Funniest PickUp Lines

Sometimes, you want to use a pick up line to someone you like but can’t seem to go do those romantic cheesy type of pickup lines.
If you are a humorous guy, you might as well try to appeal on the funny side of that person or you are just tired of all those corny pickup lines and want to make a comeback to those.
To do this, here are some of the best and funniest pick up lines you can try out.

When a man tells you that you are the reason men fall in love, tell him he is the reason women do not fall in love with men.

You may want to get into my pants but unfortunately, there is already a piece of ass in there.


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Have we ever met before? Yes, we have at the hospital for STD, I was the receptionist!

I am going to give myself to you. Sorry, I am not in the mood to receive any cheap gifts.

That face of yours must have turned some heads. Yeah, yours might have turned stomachs.

You are at the bar for the same reason as I do, right? Yeah, I want to pick up some chicks too.

So how would you like to have your eggs for this morning? I’d love to have them unfertilized.

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If I can ever see you naked, I can die a happy death. Well, if I saw you that way, I’d laugh to death you’d be so offended.

I like you and I love the way you care about me in the most subtle way, thank you so much.


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There is no one else I would rather be with than you, I hope that you realize that by now.

So I just wanted you to know that my feelings for you are real, no bullshit, I am telling you.

Funny PickUp Lines

You may not believe me but I had started loving you ever since day one, the first I saw you.

Is it so wrong to fall in love with someone who has someone else? I’d be willing to wait.

Do you not feel a single emotion towards me, should I make a move to make you feel it?

Funniest pickup lines ever

In this world, there are two types of people: those who love and those who is loved, which are you of this two? The best one is to be both.

PickUp Lines

I think we might have gone on a date once or twice. Oh, I doubt that, I never repeat a mistake.

If my body is a wonderland, then man, your body must be a wasteland, don’t kid on me.


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What will you say when I ask you if you want to marry me? Nothing, it’s hard to laugh and talk at the very same time.

I think I may have seen you somewhere else before. Oh yeah, that’s why I no longer go there.

So is it your place or should we use mine? You go to yours, I will go back to mine. No issues.

If you are wondering where I had been all your life, I have been avoiding you best I can do.

Is the seat beside you taken? No but if you sit down, this chair I am sitting on will no longer be mine too.

So baby, what is your sign? You really want to know? No regrets but it says: DO NOT ENTER

So what is your work? Well, my job is to impersonate women. *man runs away suddenly*

I will do everything to make you happy. Okay, then go away and do not see me ever again.

I am telling you I would go to the end of the world for you. Seriously? I hope you plan to stay.

If I can rearrange the Alphabet, U would be next to I. Really? I’d put F and U together though.

I’m going to ask you where you have been all this time? Well, I probably wasn’t even born yet.

You are so beautifully crafted I actually thought you are some pretty girl, a kind one too.

Some days, I still remember the first time we met when he can’t seem to go out at some days.

What is your name? This is for a survey. I have no powers against you.

Have you fallen in love with me at this? If then, should I go by you one more time?

You should not be let out because you are a hazard! You are so sweet, I might get diabetes.

So my friend back there was wondering if you think that I am pretty cute, what’d you say?

I am kind of new in town and wondering if you could give me some directions to your house.

Yesterday, I lost my favorite teddy bear, is it possible to have you cuddle with me instead?

I may not be a photographer but I can most definitely picture the two of us, alone together.

You must be an interior designer because when you entered the room it became beautiful.

If I could count the times a got a broken heart and get a dollar for every time, I can buy the world.

I never though that it is possible to feel this bad, to feel like the whole world is crashing down on me.

It was so sad, and now that we are parting again, I feel so sad and disappointed in everything.

You were the light of my world, if only for a short time and I cannot imagine you no longer with me.

Is it possible that you stay with me? I’d be willing to offer you everything that I have with me.

I was a traffic light, I would go red every single time you would cross to get to look at you.

I think that I might have lost my cell phone number along the way, can I just get yours, then?

So my friends had a bet that I cannot start a conversation with the prettiest girl here, let’s prove them wrong. Will you help me?

You owe me quite a few drinks. You had made me drop them earlier because of your beauty.

You might want to pay for my insurance because I hit the wall because I was mesmerized by you, I did not notice the wall.

Just give me your number and your name for the insurance, it was your fault I hit the wall.

It is not your chest that I am looking at, I swear, I am actually looking at your heart, dear.

I think we might have had a class together in high school and I’m pretty sure it’s chemistry.

Sorry, were you talking to me? No? Well, then you can actually start talking to me now.

Hi, people call me (insert your name here), but you can call me anytime you want to.

Here’s your first wish: I’m here. What else do you wish for? You only have two left.

You look like you are having a hard time holding your hand, let me help you with that now.

You should let me read your fortune to you: *take palm and write number* Now it is clear.

So, I do not plan on impressing you or anything close to that, but well, I’m actually Batman.

I kept on getting lost in your eyes. Well, then you should go out to the store and buy a map.

Would you kiss a stranger by any chance? No? Well, you see my name is *insert your name*

Like a stray dog, if I somehow followed you all the way home, would you like to keep me?

Can I have your number so I can apologize to you for my disturbance to you or something?

I think my phone is broken, your number is not there. Could you fix it and place it there?

You actually look like an angel from heaven but you might have fell and hit the pavement.

You are actually quite like my sister, so beautiful but well, that is kind of illegal here and there.

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I think heaven must be missing an angel right now because I am seeing an angel in you.

You are like quick sand, I just fell into you and then suddenly, I cannot seem to get out.

You see I like the idea of liking everyone else but maybe you could make me the exemption?

If I had a penny for each time I had pick up a chic, I would probably still be poor and lonely.

So I may not be able to give you everything that you have but I promise I will take care of you.

I may not be the most beautiful girl in this world but I am certainly the one with you now.

I kind of lost my keys along the way to you so can I stay in your house for a little bit?

Would you like something to drink? I’ll mix you up something and put my secret ingredient.

I think I am pretty good at math if I might say, so would you possibly like to add us together?

Some days I do not even know what to tell you anymore, I just want you for my own.

How is it possible to like someone this much that I want to kiss you every single time.

There is no going back now, every choice I made, I will stand by them until the end of this.

You are a mess, and so am I so shall we clean each other’s messes up and be all clean?

My life really sucks right now, would you cheer me up and stay by my side forever and ever?

There is no place I would rather be but in your arms as you surround me with your warmth.

If there is a will, then there will be a way, let us find the right way together, the two of us.

Just keep going and maybe soon enough we will find the place we are meant to be in.

There is not much difference between living alone and being alone in the midst of people, you know?

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