Cow PickUp Lines

You looked glamorous, but you felt empty right in this counter.
But you can be the wistful man at this moment while you think of dancing with this beautiful someone.
You bet that this woman, who is now smiling at you, might be the one that you always looking for.
You must be much excited, but you should be careful as you might end up being an awkward creature at the end of this party.
You should possibly think about your pick-up lines or the way you can break the chilly barrier for tonight.
You should try few of these lines so that you would have the confidence to make your lover smile not only for the night but the rest of their lives!

Oh, I hope that I am not being a cow because I just want to see your face for another moment.

Here’s a cow that will give us milk to make our bones stronger when we grow old together.

Do you know that you can harvest my love like you can easily milk every cow on this planet?


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I want to face the guns and dance tonight with the cattle and the battle inside my crazy mind.

I may be a mad cow right now but just know I will always love the way that you look at me.

I want to know if you know about little tattle story about the cattle battle in the west coast.

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Let the world know about this feeling that makes me light up like the cattle in the moonlight.

You could sing this feeling that makes me not forget the smile as we gaze at the herd of cattle.

Let me wander the town and fill every corner with all of our love and feelings for each other.

I want to see this cowboy ride on his way to give a lovely smile to a beautiful lady like you.

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I want to drink and dance with you like the calf wants his mother for her delicious white milk.

I am a mad cow for this, but I really just want to waltz with you beneath the moonlight glow.

I want to see you like the shepherd wants his lovely herd of cattle and sheep in his backyard.

You can fill yourself with cow’s milk and I can sing you a lullaby while I captivate your love.

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We should sing this blooming love while we can dance along with the cattle and the sheep.

I don’t want to feel the burden of the shepherd and just want to dance with you in this hill.

Let me take you to the top of the cattle hill where we can feel the breeze of our love tonight.


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You are the pretty cowgirl that I want to dance along with the silver disco ball for tonight.

I am a cowboy who suddenly feels in love with your beautiful smile and twinkling blue eyes.

I want to dance with you, and if you don’t mind, become a loving herd of cattle in this hill.

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Maybe someday we can just drink each other’s milk like a happy herd of cattle on the hill.

I just want to face the truth and sing my cattle song about the two of us in our own kingdom.

We go around the world, feel the rhythm of the wind, and see the happy tears of the cattle.

I want to cross these huge fences and rescue you from the scary wolves from the mountains.

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You can search for the life or fly across the world with the beefy love between the two of us.

I think that I am the mad cow who can fall in love with someone innocent as you are tonight.

We must not be concerned with the beef and confusions, instead we should love one another.

I loved you like how the cattle is surrounded by the lovely green grass and cool wind breeze.


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I might be looking like some awkward cattle here in this party but still deeply in love with you.

Let me drink your milk and just dance with you tonight like I will love for the rest of your life.

I want to see your beautiful milky smile and sing with the grasses underneath the night sky.

Maybe someday we could ride our rocket ship and build our own kingdom in the Milky Way.

I want to become the cowboy who would marry the cowgirl like you and dance with the banjo.

Are you a milk because my heart keeps curdling every time I see one of your gorgeous smiles?

We should sing for tonight with the moos and the cuckoos in this farm like a country hillbilly.

I will express my love for you among the milky night sky and the dancing stars of the galaxy.

I hope I will not be cowed to profess my own milky love for you through the rest of my life.

I think my heart became a cowbell right now as it keeps blaring inside the back of my mind.

Your name is a cowbell inside my mind that keeps ringing and beating the pulse of my veins.

Let me follow you forever like the herd of cattle will only follow their own master shepherd.

You should run away with me and gaze at this milky sunset with our twinkling pair of eyes.

I want to show you my milky love which I want you to fill in your beautiful loving heart.

Let’s dive into our milky love, fall in love with one other every day and for the rest of our life.

I will cure your pain with these milky tears of mine and I will end your suffering with a kiss.

I feel enchanted with your milky white dress and how I want to dance with you for tonight.

I am afraid I have to attach a cowbell around my neck because I want to follow you forever.

I hope I will make you amused with my cow smile and forget your pain and agony in the past.

This milk is the best present for both of us if we want good bones when we grow old together.

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We should dance away the pain and the melancholy underneath the stunning milky night sky.

You may want to take my hand and fall in love with me while milky moon gazes back at us.

I hope that you don’t mind if I take you to the dance floor and sing with the cool milky band.

Let me cross this mountain for you and search for the cowbell that I can pin inside my heart.

You should dance with me now while we wait for the milky starry night to smile back at us.

I am not a mad cow right beneath the night sky as I will always love you for the rest of my life.

You should dance with me like a happy cow who already found his home in this tall mountain.

You can go with me right now and wait for the milk that we can harvest for our beautiful love.

This tension between us is like a hot coffee that needs a little milk and teaspoonful of sugar.

This love is hot coffee that needs a milk, creamer, and sugar or honey for a little sweetness.

I think the way I look at you is like a hungry cow craving for that beautiful grass in the field.

I want to dance with a cowgirl like you in your best dress right beneath the lovely milky night.

Don’t forget to sleep later with one of your gorgeous milky smiles and a twinkle in your eyes.

You should learn how to do the cow dance with me like a lost but happy hillbilly on her way.

I don’t want to forget our cow love tonight that will forever linger in the back of our mind.

You can dance with me underneath this palm tree and the milky night with millions of stars.

We should fly into the Milky Way where we might probably find our own lovely paradise.

Someday, if we want to keep dancing with one another, we should start drinking our milk.

I might dance like a happy cow if you will give me the biggest compliment in my entire life.

I don’t want to be an awkward cow in the party, so might as well that I just dance with you.

I don’t know how to put it into right words, but I am madly in love with you like a crazy cow.

Let me dance with you underneath the milky night sky and follow the music of the fireflies.

We should sing along with the rhythm of the ocean waves and the sound of the dusky night.

We might fall in love with each other if we ditch our milk and start guzzling stronger drinks.

I think my love for you is as innocent and as pure as a milk, and also as tasty as it can be.

Don’t forget that our milky paradise is in the middle of the dance floor with this noisy music.

I want to keep dancing with you tonight until our legs get tired and our eyes cried milky tears.

Let’s fly over there with a milk that makes our bones stronger when we grow older together.

I think we can forever dance with the shadows of the wind and the rhythm of the milky night.

I want to waltz with you while the fireflies and the crickets play the melody for the both of us.

Let me tell you a story how I can fall in love with a beautiful lady with gorgeous milky eyes.

I might follow you like a cow who found a grass because I am amazed at your golden beauty.

You should never forget to sing the anthem of our love and beautiful smile of the milky night.

I should learn how to do the milky dance which I think that would just bring us to happy tears.

Do you think that I will fall in love with you like a beautiful cow will love a cute little grass?

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