Engineering PickUp Lines

The view of people on engineering is that people who take it or are licensed as engineers are quite cool.
With this in line, you should know when to use engineering related pickup lines in order to get the girl on your side of the bed.
On the other hand, if you know some engineering chicks then you should also come prepared with engineering pickup lines to impress them.
Here are engineering pickup lines for use if ever you are stuck in any of the situations above.

I take engineering and I can say I’m acing on it, girl. Care to let me take you on?

I bet I can get you into my room by tonight, showing you my new Auto Cad version.

I have these manifolds waiting to be unwrapped, you want to try it out?


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You have got some great elevation skills, try doing that again.

We can have some real fun, you and I, checking out our bodily designs.

That theorem in calculus fascinates me but I find you more interesting to look at, babe.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I think we should aim for implementing making babies with great design, don’t you?

Gravity is not a problem, even without it, I am going to fall for your sweet smile.

You are probably differentiable because you have the smoothest curves I’ve ever seen.

Baseball PickUp Lines

Your body got some nice arc length and I bet I can work with that using my hands.

A Bunsen burner on full power has got no hold on you, you are too hot even compared to it.

I am an engineering student, should I be doing your analysis on those system of yours?

Basketball PickUp Lines

You should make the choice, go to mine or to yours? Let’s take it up one notch more.

I would switch to whatever you want, maybe emacs, just say the word and I would, girl.

You are the top processor I have ever seen, like Intel, I like you a lot, believe me.


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Riemann sums are great but I think when we add ourselves together, it’d be greater then.

Your calculator is really nice, I hope you wouldn’t hold it to me for saying that, girl.

I can lay my pipe in you and do real good, babe, after all, I’m an engineering graduate.

You are inducing the flow inside me especially near my pants, want to take a look?

I want to browse in your body as I would my browser, should I take a look through it, girl?

Coffee PickUp Lines

Of course, you would have carbon somewhere in your body, shall I try dating you?

I will show you what harmonic motions mean, let us try it out with our bodies, girl.

Want to come with me to my room, I have some really cool T-square to show you.

My attraction to you is like a function, it is always fluctuating as my heart beat does.

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

I plan to layout my body over yours, I bet I am great at it, I’m engineering after all.

You and I, we can try out my place and see what type of bond we can form together.

You are way sweeter than any other glucose I have ever tasted, I want to keep tasting you.

Taking engineering has been the best day of my life ever since I saw you at every class.

We are so compatible, you and I, we are like a Auto Cad and a Macintosh.


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Should we try to measure the static friction that is lingering between you and me, baby?

There are a lot of things I have yet to try but designing a baby with you is my priority.

I heard you prefer quick people, well I can give you what you want with this erection.

You must be a strong magnet, I feel so pulled towards you, my engineering senses says.

You are wonderful and I bet you can definitely be increasing all this modulus that I have.

Girls like roses so here I am giving you a coordinate graph that looks like one, babe.

They say that I am such an enzyme, well, I can unzip those genes of yours if I’m a helicase.

I know your body stats without asking you, it’s 36-25-36 all of which are perfect squares.

Mind showing me your new blueprints? I can put in some pipe up there inside you too.

You just need to know that I am more than capable of putting my pipe up yours, girl.

I love engineering and I want to tell you that we should make perpetual motion.

You induced the flow inside me and I bet you can put good use of your mouth right now.

I want to be your numerator, being above you as I pound on you for the rest of the night.

After a long time of studying, I have figured out what X is, I found it deep inside of you.

I can only wish that the flow of your chart is not that short, I really hope you can flow long.

Whenever I see your body, it makes my heart beat fast but causes strain on it just the same.

You are like high voltage current because you have me feeling hot right now, baby.

Every area of your body is treasure to me, especially those in between your curves.

If anyone has ever called you fat, shame on them, you have some really good curves.

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Engineering follows Newton too, so if I like you, you should like me back too, babe.

We should try out my lab, I heard we have some new gadgets we can have fun with, babe.

I am just like Windows for today, will you let me just crash in your bed?

We can try out some Auto Cad time, trying to do what we are really meant for.

I want to check out every point of your data base, can I do that now, girl?

I am more than ready to try git commit with you if you want me to, darling.

In engineering, they say velocity and distance are related, but I want to go third base, girl.

You fascinate me more than all those engineering stuff they teach at my university, boy.

I do pray you will not be anti-telescopic when it comes to private stuff like this.

I have heard engineers are open minded, should we open your mind to my body?

You are the best project that I have ever laid my hands on, darling, beat that.

I can scale real good, should I show you what I am truly made of, we can start tonight.

I want to be your problem set, baby so you would find me hard and then do me quick.

Maybe I can be the second derivative of your life and be out investigating those concavities.

I want to check out every single curve in your body, I bet they would taste as delicious.

I need some engineering data on that mattress, want to check its spring constant with me?

I am thinking of bisecting that angle of yours now, should I start, darling?

You are the constant in the world full of variables, I should know, I like Math.

Without getting too nerdy, I have to say my house is full of pi, you should come.

I want to take you to the engineering ball, let us put your inertial energy into motion.

I will love to get to see what is under your own fume hood, maybe it would smell good too.

Give me your address and I will stop trying to bug the hell out of you, girl.

You have some really nice hands, I bet they would like to handle some digits tonight.

I would take you to infinity in every single time you try to approach me, babe.

I plan on taking engineering with you so we can study about the kinetics of our bodies.

I would switch for you no matter where to, maybe emacs, or maybe Windows, dear.

All this time I thought your email was, coz you are beautiful.

I am more than willing to implement those baby making rules, if you want me to.

My heart beats like an unbounded function whenever I am with you, that’s the truth!

You take engineering, baby? Well, I can be your derivative and be tangential to your body.

They say that there will be something that can penetrate everything, it’s in my pants now.

A cylinder’s volume is not hard to know, and tonight you will know mine, baby.

We can go ahead and try our compatibility, I bet it is as good as it’s gonna get.

You want to see my programs in my laptop, well, they’re all about you.

I like the way you intrigue me with engineering facts that I do not know about at all.

Engineering taught me about wires and babe I have got high resistance, wanna check it out?

I am fond of engineering students, especially if they look as hot as you do right now, boy.

That beams on you seem to be smiling, caught in the moment when you smiled at me.

I should take some data tonight, want to spend the night with me?

I bet we can get some really great calculations tonight, wanna check it out?

We have static between us, you and I and I can feel it here in my heart.

Well, there are some engineering tricks I have like this stick in my pants, wanna try it?

I take engineering in the university and you have got the best set of those parabolas in you.

I think your parents took engineering because your body’s design is perfection, it really is!

I feel attracted to you because you take engineering too, we are the perfect fit, see that, baby.

Let us be the cosine and sine squared and let engineering make us one, together forever.

I saw your measurements today and I can bet someone in engineering is getting lucky tonight.

I’m willing to answer all those hard engineering questions if you will go on a date with me.

Should I do your engineering plates? I would if you would go out with me for now.

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