Ghetto PickUp Lines

ghetto can mean many things, you can be called a ghetto and be offended or you can be called one and be proud that you are a ghetto.
There is nothing wrong with being a ghetto, sometimes, it is just the way of life.
Now, there are many different types of ghetto and it can both be an adjective or a noun.
A ghetto can be the way someone lives or jus the way someone can be described.
If you plan on hitting on a ghetto or want to understand a ghetto more, here are some ghetto pickup lines that you can use and surely succeed on charming the boots out of a ghetto.

You can be a ghetto, you can be homeless and I would still dig you, baby, that I would do so.

I would love to hold your ass tonight, baby, would you come home with me at this moment?

You should come over here baby and let me to stick this hard shaft down your mouth, you do.


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Come here and let me show you what it truly means to be someone of your caliber, darling.

Honey, what you need to do is take your coat off and just open your mouth to taste me up.

I don’t know what attracted me to you, must be something about you, or you being a ghetto.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You seem thicker than any other book I have ever seen and I want to read every page of you.

Come inside my room and let me help you get that coat off of you, I can handle that fine.

I think it is a crime to be so sexy, you should have a license just to walk off the street like that.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Girl, you can be a ghetto or anything you want to be, I’d still like to take you to my bedroom.

Do you have mommy syndrome? I am more than willing to be your mommy, just tell me, boy.

If you like pizza, I think we are compatible because I want a pizza of that yummy ass you have.

Baseball PickUp Lines

Are you fond of drawing because baby I have to tell you I put the big D in the word itself.

Do you come from being a ghetto because damn, you have me so attracted to you, my baby.

I think I must have seen my name on your back, did you have it tattooed for real, darling?


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You have such a fine ass that I think it would be a sin not to let me touch it and see for real.

Get off those dirty clothes and let me see everything that is underneath it, just let me feel it.

I have dating a ghetto in my bucket list and I hope you’d be so kind to let me date you now.

I want to ghetto kiss that ass of yours and just suck you up right now, I really want to, babe.

Funniest PickUp Lines

You don’t like the way I look now? Well, don’t worry I would look better after you drink more.

Don’t even worry about me, I am more than happy to put in my pipe inside of you, honey.

You look so good right now, I wish I could just have a whole of you, just a field of you, baby.

I have a really good consistency of syrup inside me baby, really thick, and tasty too, try it out.

Computer Pick Up Lines

I think I’m going to ghetto put you under me real soon if I try my best to, would you mind to?

If you go out with me, I promise I will pump up your car with great bling rims, believe me.

Are you out searching for great but cheap housing, I have an available up Boner street, baby.

Do you know that I am good at driving, I bet I can drive you crazy, babe, I will let you know.


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I must ghetto at least hold you tight, kiss you some and then just have the another date, girl.

I would love to have you ride me if you know how you are going to drive, babe, come do that.

You have a weave that I would love to hold as I am screaming your name, I would love to.

You must give me an inhaler because you are too hot that I am having a hard time breathing.

I will ghetto know you more next time, after this night, I swear to you that I would try my best.

If you do not have any father at all, I can be your daddy, I can be anyone you like me to be.

I am too thirsty but I want to have just a glass of you, I’d love to taste you right now, babe.

Do I at least have a chance with you because I would love to take the dive with you, I do.

You are a ghetto and I am going to have to put you on that to do list I have on my bedroom.

To be honest I have a condom with me and it seems wasted, can I make use of it, with you?

I saw you from behind and I knew I just have to drill my shaft into you, let me do that now.

I bet I can do you before you even say the word or scream my name, I bet that’s about it.

I’m picking a ghetto to add a notch on my bed post, want to be that for me, would you now?

No matter how ghetto you get to be, I will always want to kiss those sexy lips of yours, girl.

I can get some sugar for you, I bet that you would taste really sweet, I really do think that.

Remarkable Ghetto Pick Up Lines with Pictures








I have a good credit record, I assure you that you will not find any dirt on me, I’m sure of it.

I don’t care if you were fat before, all I care about right now is getting a good taste of you.

I think I must be hooked with you because you have been in my mind all day long, that you do.

You have a fine ass and I bet it is because of your ghetto upbringing, it must be magic, baby.

I was thinking that you could be my one and only, if you will let me get to know you better.

I can be your own personal watermelon, you decide whether to swallow or spit my seed, girl.

I think that at the end of the day, what matters is the inside and I want to take a look at you.

You need a man in your life, ghetto girl, come and see just how fine I am, I want you mine.

If we were classmates on the 1st grade, I would love to play house together with you, babe.

Baby, I think that if you had been a car, I would ride you all over the whole trip round, really.

I think we should call the fire department because it is getting too hot in here with you there.

I should probably get a bit further away from you coz I am being set in fire just being near.

I can get really ghetto if that is what turns you on, do you want to see that for yourself now?

Your hair must be fake because I have seen it somewhere before, can I have your name, girl?

Your daddy must have been dealing with drugs because you look like you have been doped.

Your dad is a thief because he stole the stars to be able to put everything on your lovely eyes.

Have you heard how good a ghetto is in bed, I know my reputation shall precede me on this.

If you have a heart available in terms of layaway, I would love to avail of one, thank you, girl.

Can you let me borrow your phone, because I would love to get your number, I’ll give it back.

I will walk you every day down the ghetto street if you give your night with me right now, girl.

You should come near me and just be as ghetto as you want to be, I sure won’t mind that.

I have a directory right here, I guess I’ll have to find the direction to your house somewhere.

Go inside the car and stay there, I’m famous so I have to manage the crowd first, darling.

I think we should go back to your room and finish what we had started in this club, baby.

I would love to have you inside me, I want to see just how good a ghetto is on the bed tonight.

We can play house, you and I, you can be a door which I would slam into all day long, honey.

You might want to watch every step you make or you will end up falling for me, okay, darling?

I should apologize to the one who dressed your hair coz I just messed it up real good now.

I would love to ghetto know you better, come and see my bedroom, I have lots to show you.

You are such a good girl, you need someone bad like me in your life to keep it happier now.

Once you have a taste of me, you would never go looking into sampling others ever again.

You are truly as beautiful as your photo on that mugshot I have seen back then, so perfect.

If you are hungry, I have this pussy you can taste out if it suits your taste for your lunch.

You know, some men love cars, I just love women and having them ride me over and over.

I have the means to buy you everything that you need, all that is left is you, only you now.

You seem to live a rich lifestyle, we had gotten to swim inside the pool on a bright morning.

You look like an exotic dancer to me, would you show me some of your great moves?

There comes a time when you ghetto know someone and then instantly you just like them so.

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