Dentist PickUp Lines

One of the best way to get to a person’s heart is through the mouth and what better way to do that than to cook for him or her or something like that.
On the other hand, a dentist is the one who cleans up after all the dirt left on your teeth.
In that case, why not try out these awesome dentist pickup lines that is sure to scoop up any of those ladies or the gents that you have wanted to make a move on.
Here are some of that dentist pickup lines that you can definitely use sometime.

I am just like the dentist, I will start by drilling you then I would fill you up really good.

Baby, I’m going to have to make you suck for just a quick moment before checking your teeth.

It is truly nice to see you back so soon in my office, I look forward to seeing you inside.


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You need to come back every 6 months, but we can meet for coffee if you want, darling.

Is there any chance that I might be able to get you away for a while and maybe get you milk?

Having you visit has been a highlight of this week, would you like to go for tea sometime?

60 Best Pickup Lines

Your father must have been a dentist because the smile you have is really award winning.

It can get better than this, we can just go and eat dinner whenever you are free, babe.

You want some dental floss? I can give you some for free if you go to dinner with me.

Baseball PickUp Lines

I like my view from here, your teeth look pretty dazzling to me already, girl.

You have got a killer smile and I can see it from all the way here, I’m already dazzled.

Now, just stick that tongue out of yours a bit further, now turn it round and round, there!

Basketball PickUp Lines

You must be a dentist, lady because you have those shining white teeth that has me looking.

I can teach you how to floss, like you can intertwine my hands with yours any time, babe.

Darling, you just need to smile and I assure you everything would just be alright.


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You have this sweet smile that can probably light up the entire town, I can dim that down.

Come and make a wish already, it seems you have a tooth for sweet things like my member.

I think that you are a dentist and you are certainly leaving a bad taste here inside my mouth.

If I was a dentist, I should totally get away from you because I might get cavities coz of you.

Babe, I assure you, not all things like candy are bad for your teeth, mine has calcium with it!

Computer Pick Up Lines

I can see you drooling a bit, is that because you think I look hot and awesome, darling?

Can you feel me probing your tongue? Now, just open wide and we can get started, girl.

I see that it might be time to prick that gap of yours in between your legs using my tongue.

I have something you can put good use to your tongue in, want to try that one out, too?

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

You are too sweet for your own good that I bet the dentist do not like you as well.

Sometimes, I wish you were my own set of teeth so that I can grind into you all day long.

I want to be the caretaker of your smile because it’s lovely, would you allow me to do so?

You are filled with sweetness that I feel like getting a toothache because of looking at you.

The best thing about my profession is that I get to drill and fill a lot of girl customers.


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Are you cavities? Because I keep thinking that I should fill you up real good right now.

Girl, you have me begging for you on my knees and calling the dentist, you’re awesome.

You are good at what you are doing, I tell you, I cannot even smile when you’re not around.

Now, all you really need to do is sit down and smile, you will do just fine, believe me on it.

Can you stick your tongue out a bit farther now, maybe just swirl it around as well, girl?

Darling you are too sweet that you make these tooth of mine ache, and so does my heart.

I think the gaps in your teeth are severe and we should fill them over and over again.

I can see that your enamel has gotten hard, but then again that isn’t the only one that’s hard.

Have you ever tried sleeping with the dentist? No? Well, you ought to try it, shall we?

I should tell you that I am going to drill you hard, hard enough to leave you feeling sore.

It’d be nice if you can give me some floss to work with this heart of yours, I’ll fix it up.

I am a dentist and I plan on drilling you really hard that you will bleed pleasure, my dear.

If you want to just get drilled just let me know and I will be there right away, baby girl.

I am probing something into you and I wonder if you can feel how hard it is right now.

Little girl, you look like you have a really deep hole that needs to be filled badly, agreed?

If you get to be anything, you would be the polishing disc and I bet you’ll be super fine.

Darling, any dentist can see how sweet you are so I must now pull you out of my mouth.

I wish I can be the upper incisor to your tooth so I can touch you anytime that I want.

I think I should try punching my mouth to yours so that you’ll realize I care for you a lot.

Now, just relax, take a deep breath and be prepared as I fill in all of your holes, babe.

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You do not need a dentist to feel this hardness in my pockets, can you feel that now?

You can prevent your teeth from decaying by trying out semen for it contains calcium!

Now, don’t cry once I start drilling you in, remember this is for your own good too, girl.

It might bleed once I start to drill inside you, just relax and remember it will feel okay later.

Being a dentist, I can tell you take good care of your mouth let me brush your teeth with mine.

Whenever I see your teeth, I am blinded with your beauty, I want to hug you so tight, girl.

You want to taste a rainbow? I have got my mouth filled with skittles so you can try it out.

I want to feel like I am melting in your mouth, I hope you would let me do just that.

Hello, I’m a dentist and I plan on getting your hole filled in tonight, you seem to need it bad.

If I drown in the sea, would you rescue me and give me a mouth to mouth, baby girl?

You have a lot of muscles in your face, you might as well put them to a good use.

As a dentist, I advise that you need to lie down and let me just fill in your cavities, woman.

That beautiful smile of yours must be because your father takes good care of your teeth.

I hope you will smile more often now that I am cleaning your teeth with my semen weekly.

Now, listen to me, all you have got to do is to open your mouth wide enough and let me in.

Smile so your teeth can breathe too, it may feel suffocated inside your mouth the whole day.

The good thing about being a dentist is the pretty cavities I see, let me come and fill yours.

I hope you stop that undressing portion of today with your eyes, use those teeth instead.

I am missing some teeth of mine, I bet your tongue can put those to good use, right?

If you don’t know how to floss just yet, I can teach you about it, just let me check my schedule.

My dentist said that semen contains calcium and zinc and their healthy so I’m getting more.

I bet toothpaste does not have any effect against your sweet tooth, how about my semen?

You look delicious right now, I hope you aren’t too sweet so you’d still be good for my teeth!

I would give up anything to see you smile for a rare sight it really is, smile for me, darling.

Give my thanks to your dentist, you are really good at sucking I am melting inside you now.

Many people would trade places to be where you are right now: in a loving bed with a girl.

You just need to watch tv as I try to use my teeth on you, it will feel good, no worries on it.

If I were a dentist, I would kiss you so hard your teeth would break upon their impact.

As a dentist, I feel obliged to fill all of your cavities out, let me know if I do a good job on it.

The dentist says open wide now and I will start on filling you up with all that I have in me.

Are you a dentist of any sort? All those girls scatter around you all the time, it must suck.

You have the best set of pair of teeth and I would like you to know I’m dentist about it.

I think my dentist would be mad at me for tasting you, something that is entirely too sweet.

And so now I bring along my dentist so he can take care of my sweet tooth for you today.

I think I must be in a place where we can be alone, you and I, right, dentist?

There is a feeling in my stomach when I see a dentist, something that aches within me.

You are pretty and so is your smile, should we have dentist to prove anything at all, right?

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