Dog PickUp Lines

What if the boy or the girl of your dream started walking in front of you with his/her pet and you wanted so bad to strike up a conversation with him/her but does not know how? Below are some of the pick-up lines that might work for you start having an interesting conversation with the person of your interest.
Have fun reading!

Why did it become so hot in here when you walk by? Are you radiating heat darling?

I do no mind chasing you as long as I am assured that I got your tail baby.

I am interested in whatever you can give me darling even if that is a leashed relationship.


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I do not mind being in leashed with you because that way I can spend more time with you.

Do you mind if I have you on leashed tonight? I promise it will be fun.

Leash or no leash I promise you will always have my heart dear. That is a promise.

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Do you want to have a leash free relationship? Because darling I can give you that.

I do not mind begging for whatever you can give me just as long as you give me what I want.

You do not have to beg for my heart darling because I would willingly give you that.

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Beg for me darling like a dog begs for food.

Want to know the quickest way to my heart? Food. I love it like your dog loves it.

That sound you are doing is turning me on and sounds a lot like a dog’s ruff.

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I don’t mind fetching a lot of tennis balls for you and your dog because I get to bond with you.

My sense of smell is sensitive like a dog’s and I definitely love your smell darling.

Like a dog I can smell when you are still afar because your smell is my favorite smell.


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Your smell is unique, sweet and intoxicating.

Boy I do not mind if you treat me as your fire hydrant tonight like the way your dog uses it.

You do not have to pee on me like the way pets do to mark your territory. I am yours already.

Go on and pee on me like a dog does if that will make you happy and prove your point.

Can I drop off my pet to your doghouse then we can have some good time at your house.

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 I have lots of toys for our pets then I have got toys for us too. Want to have a little fun?

I wonder how many humps it will take for us, for our dogs rather to make those little puppies.

Aren’t you jealous of what our dogs doing? Want to do that too tonight at my house baby?

It is hump day of our dogs. When are we going to have our hump days too baby girl?

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I want to be gripped by those paws of yours. Tonight, at my house darling?

Your paws are sexy. I meant your dogs.

I do not mind if you mark my body as your territory with that paws of yours dear.

Aww our dogs are cuddle buddies. Want to be my cuddle buddy baby girl?

Do you want a cuddle buddy darling? Because I have got warmth I am willing to share to you.


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Do not worry, darling this is just a cuddle and I don’t expect anything from you.

Girl, are you willing to help me with my problem? Because I have got to release this bone.

Girl, this bone is the result of you looking sexy like that.

I do not think there is yet a crate invented strong enough to take me away from you.

I am in love with you the way dogs are in love with bones.

I love this bony feeling I feel whenever you are near me but I love you more.

Boy, does your dog pee here often? Because I’d like to meet you again next time.

Oh boy our dogs are enemies now but let us not be affected by their conflict. Friends, then?

I did not know chocolates are bad for your dog, just kidding. I bought these for you, lovely.

Our dogs could not handle chocolates right? How about we experiment using these tonight?

Damn girl. You are looking hot for the purpose of just walking your dogs.

If I am a dog I would also want to obey you always.

You look a lot like a fine owner of a dog and a fine woman.

Doggie? Oh I definitely can do that too.

I promise darling you are more important than all these balls I claim to love.

Girl, my balls definitely miss your touch.

Stop wagging your tail at me. I get it you are that excited to see me.

You can stop now, that wagging of your tail because I totally get your message.

What would it take to make your tail wag like that?

Go on boy. I do not mind what you are doing just paw on because this body is yours.

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God is it possible to be in love because of smell? Because I love your smell.

Oh yes! You can sniff me as long as you want tonight boy.

Roll over? Hell no! I would only do that if I get to do that with you.

I would do roll over and other tricks if that would impress you like your dog does.

There. I rolled over. Where is my scratch on the belly?

I do not mind bites, really. Just be gentle darling.

I would like to get a bite of you just like your dog does to your fingers.

Aren’t they cute? All these puppies? Want to have human version of them with me baby girl?

Oh you figured it out right? I only come here so that I could see the cute owner of these dogs.

Dog parks are my favorite because these places are where I could see you and your dogs.

I want to have a couple of human version of puppies with you. Oh yes, babies.

Do you need a father for those puppies of yours? Because I would be willing darling.

Girl I am responsible. See I am taking care of all these dogs so I could take care of you.

Finally I found you! I swear I’ve searched and searched through all the dog parks to see you.

I love the way your breath smells like that and I am fully aware I am acting like your pet.

I may look like a poodle but I swear I can be bull when it comes to bed with you.

Can I pet your pet boy? Oh no! I was not referring to that.

Can I have the phone number of your pet? Because she is such a fine pet just like her owner.

Baby girl, where do you want to bury my bone? Just tell me and I will gladly obey darling.

Girl I do not need to be given rewards because I am committed to obey you always.

A day playing this kind of games with you is more satisfying than playing games with pets.

Do you want me to be an Alpha darling? Because I can definitely do both for you.

Tonight I will allow you to be the alpha between the two of us.

I will give you a treat if you obey me today darling.

Can I lick you darling in exchange for a treat?

I heard you are looking for an alpha. I am here in flesh darling.

You are looking hot like your pet baby girl.

Our pets are not the only ones in heat because I am too. Want to do something about that?

Dear, you gave my life direction when you put a leash on me.

I do not know what I will be in life if not for the leash you have on me, darling.

I will love you and take care of you more than I care and love my pets. I promise.

Oh damn. You just gave me a bone and that is because you walked by.

I want to hear your kind of howl tonight darling so meet me at my place tonight?

I want to make you howl tonight darling. Game?

I want to make you howl after howl tonight baby girl. Ready?

I think your paws are tired because you have been running on my mind since yesterday.

Let me make your paws feel a little better and that body of yours too.

Yes darling. I definitely love chasing my tails but right now all I want to do is chase yours.

I will chase and chase you until you get tired and give in to my charm.

I want to dig this bone to your body. And that is if you will let me.

Boy you do not have to dig a hole because I have got one already waiting for you.

Your hole is pretty and I cannot wait to put my bone on that baby.

Want to take a ride with me and my pets? I will take you to a different kind of ride afterwards.

Want to get together and have our pets play together? Then we can play our kind of game too.

Luckily I am not a pet that only sees grey because I love your all these colors on you.

I will fetch everything you throw on me just so I could impress you and get a reward.

When and where can I claim my reward baby girl? You promised.

Our races are different but just as our pets can cross-breed so do we.

Do you want to cross-breed with me? I bet we can make beautiful babies.

I wanted so bad to cross-breed with you. Want us to try?

Do you want to make exotic babies? Then cross-breed with me baby!

What a pretty human, I mean pet you have in there.

Do you want to claim your treat? Meet me at my place tonight?

Just as your pet will do everything to save your life, I would too darling.

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