Filipino PickUp Lines

Filipino people are known for their hospitality, they are known for always smiling despite all the storms, all the tragedies and disasters that hit their country.
Filipino people are also known for being friendly.
There are a lot of beautiful and handsome Filipino in the world.
Should you come across a Filipino, it would be good to have something to say.
Filipino appreciate the saying that it is the thought that truly counts.
Flirting is never easy but with pickup lines that are geared toward Filipino people, it will be easier.
Here are some Filipino pickup lines that you can try out.

Are you Filipino? Because I heard you guys are hospitable, can I stay with you tonight, baby?

What pen did you ever use to write on my heart? No matter what I can’t erase you from it girl.

You must be a beauty bomb, for what you are is an explosion of art and beauty, beautiful girl.


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Are you a pizza? Because the truth be told, I have this crust on you, baby, girl, a crush, really.

Girl, you must be a Filipino because your beauty is truly an exotic one, I’ll never tire of you.

Do you not think that it is too hot in this room? Oh, it must have been just you then, darling.

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I think you should be arrested today for your beauty is too much that it should be illegal too.

I wonder if you can give me a map so that I would never get lost in those eyes of yours again.

I am done with brunettes and blondes, I really think black haired girls are the one for me, girl.

Filipino people are truly beautiful and how lucky I am to meet one would you go out with me?

Airport PickUp Lines

I told you on to the police for you are a thief, you stole this heart of mine from our first time.

I bet you are really tired right now, as you have been running inside of my mind all day long.

You must be hot water for you burn me up with your love, I want to take you out tonight, ok?

If you are a Filipino, you can ride with me for free, I have a particular fondness for you, girl.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

You must be a crayon for you color my life beautifully whenever I see that you are with me.

Hey, girl, I have to ask you a serious question: Are you really human? Just reassuring things.

You must have eaten a lot of sugar when you were a kid because you are totally sweet for me.


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I heard you can cook Filipino foods, what would it take me for you to let me taste some of it?

Hey girl are you Filipino? Because I heard your people love Americans like me, come on now.

I just have to ask this but how do you feel, knowing that you are the most attractive one here?

Gym PickUp Lines

I really hope you fall for me in our first meeting, else I’d have to schedule a lot of meetings.

How can I ever reach you, baby? For you are my most pressing goal as of this moment, girl.

I heard that Filipino men have a lot of endurance care to show me that in bed tonight my boy?

You must be a bird, having wings to fly for you have been doing nothing but that in my mind.

Sweet Pickup Lines

I think you might have been a computer in your past life for it feels hot turning you on, babe.

I hope you are not poison coz I feel like dying if it means that I get to taste you in this life, girl.

Could you be a tail pipe for you are truly belching hot, I would love to touch you some more.

Filipino men seem so strong and hard, I want to get you to prove if that is the same on bed.


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You are just like urine, you make me feel shaky and nervous every time that you are near me.

You are just like a glue, you keep getting stuck here on my mind and here on my heart, baby.

I wonder what your height is, would you tell me? How did you ever fit inside of this heart?

Are you Centrum, babe? Coz you are the one that makes me feel complete, that is the truth.

I like my women strong and a fighter at heart, it seems a Filipino woman is the answer, baby.

I think you must be Spanish because you have taken over my heart and my mind, that’s true.

I have to tell you, I am a scientist. And, girl, you are the lab of this life of mine, believe that.

Do not worry if they belittle you for I am going to love you big time, so go out with me then.

Filipino women always seem to have me getting excited, would you be with me for tonight?

What is the use of gravity if I am free falling towards you, anyways, why not answer that?

Do I even need to get a blood test or would you believe it when I say that you are my type girl.

Can you be the one to drive me around this town? So that you can also drive my life around.

You have a wonderful face, a Filipino woman is really filled with grace, wanna go out baby?

I think that you are a loan, the longer it takes, the higher is my interest in you, my darling girl.

You must come from keyboard descent for you are truly my type, honey, please me some more.

Are you my fake teeth? Because I cannot smile if you are not together with me all the time.

I heard that malaria can kill Filipino, would you want to get under this mosquito net of mine?

Hey, girl, you need not try hard to be a stewardess when you are the pilot of my life already.

When I am with you I always feel sleepy, not because you are boring but rather, you relax me.

Baby, can I take your picture? So that I can show Santa what I want this coming Christmas.

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Filipino women are truly the epitome of brains and beauty would you like to have dinner girl?

Do you think of me as your lecture class? Because you are the lab of my life, honest truth.

Let us take a picture of us, maybe then you would be developed to me, or your feelings, then.

If you were the ball and I am the player, I bet I would always shoot you, so I won’t miss you.

You look good enough to eat, Filipino woman, come and let me have a taste of you tonight.

Are you an exam because I really would love to take you home with me tonight in my room.

You are like underwear to me, I cannot last a single day without you on me, go out with me.

Filipino women do not have accent and that truly turns me on, come be with me tonight, babe.

Can you be the sidecar to my motorcycle? It kind of gets tiring being the only single one here.

Do you have a license? Because you should have permit if you are going to drive me crazy.

I don’t even remember any pickup lines for all I can think about is you and you alone, baby.

Darling I am truly attracted to Filipino women so be with me and just hold me tight tonight.

I think I must be a really bad shooter for no matter what I am doing, I keep on missing you.

I bet you are really good a puzzles because my morning just started but you already solved it.

A Filipino woman is just what I need right now to accompany me on this beautiful evening.

You must have been a dictionary in the past for you give a new meaning to my lonely life, girl.

If I was the bee, would you have fun with me and be my honey, I’d love to see you try to suck.

The night can never go wrong when you are with a Filipino man, come and go out with me.

I can be the bee and you can be the flower so I’d have to insert my stick to get your honey.

I will buy you a life vest so that you would not drown in the flood that is my love, my dearest.

I know you are a Filipino woman, I can see it by the beauty of your face, come home with me.

You must be a cliff because baby I think that I am already falling for you right away, that’s it.

I wish I was the letter T just so I can always be next to the letter U, how about that, my baby.

If I was an exam, would you answer me then? I wish you would say Yes and not No to me.

Filipino women cook delectable food that looks good enough to eat as much as they look so.

Do you think your heart has a hole in it? Because I am inside of it and I feel like I’m trapped.

You’re the air that I breath, your scent is the one that turns me on whenever you’re here.

I heard you are Filipino, what a total turn on, baby, come home with me this evening, okay?

We are not things, nor are we animals, we are humans and I think we are totally compatible.

Baby, would you let me in your house for tonight, there are things following me, help me out.

Somebody told me that Filipino girls are good at riding, would you ride me tonight, baby girl?

I want to be able to be on your bed with you beside me, that is my biggest dream, help me?

Your skin is so soft, all I want is to be able to touch you and see it for myself, indeed.

Filipino women loves to ride and so you can ride on the horse in my pants tonight, dear girl.

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