with you and be with you forever.

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