Easter PickUp Lines

The Easter bunny is quite popular as it is mostly the symbol for the occasion along with the Easter egg.
Truly, Easter Sunday is such a fun day most especially for the kids who tries their best to hunt down those eggs.
For those who really wants to try out hunting those eggs, it is never too late to try, you just need to seek your child at heart and you can go on.
Here are some Easter pickup lines to use in case you plan on hitting on someone on Easter.

Would you be my Easter bunny, maybe we can start doing things that they do, me and you?

I am so in the mood right now to multiply like bunnies, would you care to join me, honey?

So, I want to tell you that my foot is not the one who’s lucky, let me show you another part.


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It seems to me there is a parade of Easter in my pants filled with eggs, want to join them?

You can be my chocolate egg and I will gobble you up as fast as I can, I am telling you that.

I want to be like the Easter egg to you so that you would treasure me just as much, my dear.

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Surely you can be my candy bunny and I will start to nibble your ears and save you up too.

To me you already look like a bunny, a tail is all that you need, and you are good to go, dear.

Should I give you a show, well come on then and let us go back to my house this very time.

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I will find all the eggs you have hidden and you will become my personal bunny, I tell you.

Darling would you make me feel like it is Easter every day, I would surely love that a lot.

I am going to go on a hunt to find that number of yours that you have hidden around here.

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You are not just any bunny, not anyone else’s bunny, you are my bunny, mine and mine alone.

I hate putting eggs in my basket but if that is what it takes to win your heart, I would do so.

Do you want to know where the Easter eggs really come from, I will show you, come here.


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I want to be with you on Easter day so that we can celebrate every single thing together.

If you want to lay some eggs like the Easter bunny, do not worry, I can arrange that for you.

Have you ever tried to do the deed on top of any artificial thing like grass, let’s try it out, boy.

The truth is that you are the cream on top of my eggs, that is what you really are to me, baby.

Baby, are you an Easter bunny because you have got me jumping all around the room now.

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You are really sweet, and I would love to have a better taste of you, right at my own house.

With the looks you have, you can never pass for anything else but an Easter bunny, my dear.

It must be the way you dress up that has me thinking of an Easter bunny, you look delectable.

Easter is a fun season to celebrate because everyone is happy, no bad feelings attached.

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And when Easter comes, I hope you will remember me and everything that we can be, baby.

You look really called right now, you could use a jacket, want me to just hug you instead?

Now, if you are cold, do not hesitate to use my arms or we can share some body heat, right?

Hi! Let us go do the deed like the bunnies that we are, with so much gusto and love, okay?

I do not think I have ever met anyone as sweet as you are, you are sweeter than sugar, dear.


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Honey, who cares if you are naughty or nice, it is not Christmas, it is Easter anyways, right?

Should I show you just how fun I try my best to celebrate Easter, in my room, right now?

I came here to look for you because you left me with a trail and so I followed it down, babe.

Let my new name be bunny because I am bunny in love with you, you cute little baby girl.

Milk really sounds good right now, have you been drinking enough or do you want more?

I can give you enough milk if you want to drink some, I swear it will taste good, my baby.

There is no way I am celebrating Easter without you in my room tonight, baby, please me?

It looks like I will get a home run tonight so I will be on my best behavior for now, I would.

Everything looks different right now and it must be because you make me feel a lot better.

Who cares about today, all I want to be is with you every waking moment of my life, dearest.

I shall hide all the eggs from you and only give it if you are more than willing to beg for it.

How about I tell you that you are the best thing in my life, would you care to be with me?

It is not only my ears that are long enough to take you on, should I show you the other thing?

Your smile is so bright that it can light up an entire room and I fell for that smile, my girl.

You seem like you know a great deal about hopping, your body has got some kick in it, eh?

You are the prettiest girl I have seen in ages, what is it with you and being so young, dear?

I wish we can have kids one day, you and I, your face is just so gorgeous, and I love it so.

You can make my day a whole lot better if you make me feel better than ever, would you?

You are such as candy bar, that you really are, sweet and yet nutty, I really like that, girl.

Potatoes and me have so much in common, we have eyes and we want to lay down with you.

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Let’s hit the sack and I will show you just how much loving I can give to you, how about it?

Do you want my money or do you want something more that only I can give to you, dear?

You can tickle me any time that you want to, I will be right here just waiting for you, babe.

I missed you last year since I did not have a date, how about you go with me this time?

I am here now what else do you want or possibly wish for, I ask of you, my dearest.

You are so beautiful I cannot help but stare and wonder who your parents and family are.

There is something about you that has gotten me so attracted about your smile, my dear.

I can give you a million reasons on why we should be together at this very moment, my dear.

No matter how many eggs you would want me to cover in milk, I would do so if it’s for you.

There is so much more to it than you know, and I am going to show it to you tonight.

I am more than willing to give all that you want, all you need to do is ask nicely, my dear sub.

And in the middle of the night I am still craving for your sweetness, your sticky honey, love.

I am not a kid anymore and still I like the sweet thing that you offer me every now and then.

I wish I can somehow plant you on a pot and grow a field of you, my dearest love, that I do.

If you want to know more about me, how about you come with me to my house, baby?

Without you, the hunt would not be as great as it used to be, that is the truth about it, honey.

Do you want to know what I have done last night, I hid away all the eggs for you, darling.

You can now start your search for the eggs, I hope you would not be disappointed, dear.

After you find everything out, I am here for you to guide you, remember that all the time.

How about we go to my house to celebrate this Easter, would you care to come with me?

I will be waiting to taste your sweetness again tonight, if you would let me do so, my dear.

There is no reason why I should not try out to do the things that I have to do, so spare me.

I will listen to you when you need it most and hear you out when you want to speak, love.

At the end of the day, it is the moments we spent together that makes all things better, dear.

I really do not know how things are going to go but Easter will be so much more baby.

I love Easter because it gives me the excuse to see you, would you care to forgive that?

I wish every day is Easter so that I can see you daily, is that a sin because I would love that.

Let us celebrate everyday just like we do Easter and I bet our lives would be a lot better.

Honey, I want to be with you this Easter day, I want to hug you tight and not ever let go.

Please listen to me when I say that Easter is much better when I am with you, my darling.

Maybe we met this Easter because we are fated to be with each other forever, how about it?

Are you as excited about Easter as I am because honestly I want to listen to your stories.

Baby you have got to be with me this Easter for you are the best thing I have ever met, really.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, another excuse to use to be with you, my honey bunch.

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