German PickUp Lines

Do you want to impress a German girl or boy but you do not know how to start a conversation and you are wondering if you could use a pick-up line to do that? Good news! Yes, they are familiar with pick-up lines too.
So read on and find a line that suits your situation and use it immediately before the moment passes.
Enjoy reading and choose your kind of pick-up line wisely or you may end up getting slapped real hard!

My day is not complete without seeing your pretty face, German girl!

If I can understand your language, I could definitely understand how your mind works.

I love my language class but I love you more than I love language itself.


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I will use German-related pick-up lines if that is the only way to your heart.

Your foreigner heart pulls me in and I want to find out a way not to be sucked in.

I don’t mind losing myself in you despite the difference in culture.

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I do not want to meet other German girls I am sure you are the most beautiful of them all.

I heard you love their history. Want to come with me at the museum and talk about that?

If I can I will show you the beauty of this country during the span of time you’ll stay here.

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I can feel myself actually lit up upon seeing you walked in, in my German History class.

We will be watching the same sky later at night. Might as well watch it with me, baby girl.

I’m so ready for you. Go on and explore my body and see the difference due to our races.

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Your name, dear? Because I would love to know a lovely German like you.

I heard you’re interested in German language. Want to study with me tonight?

I literally felt my heart rocketed towards you when you walked by, pretty girl.


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Hey, do you mind giving back my heart because it just rocketed towards you.

You don’t have to second-guess me. Save your doubts for other people because I’m serious.

You have got my heart and mind wherever and whenever you choose to leave this country.

Do you want to take off with me? The destination is my room surrounded by my German stuff.

I hate German language. Would you come with me and help me appreciate that subject?

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I do not mind overstaying here just so I could spend time with you baby.

Do you want to know what heaven looks like in my room, specifically in my bed tonight?

Are all of German girls look like you? Or it is just you because your beauty is indescribable.

Your beauty looks exotic like you came from another planet.

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You and I although different in language have this pull so let us not resist tonight at my house.

German language is my weakest subject. Want to help me with that? I’ll buy you a drink.

Do you have time tonight? Because I’m seriously curious what your German body looks like.

I think I need a map because it is so easy to get lost in your eyes.

I know you’ve seen a lot of beautiful German women but have you seen your face lately?


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Want to know how we do dates here in our country? Go out with me then.

I dare you. I dare you to go out with me and appreciate this country with me.

How many hours did you travel from your country to ours? ‘Cause I think it took you too long.

I would study German language so that I could share your passion without you even asking.

Girl let us study German together. I hate that subject but I love spending time with you.

Being anywhere near you during German class make it bearable.

Girl, our story would be a two different people with different race but still fell in love.

I am fluent in German language. Want to try my skills then have a dinner with me tonight.

The day you came into this school I am so eager to attend German language class.

Sure, I can handle a few bumps such as difference in culture and language.

You look a lot like you came out directly from the some kind of paradise with your beauty.

I am not only interested in your body but how your German mind works as well.

I want to genuinely know you, how a brain of a German girl like you works.

I bet we’re going to see each other a lot because we both love this class. Your name, then?

The night is still young. We still have a couple of hours left. Want to spend it with me?

I do not mind getting lost in this city because I am with you, German boy.

Want to go and see beautiful sights here? Or are you contended already upon seeing me.

I seriously thought that German people are rude but boy they’re wrong because you are sweet.

Girl, can you talk a little more German phrases? Because your voice is soothing to my ears.

How do you French people kiss? Can you demonstrate for me right here, right now?

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I have got a room in that hotel and we can transform that to the city that never sleeps. Game?

This is it. I would stop traveling from here on because I’d like you to be my last destination.

Want to check-in already? Or will you just stand there checking me out all night long.

Are you interested in the history of Germany or just interested in me?

Are you interested in the history of Germany or just want to spend time with me? Be honest.

Having you in my life, German girl made my life insane in a good way.

What would it take to get a passport to your heart and your body as well?

Baby girl, could you give me directions to your country so that I could go and marry you now.

We are in a different country today so be brave, take a risk and just say yes to everything.

Meeting someone like you happens only once so would you be a darling and dine with me?

I will not wait for four years for Olympics but I will definitely wait for your sweetest yes.

I am imagining a house full of laughter with you. Would you turn that into reality?

Girl your baggage in life is my baggage too. So don’t worry I got you always.

How do you like your food? Salty, sweet, a little bitter or spicy? Tell me, I’ll gladly adjust.

Are you ready to board my life in this lifetime and beyond and even forever if that exist?

Your character is beautiful and you are a beautiful girl too.

Want me to cook you the best food we have here? Tonight, at my house dear?

It is so easy to drown in your beautiful fierce eyes.

Do you want to know the difference between the bodies of different races? Me too!

Curious of how I perform in bed? I am curious of your performance too. So, tonight?

I will give you my number so that if you get lost I can find my way towards you.

Jet lag? I happen to know a activity that can cure that. Ready?

A layover with you would be so lovely and an experience I would like to repeat.

How do you say I am falling for you in your language? Because darling, I am.

Two people with different races can be soul mates too, right?

Do you want to compare architecture? Come with me tonight at my house?

I hate the thought of losing you already even though we just met. You are that great baby.

My favorite place aside from my country is wherever as long as you are here with me.

Do you need a travel buddy? Because I would love to be your travel buddy and to be yours.

Going somewhere? Just hit me up and I promise I’ll make sure you get there.

Without you even asking, I would willingly give up everything for you and go with you.

If we make love and have a child I bet he/she will be lovely. Don’t you want that?

Maybe heaven looks different in my country specifically in my bed. Want to experience that?

Because of you I like everything related to Germany except holocaust.

I hate airports. But maybe we can make a good memory here so that I’d love it here.

I want you to be the one who will stamp my passport over and over again.

With me, you will not even need a boarding pass because you are so hot.

You do not need a boarding pass just so you could get in my life. I’d willingly let you in.

Missed a flight? That is okay, I will take you to a different kind of heaven instead.

If you happen to be a TSA agent. I promise I will let you have a full-body scan.

Are all girls from Germany like you? Because damn I have a sudden urge to visit your country.

Want to make love like the people from Germany does?

I have seen a lot of people from different country but I still think that nothing compares you.

We barely know each other but I feel a connection to you.

If there is a World War 4. I promise to take your country’s side.

You do not need to hurry because I will be staying here as long as you want me to.

Having a vacation? Hang out with me often and I will make your days memorable.

This country does not feel lonely anymore because you grace it with your lovely presence.

You smell nice, exotic and intoxicating and addicting.

I want to experience the food you eat in Germany. Do you mind cooking for me?

I promise you will not feel alone because I will always accompany you and make you happy.

I promise you will not miss your home if you hang out with me. We’ll be having a good time.

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