Cougar PickUp Lines

You are holding a cranberry drink right now, but you start to notice someone in the corner of your eye.
Her smile is the most beautiful thing that you ever saw in your life.
You stood up and walk in her direction while she gives you a brighter smile.
When you got closer, you noticed new wonderful things: the lines in her forehead and eyes that looked like the path to her heart.
Everything about her is too beautiful and stunning.
Why not try these pick-up lines so that you can finally have a chance to get much closer to this beauty?

Maybe tonight, we can dance like a cougar and her partner in the middle of this dance floor.

I want to see the sunshine glow in your eyes like a pretty cougar who finally found her dress.

I want to dance the night away with our hands intertwined with our old promises and dreams.


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We should dance like there is no tomorrow and let our pretty old souls take over our body.

We should feel this love now that we can build with our old souls intertwined together forever.

I am definitely sure that I will always love you like a cougar will love her own stylish dresses.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I want to see more exquisiteness of your soul underneath your cheetah dress and knee socks.

I think I might be starting to see your pulsing heart underneath your see-through party dress.

You should hear the lullaby inside my heart, the way that my old soul sings only your name.

Let me touch your wonderful smile as it glows along with the starlight and glittering dress.

Airport PickUp Lines

I want to chase your twinkling eyes and lovely smiles like a little cougar in the west coast.

The lines in your face might probably be the rail tracks that run to the bottom of your heart.

Our love between the two of us is like a little cougar and magnificent like a bright dandelion.

Your beautiful smile lights up the narrow lines in your face, like a river in the New York City.

Angel PickUp Lines

Let me try to feel the breeze of the wind as I watched you gave me the sexy red lipstick smile.

I will love you forever like a pretty cougar will love her man for the rest of her graceful life.

You should wear your dancing shoes and glamorous dress for the legendary party of the year.


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You are still pretty as a dandelion with your knee socks and dazzling black see-through dress.

This jazz music might remind us about the difference in our age, but we still liked each other.

I want to see your hidden cougar soul underneath the black trench coat and red lipstick smile.

Easter PickUp Lines

I want to see your knee socks and search for your beautiful marks underneath the party dress.

Your elegant hair is laid back while your glamorous back shows the wonders of this world.

I want to feel the cherry flavor of your lips and become a little bit of naughty cougar for once.

We might be different in the state of our minds, but we were old souls who fell for each other.

Olympics PickUp Lines

I will watch the night with you and wait for the darkness be replaced with our glowing love.

This night, I will search for the beautiful marks behind your lovely soul and cheetah dress.

I will wish for the day when we will dance for our own souls to grow older inside our hearts.

We should dance the night with our hearts beating as fast as a cheetah running in the wild.


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I want to feel the tension between us loosen like an old soul emerging from the music box.

I will kiss your beautiful lips like I will give a hug to your old soul hidden inside your body.

I don’t mind this age difference, as I am deeply in love with all of your cougar exquisiteness.

Remember this night where the new things would unfold and old souls like us would conquer.

I will fall in love again with your lovely old soul and the exquisiteness of your brilliant mind.

We should dance together all through the night with the prettiest cougar smiles in our faces.

I hope this ancient love will fall between us like I would always fall for you all over again.

Your beauty is like an old soul in a music box and playing along with the grandfather clock.

I loved the way we can dance all through the night and feel the scent linger in our old souls.

We should act like cool cougars tonight and fall in love with each other for the rest of her life.

Your exquisiteness is like the reminiscence whenever we can remember how love feels like.

Your beauty is a nostalgia between two people who have fallen in love with each other again.

I want to experience a cougar night with you as it is exciting to feel the linking of old souls.

This age gap might seem absurd but believe that our lovely souls are perfect for each other.

I want to kiss these beautiful lips like a cougar painted it with the most glamorous love.

We should see the end where we can feel the brightest sunshine fall back into our old souls.

This love between us is like a pretty cougar who would explore the universe with her man.

We should never forget to dance tonight with our tiny kisses and old souls inside our pocket.

We should dance all through the night with the lovely smile on our faces and pretty old souls.

My heart for you is like a cougar who is always excited whenever her man wants her tonight.

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Our love hides our old souls underneath our black trench coat and cheetah see-through dress.

I would definitely become a pretty cougar, but I would only give you my huge golden heart.

In the future, I will dance with you until our knees will give in and our old souls will appear.

Let me give you a kiss tonight on the lips, but I will paint it with the most beautiful memories.

We should dance tonight like a pretty cougar in her knee socks and her most stylish dress.

This old soul of mine wants the goodnight kiss from the loveliest lady in her bare-back dress.

I want you tonight like a cougar wants the coolest cigarette and inhaling its pleasant scent.

Behind these lovely smiles, there is a pretty old soul lurking beneath fragmented promises.

I should give my heart like a gold watch and my old soul as beautiful as my love for you.

I want to see your soul like the lovely smile of a cougar who is spending time with her man.

We should dance together with our beautiful old souls underneath the glowing moonlight.

We can never deny this beautiful tension between us like pretty cougars lurking in the night.

I can see the exquisiteness behind your timid smiles and the confidence for this unfolding love.

This love between us is like a pretty cougar who is deeply in love with her glamorous shoes.

I want to acknowledge this beautiful tension between us like the first discovery of an old soul.

There must be an age gap between our beautiful souls, so I think my soul is kind of a cougar?

Your eyes show the wonderful beauty of the world like a paradise with your pretty old soul.

We should dance all through the night with our minds at ease and old souls inside our hearts.

I can write a song for you about our love like a cougar and her man on a cold night of March.

Let me call this tension as a cougar and I definitely want to make your lips to be mine forever.

I want to sing the party anthem of our old souls and dance this starry night away with you.

I want to build a kingdom with you where we can let the cougars and knights fight for us.

We can finally make constellations here out of our sensational love and beautiful old souls.

We should never be afraid to fall for each other now regardless of physical and spiritual age.

We should dance the night away forever along with the silent sound of our sleeping old souls.

Let our fragmented old souls be healed with our sincere promises and our probable dreams.

I want to sing you a lovely song that we can dance with our old souls for the rest of our lives.

You should remember how we can fall in love with each other like a cougar to her cool shoes.

Let me dance tonight with you and feel the beautiful tension between the souls in our hearts.

I want to light up your world like the way that a cougar would light her cigarette for the night.

Let me conquer your heart with my love like our old souls would be proud of us for tonight.

You should listen to the song of my old soul which screams all about my sincere love for you.

If I have a chance now, I want to be a cougar who will deeply fall in love with you forever.

Let me whisper your name inside my heart and let our souls fall in love with another as well.

I want to fly across the night sky and become a pretty cougar who will fall for you tonight.

This love is the most beautiful thing like my pretty old soul that I have ever seen in my life.

In another life where I am a cougar, I will still fall in love with you no matter what happens.

I would love you forever like the old souls would deeply fall in love with these sentiments.

Let me give you a beautiful kiss that can lift your spirits and can make your old soul dance.

We should not be afraid to dance all through the night with our old souls and our hearts.

Let me take you to the paradise where even our old souls can fall in love with each other.

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