Funny PickUp Lines

Hey guys! Sometimes being serious can be an obstacle in breaching boundaries of a girl’s heart.
So why not try something different.
Here, I bring you a wide variety of funny pick-up lines that can make you a god of humor in front of the entire humanity & her.

(Walk to her and ask firmly) May I see your hands? (Why?) Because someone stole my heart and I have a strong feeling it’s you.

If I am a burger then you are my ketchup. It doesn’t taste good unless I have you.


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I am flour and you are water; let’s make a dough together.

I am Coke and you are a Diet. Let’s get together for a perfect combination.

I have millions of followers on YouTube, but me, I am all yours.

Are you an M&M? Because I can melt with your mouth and also with your hands.

If my hands were Avengers you would be the Natasha Romanova & that too on my ring finger.

If I could draw well, I would draw an alien taking you away. Guess why? [Why?] Because then it would be Star Wars.


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If I was a billionaire I wouldn’t come to you; but I am here, now you know it’s not about money, it’s true love.

My dad is the president of UNO [*some reaction]. Yup the Unidentified and Neglected Organization.

You know what’s the next degree after bachelor’s? [replies or not] Marriage.

Will you be my favorite pastime ? [some reaction] I mean for life.

There’s a cop outside to arrest you. [Why?] Because you stole my heart .

If people would die of beauty, I bet you could kill hundreds.


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If I had the courage to kiss you, we wouldn’t be having a conversation right now.

I have a girlfriend but she isn’t as cute as you.

My last girlfriend left me the day I saw you, she understood true love.

Your hair look as shiny as tom’s? [Tom who?] My pet dog.

I believe everyone should get 2nd chance, but first you need to grant me my first.

I like mangoes, you like mangoes. See, we’re compatible.

Did you know every second a girl deny’s a guy? Moon steps a meter away from earth.

Last valentine I saw you but then I had a girlfriend, but I’m single now. Can we have a date?

You make me peanuts, soft as pea but I go nuts.

You are like coke for me, I know it’s harmful but I can’t resist it .

Did you use the nail polish today, because I can just love the polish women.

Superman may be great but he is nothing in front of the great [your name].

Twinkle twinkle little star, wanna ride in my car?

Baa baa baa black sheep, I am in love with you & babes its deep.

Did your dad tell you, me and he work for the same purpose, to make you happy.

I was about to leave, but saw you.

Could we keep this in between us two? [What?] Our love.

Is this important to work to stay alive? [reply] Is “to love” can be categorized under work?

I work for the government; they asked to seal you up as a national treasure.

Are you single? Because there’s a bumper offer on me just for you.

Life has two phases, either I get you or I get someone else.

When we get old, I want you to see you to die with me.

Even Hulk has a girlfriend. There’s’ still hope.

Are you a battery? Because you are my energizer.

My love for you is like a Coca cola.. “It’s the real thing”.

Are you a Disneyland? Because it feels like I’m in “the happiest place on earth” when I’m with you.

I am a grinder and you are my electricity. Let’s make some juice together.

You are very important in my life, even more than my maid.

I am your king & I command you to come & dance with me you hot & cute babe .

If you were sugar I would love to die of diabetes.

If you were chocolate I would love to be obese.

Are you a vegetable? [she replies] Because you make me strong and healthy.

Do you know how to fly a plane? [No] Me too.. I can see the signs.

If it wasn’t for gravity, I would have fallen for you long back.

Even Newton could not calculate the speed of love.

I think there’s a match for everyone [just as she’s about to say something], but I have a lighter.

If I was Wolverine & you were Rogue, I would never kill you I swear.

If only we aren’t in a nuclear war against Mars, I can leave you alone.

I could walk you home but I am scared of dark.

If I had a dirty mind I could imagine you …. But see I am not doing that.. this is called husband material.

If you need some help; call the cops. Call me when you are alone.

I could climb mountains for you, can’t you walk down the aisle for me.

If it wasn’t me, you would miss a lifetime boyfriend.

I come with a lifetime warranty. Wanna try me?

Beautiful girl fall in love with me sooner than a blink of an eye, you still got a blink left.

If humans evolved from monkey, I am certain you would be a Chickmunk.

You are my Magneto & I am your IronMan, you see how strong is our bond.

Are you a witch? Because I can feel some magic.

If only I was Dracula, I could hypnotize you to kill your boyfriend & then we could live happily ever after.

If stories had a better end, you could be mine.

If me & you are the only species left alive, how do you think we could help humanity from getting lost?

Believe Mars has life as I believe you are my wife.

Hold my beer if I get drunk.

This drink contains alcohol, but you can have it now; having seen you , I am already drunk.

The sun was shining brighter these days, maybe it’s trying to compete with you.

If college wasn’t over, you would be my 11th new girlfriend but now I am serious, only 7th.

When Jesus saw me looking for you, the only thing he said was “Granted”.

I rubbed a lamp & the Genie came out, you were my first wish.

If you pretend to be my girlfriend for a while, we could have a good time.

I think you should run or hide, the cops just declared you Most Wanted.

If being sexy was a criminal offence, I wonder if you would ever come out of prisons.

I wanna take you home tonight, as a trophy.

In India they love spices , I don’t think they have you.

If we were in a submarine, 300ft down the sea level, all alone & with all my sexy looks, what would you do ?

Should I come again or my charm worked on you already.

I can hear music a lot, what about you, can you hear?

You won’t believe how lucky you are. [reactions] You just won a ride home , with me.

Goddamn it! You are so attractive, like a litter box for a cat.

You look like [a famous actress], just a more Live version.

If I was president of the United States, you would be the first lady.

Are you booked already?

Am I talking to an angel?

I can’t speak much here [pass your cellphone to her] feed our number, may be we could go out tomorrow.

I can’t figure out, why is it so hard for you to get it that I have been checking you out.

A “Single girl” is a threat to the men race, let me help you get out of the threat zone.

You are a switch to the fan that cool downs my heart.

You are as important to me like a camel to someone in a desert.

You are like a deodorant to me.You made me fresh and clean.

What perfume do you use? Because I think you should change it.

Are you a camera? Because you capture my heart.

Which is the fastest beat you ever heard ?[*some reply] Just listen to my heart when I see you.

Today on the [*today’s date], I declare the world, officially yours.

I am not the genie from Aladdin’s magic lamp, but I can fulfill your wish to date me, right now.

Did you step on a electric wire? Because I was shocked when I saw you.

I have a track record of 23 happy girlfriends in the past.

You are my second reason for being here, the first is this vodka/beer [whatever you like].

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You are my favorite brand in girls.

If there was an ATM to en-cash heart balance, I could show how much love I have for you in my love account.

Did you ever thought why Donald duck spoke the way he does? He saw you the day he was born &  then could never speak.

If I were to have a pizza party, you are the hot sauce I would never share.

If this country has to excel, we need to make a contribution by giving them a new generation.

You remind me of the KFC hot chicken, it’s just that it doesn’t taste spicy anymore when I saw how hot you are.

I wonder if there’s a home delivery service if I pass my address to you.

Why don’t you surrender yourself to me, being single is no more legal.

Is it really dark or I just want it to be so.

Can we hold hands, I just need to feel you.

Me and you, we can be the beginning of a new generation.

Are you a glass? Because you are so fragile that I need to handle you with care.

If you were born in Africa, they would have kept you in a museum as “the Beauty of generation”.

If drugs are illegal, how are you roaming around so freely?

What ingredients did God use when he decided to make you?

You are a project I would love to work on.

If it was not for the Human rights commissions, I could even work as your slave for eternity.