Cop PickUp Lines

You are the one that I could never let go away from here.
Your incredible beauty and gracefulness have stolen my heart, and you need to face the consequences from your actions.
I should bring you to my prison called my world, where I can get the story of your life while you would retake my breath with your secret smiles.
You must take your mug shots as a lovely memory in my mind.
I won’t even need these handcuffs because I am already captivated by your beautiful eyes.
You should go to the prison and wait for your trial, but I think I got already imprisoned inside your heart.

I am the cop who wants to charge you with the beautiful love that you truly deserve in your life.

Let me dream tonight where I can arrest with all my heart and keep you in the prison of my love.

Let us dance with the music of police siren and loud heartbeats of the criminals in prison.


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We should go out and fly away with our dreams before we can be prisoners now and forever.

I am the cop in this town who can capture your heart and let it smile for the rest of your life.

I want to dance the night away with the sirens and fly to the paradise-like a heaven in the sky.

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I want to arrest you for stealing my heart and taking my breath away with your pretty smiles.

You are like a cop who just point the gun at me and shoot many bullets of love into my heart.

We should run away together like a bunch of criminals away from the crime scene of our love.

I feel like I am in handcuffs with the beautiful golden specks in your eyes for the rest of my life.

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I want to be the cop who can arrest you and make you feel the love that you deserve in your life.

Let me dance with the angels and see the miracle like the sound of the police car in the midnight.

I want to feel like a silly man who can get arrested with the crime of falling in love with you.

Is it a crime to be captivated with the sparkle in your eyes and those beautiful lips of yours?

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I want to be a cop like Jake Peralta and marry you like Amy Santiago for the rest of our lives.

You seem like Rosa Diaz with the most beautiful smile and the most amazing stance in this place.

I feel like my heart is already on the handcuffs with your amazing beauty for the rest of my life.


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I am the cop who would like to know you better than the criminals with their unsolvable cases.

Let us dance along with the sound of police sirens in my ears and sing in this magical moment.

I would like to say that you are under arrest for captivating me with your gorgeous baby eyes.

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I am the cop who would like to arrest you with the charge of stealing my heart all over tonight.

Let me dance with your lovely charm like the blaring sound of a police siren in the party tonight.

I am a cop who would like to take me away and imprison in the beautiful paradise in our minds.

I don’t want to detain these feelings in my heart anymore, and I would declare it to you tonight.

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Your gorgeous smile is like the look of the happiness when an innocent man walks out of prison.

You are the lovely cop who would like to take me to church and marry me for the rest of my life.

I won’t worry about these kinds of things whenever we want to dance like two cops in the office.

Let me marry this heart and imprison it with the love that I have been saving for my entire life.


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I want to be the kind of cop who can make you happy and beautiful for all through the midnight.

I have gone full Boyle on you, and I want to see your gorgeous smiles in every aspect of my life.

I want to be the part of your life where I can detain ourselves to the most beautiful paradise.

I would like to say that I want to go to the police and charge you with the theft case for my heart.

This moment is a robbery case of my heart and my stability to gaze at your amazing beauty.

I want to keep dancing like we are chasing the criminals with millions on the top of their heads.

I want to be the cop who can chase you for the rest of my life because you have stolen my heart.

This is a lovely memory where we can just let ourselves imprisoned in our lovely paradise.

I want to chase this love to the end of the century and make it more memorable for all the time.

Maybe I am the cop who would want to get linked with you through these handcuffs of our love.

I want to dance tonight with you while our minds and our hearts are locked up in this paradise.

Let me feel the love like we are prisoners in this beautiful castle that we built in our minds.

I am the cop who can chase you for the rest of your life like a wonderful view of this starry night.

I want to keep dancing through this love bug and feel the love like we are in handcuffs forever.

I feel like we can be the police who will charge ourselves for stealing hearts from one another.

Let me be the cop who can arrest and detain you inside my heart like a ruby in a jewelry box.

The moment that we first met is like stealing gold from a castle and getting chased by the cops.

You are the most beautiful thing that I want to protect as the police will do to their own country.

This is the magnificent moment where we can become like the crazy civilians in a police party.

This moment is too nice and smart not to notice which I would forever remember in my life.

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This is where we can be star-crossed lovers or the people who are not fated for each other.

We should let ourselves become the cops who would throw our lives to the prison of our love.

This love is hopefully like a gradual relationship between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago.

I am the cop who would like to take you to the prison where there is no rejection but only bliss.

I want to dance together with you for the rest of my life while our hearts linked with handcuffs.

Let us fly away and feel the memories climb out of here like the police chasing the criminals.

I want to be the cop who can take you to the paradise and dance with me all through the night.

Let me think about the time when we can run away like a bunch of robbers to the west coast.

I want to see this beautiful reality and touch it like how a cop raises his handgun all the time.

We should dance like cops who break their record of arrest numbers and get a promotion.

I am the cop who can shoot this love across the Pacific ocean and send it to your beautiful heart.

I can hope that we can lay on the grass like there are no criminals around the area but only us.

I am the cop who would spend the time with you like I already reached my target arrest numbers.

Whenever I see your magnificent beauty, my heart screams like Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle.

I want to be the cop who would like to dance with your pretty smile and majestic twinkling eyes.

Let me travel across the country and chase this love that can go to the edge of the universe.

Your eyes are like the magical moment of finally arresting the guilty ones in every crime scene.

I am the cop who will keep hoping for your love like I will keep reaching my arrest numbers.

Let us dance in this holy ground like we are the police who finally tracked their criminals.

I am the cop who will charge you for the case of robbing my heart and taking care of it forever.

This is the place where we can go out like the bunch of policemen on a nice and long vacation.

I want to go with you to the beautiful paradise like the haven of the police inside the prison.

I am the police who has fallen in love with those gorgeous eyes of yours like a gullible criminal.

I want to dance along with your loud heartbeat like we are the cops who chase the criminals.

I want to believe that I am a cop who is head over heels to the magnificent beauty of your eyes.

My motto is to serve and to protect you like every law officer would do the duty to their country.

I am the ninja cop who would want to dance with you in this holy ground for the rest of my life.

I am deeply in love with the golden specks in your eyes like a cop finally closed his murder case.

Let me feel the love where we can sing it on top of our lungs as the great Jake Peralta will do.

I want to sing all my love for you like a bunch of cops will serenade their own Christmas carol.

We should just go out and feel the rhythm of our hearts like the beautiful medal for the police.

I cannot believe that I am like a policeman who cannot sleep so much for thinking about you.

This party is the best place where we can go out without feeling our love as a huge dull prison.

I have fallen in love with the way you look at me like a cop reaching his target numbers.

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