Game of Thrones PickUp Lines

One of the most famous series these days is the Game of Thrones which is based on a novel written by George R.R. Martin entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire”.
It is a fictional drama set in the era of Medieval Europe that portrays the reality of life, unreasonable war brought by dirty politics, discrimination of race among people, contest on the dominance of religion and proliferation of ancient traditions.
This American series is the most popular to this date and in fact, it is the highest grossing among other series presently airing.
This must be your lucky day because we havelisted here some of the newest, sexiest and most interesting pick up lines associated with the Game of Thrones series that will surely captivate the heart of your ultimate crush that might happen to be a Game of Thrones fan.

You must be Daenerys from the Game of Thrones because I am willing to bend a knee for whatever reason.

You are like the Game of Thrones because I get hooked so much just by seeing you.


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I have always thought of you as the Game of Thrones because you never failed to keep me entertained.

You resemble to the Game of Thrones because you will always be my fantasy even if you are full of drama.

I love you as I love watching the Game of Thrones but the only difference is that you are not fictional.

You are comparable to the Game of Thrones because even if you are so dark, you are still interesting.

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You are similar to the Game of Thrones because you love alternating history and painting it to my memory.

Are you the Game of Thrones? because you excite me from season to season.

I am convinced that you are like the Game of Thrones Season 8 because I am willing to wait just to see you again.

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Are you the Game of Thrones? because I love watching you reveal some secrets.

My love for you is like my love for the Game of Thrones — I can keep on waiting.

You are very similar to the Game of Thrones because you have these episodes of erotic violence.

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Your heart resembles the Game of Thrones because it is either I die or I win.

Let us pretend to be in the Game of Thrones and build a house of our own.

Let me be your favorite Game of Thrones character and I’ll never fail to play my role in your heart.


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I want to be your Vikings in this world full of Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones is such a masterpiece and so are you.

I do not want to play the Game of Thrones with your fragile heart.

I heard you are a fan of the Game of Thrones, want to Netflix and chill at my home?

It is positive that you are ‘The Needle’ because you stick me with your pointy end.

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You are certainly like the winter because I can almost expect you coming.

Looking at you is like looking through the fire because I can almost see my future with you.

I never think of you as the Night’s King until I saw your army of followers in Instagram.

You should think if yourself as the Three-Eyed Raven because you always know everything.

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Are you made of Valyrian steel? because you are very hard and valuable to me.

Isn’t your name Jon Snow? because you know nothing but I always love you.

You are as good as the Dragon Glass in melting my ice-cold heart.

Never had I trusted the Lord of Light until I am willing to sacrifice everything for you.

I am the Iron Throne so you can sit on me and be my queen.

I have never believed in blood magic until you raised my heart from the dead.


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I never thought of you as the Moon Door until you make me feel sick and terrified.

I can see that you are a real dragon because you blow me piping hot with fire.

I think of you as a pigeon pie because I am going to have a taste of you at our wedding.

You look like a pigeon pie because I want to break you with my mighty sword.

Your heart must be surrounded by The Wall and I will never going to break it.

Your heart must be the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and it is so hard to conquer.

Surely, you are Daenerys of the House Targaryen because I can see that you will be riding my dragon very well.

You are like the Dragon Glass, so I therefore conclude that you can be mine.

Are you a Dothraki? because I need someone whom I can ride along with all day.

I am an Iron Born and I am going to take you as mine.

You look like the ‘Faceless Man’ because I can see that you are going to assassinate my heart.

Are you Margaery of House Tyrell? because I think need you my thorn for your golden roses.

I am Ser Jaime Lannister and I like you, so we must be related.

I think of you like an oath because I definitely would like to swear my loyalty and life to you.

The night is dark and full of terrors so let us make some fire on my steamy bedroom.

You know your looks is like a wild fire because you literally blow the hell out of me.

Are you certain that you are not Hot Pie? because it seems like you have some nice buns.

I am still single but I’m certain that you look like my future ‘Waif’.

Have I become Brandon Stark? because I was paralyzed when I fell hard for you.

Are you sure that you are not a white walker? because you obviously want to chill with me.

I wish to be your Tyrion in this world full of Jaime.

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I would like to be your Flaming sword in this world full of Valyrian steel.

I want to be your Ser Jorah in this world full of Jon Snow.

I feel like being your dire wolf in this world full of dragons.

Let me be your summer when your‘Winterfell’.

You must have the King’s blood because you are going to play flames with me tonight.

You look like you are guilty of treason because your head is on my pike.

Are you the white stallion? because you always bring me luck.

If I were a mighty Khal, will you be my gorgeous Khaleesi?

How does it feel to be a sacrifice to the Lord of Light? because you are glowing and smoking hot.

Are you Melisandre? because your looks are so deceiving.

I must be ‘Death’ because you are always telling me ‘not today’.

Are you Melisandre? because I feel so bewitched by your presence.

I want to take you to the Kingslanding so I will be your King and you will be my queen.

Clearly, you are the Iron Throne because everybody fights just to sit on you.

I want to know your tongue like only a real Missandei do.

The moment I saw you, I knew that my watch has ended.

You are undeniably the Long Night because you are intense and terrifying.

Certainly you are from Dorne because your heart is so difficult to conquer.

Are you the Sand and the Snow? because you look like a bastard to me.

Don’t you dare seduce me like the way the red priestess did.

Are you Septa Unella?because rumors has it that you enjoy good beatings.

I want to be your Samwell Tarly in this world full of Jon Snow.

Your name sounds like Jon Snow because you seriously need to bend over, boy.

You must be a pyromancer because you keep the flames burning in my heart.

You must have sent a raven directly to my heart because I have loved you from the start.

I am certain that you are an unsullied because I get attracted to the smell of virgins.

It is very evident that you are a warg because you never get off of my mind.

You should have liked knots because I will expertly perform a Meereenese knot with you.

Are you a maester? because tonight you are going to get chained in my room.

Tonight, I am going to break into your wall like the wildlings did.

I could have just drunk the milk of poppy but I would rather get some from you.

I will be your Bear in this world of Maiden Fair.

I sentenced you as guilty of treason because you got to have the taste of my sword.

Are you the sun and stars? because you look like my soul mate to me.

You must be Aunt Lysa because I want to build an Eyrie with you.

I want to be your squire in this world full of knights.

I could have seduced you with my dream wine but I would rather do it with my wit.

I wish I could be a mummer so I can always make you laugh every time.

Do you know the bedding ceremony? I will gladly demonstrate it to you shortly.

Would you like some milk of poppy?I will have you taste mine later.

I could have used some essence of night shade but your love is enough to calm my day.

Are you the Many-Faced God? because yesterday you said you like me but today you did not.

I would kiss you with some Long Farewell in my lips and then never again.

My name is Hot Pie and I want to keep your buns burning hot.

You are definitely Daenerys Targaryen and I am Westeros because you invaded my Southern part.

My dragon is so naughty because it can spit fire that can make you wild, want to check it out?

Be my Brienne of Tarth and together we will create giants.

Your moves are like that of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon because you set my Dickon fire.

You make me feel like it is ‘Dickon’ instead of ‘Rickon’.

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