Computer Pick Up Lines

There is always this thing about pick up lines that never gets old — the punch that it creates when said at the right moment.
However, most people get used to hearing the same pick up lines over and over again.
So here are the newest and most unique pickup lines that you may use to leave a punch at the most unexpected occasions.
These come in a wide array of tone — sarcastic, nerdy, classic, sweet, cheesy and sexy and can be used by any gender.
In this ever changing world, finding the right words to say may be hard but with these quotes, you will surely never go wrong and you might just get that person you have long been dying to hook up with or confess your undying love to so here are some that you may want to try out.

You must be some computer scientist? Because you surely can decode these feelings I have.

Are you some computer technology? Because you just suddenly took over me.


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I think that you must be some sort of computer virus that is adept for making me crash.

You have penetrated my memory deeply that I am guessing you are a strong computer virus.

Are you a single computer? Because it seems that you already know things about my heart.

Are you sort of a Defragmenter? Because you make me work fast and keep me organized.

Are you like a DVD port? Coz I must be a CD and you are spinning my mind like crazy.

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You must be a graphic card? Because whenever you’re around, my vision becomes 4k.

I just want to tap on you right now like the keyboard that you seem to be, my dear love.

It must be nice to rub on you because you honestly look like a computer mouse, I am drawn.

I want to keep on touching and clicking on you just like some crazy mouse addict right now.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

We click, you and I like some sort of pointing device and I love every moment with you.

You are so huge, like a space bar and I want to keep on hitting on you if you would let me.

Are you a recovery program? Because you’ve restored some good in me, my darling.

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Are you some troubleshooter? Because you exactly know where to find and fix my problems.

Baby, I have a stick then can transfer some very good data, would you mind seeing it?

Baby, let’s make our night just like the Internet Explorer — nice and slow, you’ll love it.


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Whenever I am around you everything feels like it is on caps lock because it is very intense.

Can you teach me more on computer programming? I want to decode these feelings I have.

Is your computer working fast enough maybe you can try to make it work a bit faster, dear.

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I bought a highly expensive computer just to have a better view of your photographs.

I could have flirted with you but I’d rather seduce you with my computer engineering skills.

I do not know the concept of space but I can give you around some megabytes in my heart.

I do not want to Pause and I do not want to Break, I just want to Lock with you, that is true.

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I do not want any of your Backspace, I just want you to Enter my heart and soul if you want.

You type really fast and I am wondering if you can type me somehow, maybe tonight?

Like a broken computer, whenever I see you around I feel like I am very close to crashing.

You can be a start button for all I care because you always know how to turn me on good.

I thought my computer and I are alike until I feel in love with you and I realized that no.

I thought my dreams are alive only in a computer until I saw you in person, right there.

I used to press the Delete button a lot until you teach me how to Control this life of mine.

I used to think fast just like my computer until I met eyes with you and now I keep lagging.


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I want to be like a computer technology in your life to make your life a whole lot better.

I want to be the emblem of your love as the floppy disk is the emblem of save in a computer.

I want to get connected with you like how I connect my computer through the USB.

I want to go wireless with you — far, true but still connected wherever I may be.

I want to reprogram my life with you because everything is better when I am with you.

I forgot I had a computer the moment we talked and right then, I knew I was in trouble.

If I fix this computer of yours, will you compliment me with the ‘keys’ to your heart?

My computer game is on but you are all I can look at, I simply cannot just take my eyes off.

My computer broke apart because I click way too fast, want to try out how fast I do?

My favorite letters were W, A, S and D but now, to be honest it is only U, my dear girl.

Should I teach you about computer gaming? You seem to be a pro at breaking my heart.

There are a lot of symbols in the computer, which one is the emblem of your love?

There are too many F’s in the keyboard but there’s only one ‘F’ I want with you — Future.

There is a lot of keys in a computer but the only ‘keys’ that I want are those from your lips.

We can be like the computers, we can switch, we can start, we can control but never delete.

We cannot Escape in this life but you don’t have to worry for I will always be your Home.

When I first saw you, I thought you were a computer because you are very well calculated.

You must be some sort of blue screen as you never fail to shock me every single time.

You must be a cable cord because your presence electrifies me.

You must be a computer game. Because you always keep me entertained.

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You must be a Control Panel. Because you’re really good at managing my device.

You must be a Disk Partition because you own half of my total memory.

You must be a hard drive and baby I want to take a byte.

You must be a programmer. Because you really know where to start building the functions in my heart.

You must be a strong virus. Because I can’t get you out of my system.

You must be a strong wifi connection because your presence is always a blessing.

You must be a USB stick. Because you always come in a Flash and lose my Drive.

I am hardware and you the software in this life — you give my existence a meaning.

You are a kind of arrow keys because you give my life some sort of direction.

An Operating System is exactly how I would describe you; very complicated but very good.

You are just like the internet coz I really feel that we’re connected in a complicated way.

You must really be a very good hacker, entering my system without asking my permission.

You need to be refreshed and I can make you hit the F5 times believe me when I say it.

You are the Floppy Disk in this world full of Flash drives so come with me now.

I will always stay loyal to you like I have stayed loyal to a desktop all along, my baby.

You will always be my Personal Computer in this world full of Tablet will you let me?

You will never be a X if you marry me, so let us get married pretty soon, you’ll never ask Y.

You are always going to be #0 to me, believe me because I say true things all the time.

Like my laptop; stylish, handy and very valuable is what you are to me, baby girl.

You are just a one of a kind computer — always saving my day and making things better.

You’re like my computer accessory, without you, I’m dull and full of misery.

Let me be the one to warm you up like all the laptops do to their owners.

You can watch me every time you want, I wouldn’t mind, just like your computers don’t.

I will make you enjoy every single second we are together just like you would, your pc.

What I really hope is that you get to enjoy my company as much as you do your laptop.

Like a laptop charger, you keep me full during the day and I love you for everything, darling.

I wish that I can somehow be like your browser that you never ever get tired of looking at.

Maybe we are not the problem but that you got too addicted to being with your pc all the time.

And all I can do now is hope that somehow you will see that my feelings for you are true.

I bet you have a lie detector on your pc, use it on me and see if my feelings are real, baby.

You turned me on in the best ways possible like as you do when you reach your power button.

How do you do that, like you just become a goddess one moment when I look at you, baby.

We are in a digital era where looking at you sometimes feel surreal, I can’t get enough of it.

My darling, love is what I am feeling for you right now and I just cannot feel myself.

I do not miss my computer because I am safe in your loving arms and that is the truth of it.

I love you for all that you are and I just hope that you will somehow feel the same way.

Right now, I am like a pc which only have a binomial system, you and love, love and you.

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