Food PickUp Lines

Do you know anyone who does not love food? Because I don’t.
When all the topics you have thrown at your special someone fails, there is always the topic about food-our savior.
So have some fun in choosing from the pick-up lines below:

I love you more than I love food and that’s saying something.

The food tastes 10X better when I am eating with you.

I would like to get a taste of you because you look delicious than any food.


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Any food I eat tastes dull when I am not with you.

You look lovelier than any food I have ever seen in my entire life.

You are the only one thing that can satiate my hunger even food cannot.

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You have the ability you intoxicate me with your scent which is better than food.

You have the ability to heighten my senses more than any food I know.

I want to be delivered to you like your most favourite food to give you comfort.

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You are my most favourite thing in this world next to food.

You look 100x yummier as compared to my most favourite food in this world.

When I am with you I am always full it feels like I do not need food.

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Having you over good food is the good shit I am never going to get tired.

Let’s talk about food over good food because I know you like that.

The food always tastes better when shared with you.


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You make my life a lot spicier and that’s good because i like spicy food.

If you are a sauce I would drizzle you to my food in huge amount.

I don’t care if you’re healthy or unhealthy; I’d like to consume you like food every day.

I want to grab you badly like I want to grab food right now.

If you want to eat me like a real food, do not hold yourself back.


I do not mind being in charge of food as long as you eat all of them with me.

I badly wanted to hold myself back from you but I am failing like I am failing to eat less food.

A world without food is horrible but a world without you is a disaster I don’t want to know.

I can consume food less but I cannot and I will not cut my consumption of you.

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The food looks fine but you are lot more beautiful and fine than those.

Take my food and my heart with you, i love you like that.

Food is life but I would like to live my life with you on it because that is a lot better.

I am contented having you as food for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

You and I, we’ll be like partners in crime in criticizing all these food. Game?


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Do you mind if i reserve you for my dessert tonight and the next nights?

You are so damn appetizing. Do you mind if i get a taste of you?

I brought you something to eat. Do i get to eat you now?

Girl I love rainy evenings, something good to eat and you by my side.

I would love to have quiet nights with and coffee stained mornings with you.

What have you done to me? You have got me craving for you all night long.

You can have your way with me tonight and the next couple of nights.

I would be lying if I’m going to say that after a bit of you I don’t crave for you anymore.

My knees feel like they are jelly whenever I get a glimpse of you.

I would give you a generous tip because you have been generous with me tonight.

You could melt all the sugar in the world because of your hotness.

You got me begging for something more upon getting a taste of you.

You set my body on fire with that thing you do with your lips.

It’s not impossible if I melt in your mouth as well as in your hands.

I do not care about microbes as long as I get to taste your lips.

You are enough feast for me for the next couple of days.

For you tonight everything will be special, from wine to the table cloth.

I cannot do this. I cannot bottle all these feelings I have for you. I need to let this out.

Every day I want you to be my Today’s special but I promise I won’t get tired of you.

I do not mind going on adventures, we’ll go to restaurants and eat exotic dishes.

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You are like an exotic dish-different but definitely delicious I’d like to eat every day.

I am okay I don’t need appetizing because you have done that earlier.

I will not skip the appetizer today if that meant longer time spent with you.

You are hotter than the hottest setting in our oven. You are that hot, sizzling and wow.

I would totally transform into a vegan just for you that is how dedicated I am baby.

I heard you only eat organic dishes. Want to try something new? Want to try me?

My day is not complete without getting a taste of you-my favourite ingredient.

I promise I am 100% organic and got no preservatives for you are the one I need most.

I am homemade and that is what people want right? Do you want that too?

You are richer and creamier and smoother than anything I have ever seen in this world.

It’s just as peppers need to be ground to make it tastier, I bet you need to be ground too.

Your smell is sweeter than a sugar being caramelized and I love every moment with you.

I am addicted to your smell just as I am addicted to the aroma of coffee.

I baked a cupcake for you. Do you want to try one and be my one and only cupcake?

You are sweeter than my favorite sweets and that is saying a lot because I have sweet tooth.

If you say yes, I’ll treat you like a Queen tonight and cook you the best dishes I can make.

I do not mind being your cook forever if that meant being with you in that span of time.

Honey you are way sweeter than your namesake and I love to be your bee.

I would love to be the delivery man for your milk every morning if that meant seeing you.

Baby I go nuts over your homemade doughnuts. Want me to let you go nuts with me?

Darling even without marinating I still feel like you’re going to be the sweetest and juiciest meat.

My love, I do not mind being your baker if that meant eating sweets with you most of the time.

Boy your buns look so much better than that bread you are eating at this moment, girl.

You look a lot sexier than that bottle of coke you are holding right now baby.

Just the memory of last night can make me go red immediately like an apple.

Your skin looks softer than a cotton candy and I would like to feel them tonight.

I never liked vegetables but you I will gladly eat them for you are the one I care about.

I did not expect you to be sweeter than sweet potatoes but then again you are surprising.

Do you like footlong or longer than that? I can give you either one you choose.

What is your favourite dip? Because right now mine is your lovely lips.

I heard you like fried chicken so I am sending a bucket at your house. Share it with me?

I go nuts whenever I get a bite of fried chicken, the same way I go nuts when I’m with you.

I want to spice up everything between us? Come with me tonight at my house.

If you do not want a man drinking alcohol. I promise you I won’t ever taste one again.

I do not need a sauce to make whatever I am eating whenever I am with you for you are love.

You are capable of making me hotter than when I consume hot sauce over my viand.

I want to grab some French fries and do some kissing like its namesake would you?

Let me butter your bread for you. Will you allow me to butter your life too?

I want to be the jelly in your peanut butter jelly-it adds the thrill in your sandwich.

You are like ketchup for me-you could go in everything I eat and I would still love them.

I do not like chocolates much but you’re like dark chocolates, cathartic to eat.

What do you want for breakfast tomorrow? See, I’ll cook for you, this isn’t just for tonight.

I told you I do not need an energy drink because you are enough energizer for me.

You make me feel full even when I am hungry whenever I see you I feel like you are enough.

You have the ability to elevate my mood whenever I see you like before eating a meal.

Upon tasting you it is as if I died and get a taste of heaven because you taste so good babe.

With your cold heart, you can beat heat next summer but right now let me get you warm.

You are a warm soup I am always looking forward to after a long drive during winter.

I would love to make you a variety of sandwiches everyday if only you will let me.

I do not mind if I am just an option in your menu for tonight. At least I get to be one.

You can have your way with me just like Burger King tagline if you choose me, so pick me.

I can assure you that I am fresh, delicious and organic. Try me and I will show it to you.

Baby you and I go together like fish and fries and I love every moment we are together.

I do not mind getting a heart attack or any sickness just so I could consume you everyday.

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