Football PickUp Lines

Football is one of the widest played sports in the world.
Thus, a big part of the population can relate to it.
If you find someone who is lovely enough for you and found out that one of your common interests is football, then you can definitely make use of the pick-up lines below ready- made just for you!

My life is comprised mostly of football, but the other parts are dedicated to you for sure, baby.

I can be dedicated to you just as I am dedicated to football if you at least trust me to do so.

I am 100% dedicated to this game but I am more than 100% dedicated to you my dear love.


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You make my heart leap like only football can and I am so grateful you came into my life.

I can’t help but fall in love with you because you give my life thrill more than a football can.

You make my heart go wild as if I am watching a football game live in this crazy life of mine.

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Baby, you are driving me crazy like only watching a good game can and you know it, right?

Girl I promise to guard your heart from every opponent I have because I care for you a lot.

I will be sorry if I missed a game but a lot more sorry If I missed you and that is the truth.

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I can take missing a couple of games but I can’t take a day without you because I care, girl.

You leave me breathless like I have been running in the field and I think that is a good thing.

You will always be my goal. Do you want to be mine now until the day we take our vows?

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I hate sports pick-up lines but if I get to impress you with that. Why not my dear fair lady?

I love thrills and challenges, and that is why I love you and I hope you believe me when I say.

You should know that I am an athlete and I never give up easily so I would not give up on you.


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I will not give up on you easily just I did not give up easily in every game I play.

Babe, football will be our favorite thing just as movies are for other couples and so I love you.

I will persevere just to get your heart and keep it forever because that is just how I am, dear.

I will sweat water and blood just to be deserving of you and I hope I have proven that now.

Boy, I want you to look at me like you look at that ball like it matters so much in your life.

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Give me your undivided attention and we will play a game tonight that you will surely like.

Being an athlete is never easy but it is worth it just like having you here in my arms now.

It seems like you love the chase and because I am a player I am used to that before too.

I will chase you whenever, wherever just to get a kick of you for I feel like you know me.

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Please do expect me to win trophy after trophy just like in football to win your heart.

I will try my hardest to attain a treble with you just like in football that you make me feel.

I would like to be a trialist to you if you will allow me just like in football that they let me.

I will perform two-footed tackle just to defend you from other kickers and you are mine.

I promise I will prioritize you like I prioritize football like I have never done to anyone else.


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My desire to play with you is like my desire to play football every season: with a lot of want.

I will tackle every player just to defend your heart like in football for I treasure you a lot.

Believe me when I say that I would gladly conduct a foul just to get to you faster.

If you want to learn to play football I will be willing to be your tracksuit manager.

I would work with you hands-on just to make this work like in football because it just is.

I will not let you be kicked as if you are a ball in football and I would love you as hard.

I would perform trap for you just to break your fall because I don’t want you hurting.

I promise to be part of your traveling army a long as you are playing football baby.

Girl I will not play with your heart, the way I play with football with all my heart and soul.

The only rule of football that applies to you is defending you from other people, my dearest.

I will always dedicate to you my best kick as of this is my last game in football, my fair lady.

Every time I perform every skill and every trick I learned in football to satisfy you, my love.

I will assure that even we are still in the training ground I will give you my best effort.

You are like the top corner in the football field, hard to reach but I’ll try to reach you still.

Just like in football I will set you as my goal and do my best to achieve you and so I would.

I would do every tactic I know just to make you fall in love with me and I try my very best.

I will conquer every defender that is on my way to reach you-my ultimate goal.

I really like football so I will find channels to get to the goal that is you and I want you too.

Like in football I will try my very best to maintain possession of you because I need you so.

I will perform toe punt just like in football if that means getting close to you until I can.

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I would like to stand on a terrace with you while we watch football together forever and ever.

Girl for you I would be the very best receiver the football world has ever seen, my honey.

I will wait for you obediently like a manager waits in technical area because I care, sweetie.

Watching soccer with you is different feel of thrill I never knew I would experience.

I would like to take a touch of you just to be assured that you are mine and so I am yours.

Forgive me if I missed that is because I missed you during the game and I cannot help myself.

I will control and attack every hindrance that goes along our way because that is how I know.

I am not just pretty body, I have also a strong mind determined to love you so much baby.

I will perform strike after strike through your heart to ensure you will fall in love with me.

I’d be willing to be a libero to protect you from every person whose intent is to hurt you.

I would practice every day just to achieve you as my goal because I am that dedicated to you.

I am so used to sudden deaths, thus I’m used to fighting until the very last and I will do that.

I will try to impress you with my Super Hat trick just to make your heart go wild my darling.

I will secure your heart just like I secure the ball in football and it is all because of you.

I love making you feel alive by making you watch soccer games together because I like it.

I would be most aggressive attacker if you want and need me to and I hope you would like it.

Every time I score goal after goal for you if that’s what will make you happy for I love you so.

I will keep moving forward towards you-my ultimate goal and that is because I care for you.

If you slipped I will be your shoes adorned with stud to prevent that slip from ever happening.

I am willing to take up a studs-up challenge to prove my love for you that is the truth of it.

I can be the substitute for your ex that you have been waiting for if that is what you need.

Girl I would treat time spent with you precious and demand stoppage time for I need you.

I shall give you my shirt with no.1 squad number ‘cause you are number one in my heart.

I would give every boy looking at you with a straight red and I will kill them if I have to.

I would take every punishment you give me if that’s what will make you happy my dearest.

It feels good to have a good time with you after a squeaky-bum time you are the love I know.

Every squeaky bum time is worth it if I get to release all the tense with you my darling.

I do not care how I will make you fall in love but I promise I will maintain that course.

I will wear shin pads or shin guards for my heart in case you find a reason to wreck it.

I could perform a sea dribble just to protect your heart. I promise to do it for you because I care.

Like I wait for soccer season I will patiently wait for you until the end of time, that’s for sure.

I will save your heart from going into my opponents’ hands because I care too much for you.

I want to show you just how much I truly care about you and I wish you would let me to.

Behind these smiles that I show I tend to get hurt too so let me love you like I want to do so.

You are everything to me like my scholarship in college is, like my favorite sports, you are.

Surely you would understand that I care for you a lot and I just cannot let you go like that.

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