Firefighter PickUp Lines

They are the people whom you don’t want to encounter because that would mean you are experiencing fires that can take away your life.
Hopefully, you might meet one in the pub while you are drinking your favorite tequila, so you can listen to his or her interesting experiences in the job.
Or if you are a firefighter yourself, you can use these pick-up lines and try to win his or her love with the thought of you saving the world.

I hope you are not a firefighter because I don’t want our burning desires to be put out and die.

I can see the blazing flames lighting up our desires and passion all through the night.

I am quite bothered firefighters don’t reprimand your astonishing hotness and fiery beauty.


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Light up my world with your burning flames and blazing passion throughout the quiet night.

I want to see your blazing eyes and joyfully shine into my favorite cranberry drink.

You could walk into these burning walls and I will start showering it all with my love for you.

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I am thankful you can’t hear what I hear right now, as my heart is like an annoying fire siren.

Do you feel these little flames starting beneath our hearts and somehow we don’t want to die?

I want to gaze through your little hazy eyes and feel the smoke come out of your fiery insides.

I want to feel my burning desires and hopefully you won’t extinguish it with your happy tears.

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You can go outside of this pub and see everything how I burn the city with my love for you.

Light up my world with your raging secrets and blazing love all throughout this quiet night.

I want to hear your joyful scream tonight, just like the fire sirens and alarms in our station.

When I saw you here in this pub, I thought my heart was on fire and burning with this passion.

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Can you be happy with these little flames that start right underneath our dreams and future?

Why does it feel interesting that the color of the fire seems to be the color of my love for you?

Let me know if I can go dance with you with these burning flames as our official soundtrack.


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I want you to take away into a very special place, the one with endless bonfires and flames.

Maybe we should ignite these little flames with our never-ending passions and secret desires?

Your beautiful red lips remind me of my firefighter clothes at home, real sexy and seducing.

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I think you just set a great fire in my lonely heart, so you should put it out with your wet kiss.

The bloody fire started just underneath our noses and we just want to be burned along with it.

You must be an arsonist because you just started a ridiculous fire inside my lonely heart.

This wet love couldn’t even put out the rising flames from our hidden desires and passion.

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I don’t want to be a firefighter in your life, because I want our happy flames to last forever.

I want to feel this raging love to burn our beautiful souls not just tonight but all the time.

Let the blues get drown along with these fiery desires that we hid for the longest time.

I want these awkward words to be lost in our fiery gazes and silent burning desires.


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You can look over your shoulder and find the lost smiles along with the burning torches.

Maybe we can ride into this golden chariot and chase the sun until it burns our inner desires.

I hope your blazing eyes will not be extinguished by your flowing tears and little frustrations.

I hope the firefighters would not go barging into this pub and put out this ridiculous fiery love.

Will you let me call 911 because this pub is burning upon your blazing eyes and fiery beauty?

Let me go outside of this pub, so I can get to save everyone from your astounding hotness.

You should bet millions of bucks that I couldn’t resist staring at these gorgeous blazing eyes.

I can go as a firefighter and save you from the raging fire of frustrations and complications.

Probably you can go blow my burning torch and kiss me like there is no tomorrow.

I can take you away to the place where we dance with the flames all through the night.

Tonight, this blazing heat of our love harmonizes the beautiful sound of our lonely heartbeats.

We should fly away from here after burning the pub with our passionate love and desires.

I am a firefighter so bear with my pretty hose as you will happily swallow all of my releases.

Firefighters are wonderful unless they come barging here and putting out our flames of love.

The firefighters were stationed beside the pub, so we should quietly do our fiery business here.

Feel free to be a firefighter and listen to the raging sirens from our burning passion and love.

You might be a firefighter in your past life because you are good at holding beautiful hoses.

We might be quite lost in these flames, but I know I will take care of you through the night.

It was quite interesting that this place smelled smoke from our burning torches of love.

My dream is watching the city burn with our blazing eyes and fiery, beautiful souls.

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We can go dance with the flames and listen to the cackling laughter of the bonfire.

Probably you should go with me outside and run away to the burning place of love.

I can hear the resonating sounds of these flames, harmonizing the sound of our heartbeats.

Can you hear the siren screaming your name in my insides and into the depths of my soul.

I want you to wear your dancing shoes and dance with me into these groovy little flames.

I will probably feel the burning sensation when I finally touch your hair and skin tonight.

You can look over the scorch marks that you made in my beautiful soul all through the night.

You can play as a firefighter that would save me from the burning flames of our precious love.

I was not allowed to play with fire but look what we are doing right with our blazing torches.

We can ride together in a rocket ship where the blazing fire emits endless glittery tears.

Feel free to pry into my life and to see my inner desires, longing for that kind of fiery love.

Let me know if you are a firefighter so we can save each other from these burning sensations.

We might be acting as firefighters who want to feel the blazing fires right under our skin.

Your gorgeous red hair and blushing beautiful face remind me of my fiery love for you.

Are you a firefighter because I wanted to be saved by a pretty lady like you in this fiery mess.

Kiss me all through the night like burning little flames would touch your beautiful red lips.

Sometimes I want to feel the burning sensation of your skin touching mine through the night.

I just want to grab your waist and touch your hair, to feel the blazing eyes looking at mine.

I want to hold your hand, feel your warmth until it burns us our beautiful souls into ashes.

Sometimes I just want to be blinded by your love and be consumed until I am already yours.

I will definitely hate any firefighter if they want to extinguish all these burning sensations.

Play the fire with me until these flames consume us both and turn us into beautiful ashes.

Let me go and let me hold your hand while we watch our burning love destroy all of this mess.

We are not just kids who would play the fire, and it’s amazing we are really enjoying this love.

At the end of the rainbow, I bet we will see the burning house of hidden desires and passion.

We can build a castle out of scorches and flames, and we can be royalties from our desires.

You are wishing to be a superhero, but you just saved this firefighter from his awkwardness.

I want to wrap our beautiful bodies with this blazing fire of love that we would call our own.

Someday I want to be that firefighter who will definitely save you from our burning love.

Maybe we can go into the secret place where there are no scorch marks from the blazing fires.

Let me know if we can fly away from here so I can throw all of our fears in the burning pit.

You should go into this cozy place, away from the raging arguments and blazing mouths.

You can happily dance with the firefighter like me, and sway along with the burning flames.

As a firefighter, I want to shower you with all of my endearment and inner desires in life.

You jump like a firefighter and crashing into the chaotic scene like there is an endless fire.

I hope these firefighters will not extinguish the flames of love that we built in this little world.

We should avoid firefighters as much as possible as we want to burn the world with our love.

You have a beautiful mind and I feel getting burning sensations from imagining it to be mine.

Are you a firefighter because I hope you’re not, and I want to keep our flames burning alive.

I hope I can take you in a dance with thousands of flames lurking beneath our beautiful souls.

We can be firefighters, so we can extinguish anything that can hinder our passionate love.

You should consider becoming a firefighter, just try holding this hose inside my black pants.

You have a nice grip for a firefighter, and you are good at handling the pressure in the hose.

Your hands all over my hose brought burning sensations throughout the depths of my soul.

I wonder if firefighters make love and became aware of the burning sensations in their bodies.

You have the gorgeous smile for a wonderful firefighter like you.

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