Cowboy PickUp Lines

You wonder about the cowboys who seemed to be cool with their huge hats, long boots, a revolver in a loose pocket, and thick Southern accent.
Do you think they live in Texas just like in the movies, while they are getting cozy in the pub with a tobacco into their mouths? If the sober person beside you seemed to look like one, you might want to invite this beauty in a conversation where the two of you can feel like riding a black horse towards the end of the golden sunsets in the west coast.

You might want to spend the rest of this striking starry night with a handsome cowboy like me.

We can run away with my dark horse and live in our own paradise for the rest of our lives.

I might have looked like Woody, but you must know that you’ve not just got a friend in me.


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I am amazed that you are indeed a cowgirl as you already stolen of our hearts in this room.

I want to sing with the cactus and see your beauty shine across the desert, my dear cowgirl.

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This golden sunshine makes your beauty become more radiant than ever, my beloved cowgirl.

We might be Bonnie and Clyde right now, but I just want to ride the horse with our little guns.

Are you a cowboy because you can ride with me all night towards the end of our paradise?

You can go with me to the dark places where the bandits lurk, and the cowboys laugh in vain.

I want to ride you like a restless horse and you should scream as I lashed you out of pleasure.

We might probably be like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but not just a pair of buddies for life.

You can probably go with me to the west coast along with thousands of horses chasing us.

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I want to kiss you in this oasis, where we can make this as our own version of little paradise.

I don’t want to beg you for a cowgirl kiss, but I am quite curious how it would turn out for us.

I am amazed on this rope and how you can catch me every time I try to go away from you.

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I am deeply in love with the sparkle and glimmer of your gorgeous eyes, my beloved cowgirl.

I want to see how you can always catch me with your old rope and your silly jokes tonight.


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I want to be the cowboy of your dreams, who will lift you and run away into our paradise.

We might probably walk away from here with a pistol, a hat, and a tobacco in our faces.

We can sing the song of the tall cactus and the silent desert with every tune of the hot wind.

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You can never know what you can do with every bit of movement of yours, my lovely cowgirl.

I want to sing the cowboy songs with you as we ride together on this dark and mighty horse.

I think the vast of this desert seemed to be as immense as all of my passionate love for you.

I will chase you wherever you are right now, so I fight for my love for you, my dear cowgirl.

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You can walk with me towards the end and I will fight all of those bandits who will hurt you.

I was wondering if this was real or a sitcom about a cowboy who fell in love with a pretty gal.

We should go together and find a nice oasis that we can dive in there for the rest of our lives.

I want to be whipped like a cowboy does to his horse when they run away together from here.


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I hope that we can make a paradise out of these pistol bullets and the smoke of the tobacco.

You can ride this horse and you can take me all away from here, my dear cowgirl.

I never imagined you will be as hot as a gorgeous and a handsome cowboy that you can be.

I am profoundly amazed at your attractiveness and demeanor, my dear cowboy sweetheart.

I want to hear the music and to witness the waltz of a beautiful cowgirl like you tonight.

You should probably know that I am one of the cowboys who will never ever break your heart.

I want to become like those heroes of Texas who will protect your innocent heart at all costs.

I am probably afraid of those malevolent crooks who will try to steal your beautiful heart first.

I am terrifically amazed that your beauty is as vast as the world full of bandits and criminals.

I will shoot all those vicious cowboy scoundrels who will try to hurt you in any possible way.

We should probably be in this horse while we could walk away now under the scorching sun.

Let me wear this huge cowboy hat, so I can feel the rush when I finally ride with you tonight.

You should never fail to shoot the bandits while you blow your enemy with the tobacco smoke.

I think that I have already fallen in love with someone who is as beautiful as a dear cowgirl.

I never imagined you will be as hot as a gorgeous and a beautiful cowgirl that you can be.

I have never seen those gorgeous bright eyes like yours, my dear wonderful alpha cowgirl.

I think you drink like a real vicious criminal and laugh like a crazy roundabout cowgirl.

You might see me as the wonderful cowboy who can steal your poor heart and gave you mine.

You should see this small version of little cowgirl falling in love with a simple man like me.

I actually imagined that you are a nice cowgirl playing your guitar and luring your bandanna.

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This time, I hope that we can fall in love like a cowboy and a cowgirl under the scorching sun.

Maybe someday we can find our love like we can discover an oasis in the middle of the desert.

You should never doubt about my love as I could not be like any rancorous bandits out there.

I never imagined that I will feel like the most beautiful cowboy when I finally see your smile.

Am I going to be one of those crummy cowboys who will be smitten in your beautiful soul?

I want to listen to the music of the swaying trees and the whisper of the horses in the distance.

I want just looking for the most beautiful cowgirl and then I am grateful that I found you now.

One of these days, I am going to steal you like a bandit and give you pretty wedding rings.

Howdy dear, raise your arms now as I point my gun because I will just shoot my love into you.

Can I tell about the dozen things that you can steal right now, including my poor little heart?

Hey cowboy, I am your little cowgirl who will be going to catch you with my little brown rope.

Howdy, I am already waiting for the time when we can reach out for the precious goodies.

Let me go away from the world where millions of bandits are waiting to steal all these hearts.

We should get out of here with me and chase away all those cowboys and the thieves in town.

Hey cowgirl, I think those gunshots in the distance felt like my heartbeat inside my ribcage.

I want to kiss the bandits for goodbye and bury all their guns in the back of this imagination.

Howdy, I am an awkward cowboy that just wants a nice dance with a pretty lady like you.

Maybe you could walk away like a cowboy would run away with his dark and mighty horse.

I think this handsome and nice cowboy has already fallen in love with someone cool like you.

I want to take your hand in this dance floor and crazily jive to the beat of the horsey music.

Let me take your beautiful soul away from here using my rope and lift you up to the heaven.

Happy birthday to the crazy and the ridiculous cowboy that I have ever met in my gloomy life.

I never thought I would be fallen in love with a cool man with a cowboy hat and a bandanna.

You are a much cooler and more handsome cowboy than you possibly think that you are.

I hope that you are one of the cowboys who will shoot their guns with the bullets of their love.

You should think about being a cowboy and how it is much easy for you to just steal hearts.

You must never think that you will be a cowboy in this future with your power to take hearts.

Let me be the cowboy who will keep stealing the poor innocent heart of the cowgirl like you.

I am deeply amazed how you can be a vicious bandit and cowboy who can easily take hearts.

You never failed to steal my mind away and show my gorgeous smile in another moment.

I will give you this bandanna, so I can warm your neck like you warm me with your love.

Do you think that I have the chance to make me a cowgirl want me to like her cute bandanna?

Hey little cowboy, I want to see my wonderful world through your gorgeous pair of blue eyes.

I think I want to marry someone who will always steal my heart again for the rest of my life.

We can slowly drift away to pure happiness if we can start to ride around the world together.

I want to just run away with you in my tall brown boots, a huge hat, and a cute red bandanna.

Let me take you, my dear cowgirl, in our own version of paradise and we can just play with it.

I want to lift your body, ride it whenever we want, and we can slowly drift away to the heaven.

I should run away with you like whenever a cowgirl wants to go away from her whereabouts.

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