Golf PickUp Lines

Golf is a game in country clubs all over the world and is also a worldwide ball sport that has a lot of players.
A player uses a golf club to hit the ball in holes that are in series.
The main idea is to use the fewest strokes that a player can.
Unlike all the other games, it does not make use of a standard area for play.
Golf makes use of terrains that has varied courses which is the main key in the game.
A way to a person’s heart who loves golf is some pickup lines about it.
Here are some golf pickup lines that you can use.

I played golf today, should I use yours as my next hole for the day, baby?

You have a good body, I bet you can use that club really good, show me.

You can be my caddy, I have been looking a place to store this shaft I have.


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I think you are on all the four majors because girl you are that grand slam.

You must be some water hazard, you have totally got me wet right now, darling.

I like it when you are rough and you hit your golf stick real hard, it makes you sexy babe.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You are a Nike ball to me and I would definitely like to see you on my hole tonight.

After filling up around eighteen holes, I cannot seem to even walk right now.

Darling, you can be the nineteenth hole I will use this day, if you would let me.

Basketball PickUp Lines

I am getting a bit tired of these things tonight, maybe we can try backside golf?

If you are into those kinky stuff, maybe you should just beat me right now.

I would do something for you that they do not show on those tours that you try to see.

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

I am better than all those museums about golfing you have been in, let me show it to you.

If you can actually bring some of your friends, we can all with each other better.

Go call your golf friends and maybe we can have some threesome or even a group one.


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You have practically got the best boobs that I have ever since out of my golfing cart, girl.

I think PGA tours are boring but I can make it more exciting for you, come let me do you.

You look like you have some great golf balls, I have my club, should we try it out?

I bet we can be golf partners, you can carry the balls and I will hold the stick and shoot it.

I think there would not be any bear in those woods tonight, let’s screw there, you and I.

Gym PickUp Lines

The best way you can go before playing is to come to my room, I’ll teach you to swing good.

The moment I laid my eyes on you, I had a vertical angle on this shaft of mine, real hard.

We should be more than friends, I’ll teach you how to play, you teach me to be a woman.

You should put golf as you top priority after all, I am a master at it, wanna try me?

Food PickUp Lines

Babe, can you suck some balls through a really long hose, let me see for myself.

I think that those tight jeans of yours might be hiding something, should I see for myself?

Can you become my caddy tonight and just go ahead and wash these balls of mine?

I want to take that golf club of yours and have it put it here in my hole, boy.

I want to ask you just how many strokes you want, I will gladly service you, baby.


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Darling, I do not replace any divots so I hope you like it really rough tonight.

I am always in to get a new major so let us get on into it right this moment, darling.

I have to tell it to you this early but I can only play when the grass is short, girl.

If you promise to lick my golf balls clean then polish my club, we can be great buddies, girl.

You seem to have thick and bulky bushes, I hope you cut them before I make my next move.

After every use, I will wash your balls and clean that shaft so let me use them every time.

I am going to condition your shaft and your balls before the season for golfing comes, babe.

I am pretty much tired about everything else so can we just take a moment to play backside?

I am going to be pounding into you tonight like I usually do on those range balls I have.

I am like the US Open right now, I am feeling very long and very hard, do something about it!

When you get to have a tour in this place, ask for the one with the long club, they’ll know me.

Golf players like balls, or so I have heard, can you prove that true with mine?

I am walking about the way I approach but I think my swings seem to be pretty good.

You can be my hoe while I try my best to shoot those balls in eighteen holes, girl.

Boy, I have some good news for you, I am good at handling balls, want to see that?

I have some good news for you woman, I like going real low, you know what that means.

I think that the first golf swing must be the most successful, can I swing it your way?

I think I see my club on your pants, it seems so hard, am I wrong, what is that then?

Your putter looks so great in those jeans of yours, so round and so big, let me touch them.

It takes some guts and also some balls in order to play this game.

Vitalizing Golf Pick Up Lines with Pictures








My caddy is telling me that I should be using a 7 and the hard one to, would you like that?

I can show you my drives, they are mostly straight and they are also long as well.

In order to get a great golf swing, you must spread those leg of yours wide open right now.

I am a person who personally likes drinking Gatorade but I sure want to raid your holes.

Gato means cat and I would love to enter your gato, which means pussy, can I?

What do you want to try out today, skins or maybe stroke play?

Spread those legs now and take the first step in order to make yourself a better player.

Want to see my cobra move, I bet you would really love it, try it out.

Do you want to try out these new golf balls I have, we can see if you are good at sucking.

I think that you are someone who knows how to do great swings, maybe you can do me.

We can try your first swing tonight, you should try spreading your legs more though.

I saw you staring at my putt once more, what is that about now?

I will teach you how to play golf in a real good way, show you some nice time, babe.

There are times when golf just brings people together, maybe we are fated, you and I, woman.

Should we try another round right now, because I can really do you for hours long.

If you are into those naughty kinky stuff, we can start beating you now, call me master.

You have got some nice body, the nicest one I have ever seen in this PGA tour.

I think you must like balls, you seem like you’d be a great caddy, darling.

You remind me of golf clubs, always so firm and always so hard as well, I like it!

I saw you have a great club cleaner so I was wondering, can I stick my club into it?

I just wish that you would like it real rough and hard, I am into that kind of thing.

I like my men stiff and I like them long as well as much as I love my driver to be the same.

I think the normal size would be 7 and I should make it hard to be amazing to feel.

Let me plug up my balls into those bunkers you have if I can.

I wish we can stroke some golf sticks and just have a lot of fun, I am loving it a lot, really.

I am really no good in playing this but I can try to wedge these balls in your trap, boy.

I am working on my swing but I am also trying to get a harder shaft, want to check it out?

I am gonna drive these club hard enough that you will scream for me to go more.

If you need some lessons on this sport, I can definitely help you into that hole, babe.

I have what they call a superhero stroke, where you stroke and I shout hero names.

Somehow, golf keeps us close enough, I love being this close with you, boy.

I have some extra shaft in store and they are stiff as well, wanna see them?

I think we can make great prodigies of golfing in the near future, want to try to do that?

You should wear uniform and we will have some great fun removing it one by one.

Your eyes tell me you love what I am doing with my shaft in your holes.

You can bring my golf bag and I can show you some great loving tonight, boy-o.

You are like golf, I want to fill up every hole that you have in your body, baby.

It seems that my golf club is just too long to fit in those holes you have, prove me wrong?

It seems you are having some golf club meeting, can I still join you?

You look like a great golf washer, I really want to try it out, can you do me?

You want to see my new golf trick, it is definitely very nice, I can show you about it tonight.

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