Dinosaur PickUp Lines

You may seem old that might probably come from the Jurassic World, but you knew you were young forever.
You were lurking in a corner when you noticed a beauty, the one whom you might never take your eyes off.
You decided to seize your chance, so you take a deep breath and approach this pretty lady.
Maybe if you started to stutter or got nervous, try few of these pick-up lines so you would not look like an awkward dinosaur who would make weird sounds, though it would definitely bring her to stiches for extreme laughter.

I just wish that I wouldn’t look like an awkward dinosaur holding a nice cranberry drink now.

Hey, I finally becoming like a Tyrannosaurus rex who starting to crave for your lovely mind.

I think I am Little Foot who just wants to start a great family now with a dear beauty like you.


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I want to swim the ocean with you like a pair of Pterodactyls lurking inside the lake mountain.

Just be careful with deadly drinks as we won’t like to become screeching dinosaurs later on.

I am in love with you like how I love the movie of Jurassic Park and its overwhelming cast.

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You might seem a dear right now, but I knew that you would be a cute little dinosaur tonight.

I will scream like a carnivorous dinosaur who just wants to your piece of the beautiful world.

You might seem to be shy, but you are really curious what my Brachiosaurus would look like.

I will beg for a wonderful little place where we can find our own paradise land before time.

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I just hope I won’t be as scary as the Tyrannosaurus rex when we go dancing all the night.

I bet I won’t be as scary as Stegosaurus but hopeful I would brave as the great Brachiosaurus.

I seem to be as old as a dinosaur as you might think, but I am young as a cute Pterodactyl.

I want to be a love of your life, even though I looked like I am a human version of Triceratops.

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While we embrace each other, you should be curious how my Brachiosaurus would look like.

I am sorry, but I hope you wouldn’t notice that my Brachiosaurus pet being excited right now.

We might still be happy even if the exodus would arrive, and we would vanish like dinosaurs.


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We should travel together back in time while I find the way to make you fall in love with me.

Let me travel the world with your heart while we are being chased by the deadly Pterodactyls.

I don’t know if you ever heard of this, but I think I might have dinosaur love for you forever.

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Are my little Pterodactyl because you are as cute and pretty as you can be for the rest my life?

I hope that I won’t be the creepy Stegosaurus, instead I would love you with all of my life.

Maybe I must confess all my love for you, while we are being chased by Brachiosaurus now.

I think I might have fallen in love with you like a huge comet struck my world and left a hole.

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I am really happy when you said that we should grow old together watching Jurassic World.

Let me guess, if you are a vegetarian then are you the most beautiful Brachiosaurus for now?

I hope you wouldn’t mind my dinosaur laughter because I am really that happy to see you.

Let me take your hand and dance like we don’t care if we are like a pair of cute Pterodactyls.


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Hey, I want to take you to the moon and dance along the screech of the family of Triceratops.

I want to show you one of a kind dinosaur love, which I knew would be like warmth embrace.

I can’t believe these mad sounds in the dance floor seem like screeching pair of Pterodactyls.

We can hope for another exodus and not this chaotic love that we wished for in the first place.

Let me screech as a dinosaur who was really satisfied with the beauty and madness of yours.

I think I loved you like Little Foot fell in love with the leaf that was given to him as a present.

I would never play with your poor heart like a kid would always play with his dinosaur toys.

I want a nice wish like the one where we can have those kinds of friends in Land Before Time.

We can have another laugh like a pair of happy Brachiosaurus swimming in a cool huge lake.

Let me take you into this silly dinosaur world that we can call as our own beautiful paradise.

I want to reach for you, so I want to become Brachiosaurus and wish for your wonderful love.

I am probably seeing blood right now and becoming carnivorous for your charm and grace.

I hope that I won’t be like an awkward huge dinosaur dancing in the middle of a dance floor.

Let me guess, we are getting along together like Cera and Little Foot in Land Before Time.

I won’t ever break your poor little heart like striking a huge comet in your vulnerable world.

I want to see your dinosaur eyes like you are already seeing my beautiful soul inside me.

Let us dance along with the swaying trees and the screeching Pterodactyls and Triceratops.

I want to serenade your love while hoping the rhythm of the cold wind would sing with me.

We should just run away from all of this chaos and fly away from the screaming Pterodactyls.

I thought you were like a Tyrannosaurus rex who just barged in here and took away my heart.

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We should be happy like a couple of little Pterodactyls and dive into this lake full of our love.

I thought you were like a Tyrannosaurus rex who just invaded my land and took my soul now.

I am deeply in love with gorgeous eyes like the moon shining the silhouette of a Pterodactyl.

We should waltz along with the dancing dinosaurs and the glowing blue moon in the lake.

I am hoping for another chance, but you would just show your pretty smile, my lovely Cera.

Let me travel the world with the beauty of your eyes and the vicious trick like a crazy T-rex.

I want to show you what would my dinosaur love be like, especially when I take over tonight.

I am really happy when I found you like an archeologist discovered a rare fossil in his site.

I would travel all the way into you, even if this world would finally have struck by a big comet.

Maybe we could dance along with my own dinosaur song when I first laid my eyes on you.

I wonder how we would fall in love in a Jurassic Park where we would just be chased all day.

You might want a nice date like a walk in a park, but we should just go into the Jurassic Park.

You are a cute little happy dinosaur who I just want to take care for the rest of my lonely life.

We can never sing our hearts out like a family of Brachiosaurus would be like in their sleep.

Let me hear your voice out of these ridiculous mad sounds and screeches of the Pterodactyls.

We should dance along with the magnificent moonlight and the silver lining of the clear lake.

I want to dance along with the dinosaur song and show you how much I loved you in my life.

I bet that you won’t forget the face of this cute Pterodactyl that lurks behind your pretty mind.

I must travel the world and beg for your love as huge as this awkward and silent Stegosaurus.

I want to sing my heart out like a hungry dinosaur craving for attention and wonderful love.

Let me take away your madness and feel the beauty of this great Triceratops under our skin.

I would never be fazed by the bandits and Tyrannosaurus rex, as I would protect you forever.

I bet I am as creepy as a huge Tyrannosaurus rex, but I am soft and gentle as Brachiosaurus.

Let me take you into the dance floor and just waltz with each other like awkward dinosaurs.

I want to see the world with my eyes and feel the silent air like the Land Before Time movie.

I would dance with you if you wanted, just say it and I will bring you into the Jurassic Era.

I might fight all of this silliness, just stay with me for all of the time and the rest of our lives.

I want to sing this dinosaur song and dance like the swaying trees and huge Brachiosaurus.

I loved you like the scene where Little Foot just hugged his leaf while he thought of his family.

Let me barge into your heart like a charging dinosaur but I would just protect it as my own.

I lost the train of my thoughts when we started to swim along with the cute little Pterodactyls.

Let me beg for another dinosaur love that I felt the most beautiful thing in this whole world.

I want to take care of you from these troubles that seemed like a dinosaur in this lonely world.

I want to take away this little awkwardness, like a huge dinosaur in the room where we sat.

We should do the silly dinosaur dance where we can lay our gorgeous eyes for each other.

I want to beg for another beautiful moment with you like the ending of the Jurassic World.

I want to sing and dance in the middle of the sinkhole where the huge comet struck out.

We should just follow the world where there would be no exodus like Land Before Time.

We should dance in the dance floor and wouldn’t care if we look like awkward dinosaurs.

Maybe we could make this world a better place like we saw in the Land Before Time movie.

I want to sing this little dinosaur serenade where we can laugh like cute little children.

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