College PickUp Lines

School is the best place for honing our knowledge, talents and skills.
It is also a good venue of meeting new friends, new opportunities or new love.
College is far different from high school and elementary.
It is the time when you have to be more carrier oriented and less play.
It is where you mold your future and the first step in fulfilling your dreams.
The journey in college is not easy but with the help of the following quotes, they will surely make your college years durable and amazing.

They say college is exciting and enjoying, well it is true as long as we don’t die.

Hard work, Courage, Determination. Essential things needed to survive journey in college.

College does not only produce professionals but also strong and independent individuals.


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Before and after going to school always check these important things- brain and heart.

Professors are like our parents- praise us when we are good and scold us when we are bad.

If getting a college diploma takes countless tiring days and sleepless nights- let’s get in on.

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Whenever I failed a test, I am like a zombie- alive outside but dead inside.

Rejection and failure- could make you feel weak. DETERMINATION- make you move on.

Always find friends with undying support and love for they will make your college life easier.

Always give yourself a break- play and get wild. But this should be earned after studying

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When I enter college, everything become an option including sleep, eating and rest.

Entering college is not as hard as finishing your degree. Better be ready when you got in.

Liters of tears and thousands of prayers I already made to get this piece of paper-my diploma.

Love your friends for they will help you survive each home works and quizzes.

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In college, trophies matter no more nor medals or certificates. PASSING is only matters.

What makes a college student alive on her dying days in college? COFFEE.

Life success is greatly mold in school so better be great while you still have time.


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College students are pretty amazing for they could party all night and took exam the next day.

Don’t took for granted your education for it is not a necessity that everyone could have.

Others wear their fancy clothes and shoes in school, I wear confidence and determination.

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Going to school is an exciting thing- you sit, listen, eat and go home. What a routine!

I started to envy the test paper-students keep staring on it for a long period of time.

Bustling trees, birds chirping, blue sky-what a beautiful day outside the window.

College students are far better than any other heroes because no villain could ever stop them.

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I would rather went to several sleepless nights than to suffer the result of failing.

Remember kid, no efforts, tears, and sweat are wasted when you give your best.

College is where you can meet the best friends of your life and your worst enemies.

We could find our biological parents at home but parents at heart could find at the school.


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I’ll tell you my friend there is no an easy way to success, you need to take it step by step.

Memories in college will linger in your mind until the last hour of your life.

I would rather take the staircase up way there than to take the elevator with bunch of evils.

The best thing about in school is learning while meeting the best people in your life.

To have a successful journey in life, education is the passport.

Learning does not stop on the four corners of the classroom there is more waiting outside.

Education is not everybody could have. It is only for those who could afford.

College degree is a thing that could be proud of but should not use to step other peoples foot.

Entrance exam is the key to college, diploma is the key for a job. Perseverance is key for all.

Failure is only heartbreaking when you don’t do anything about it. Move on and accept.

After college, the real journey only begins, the real challenge is coming on your way.

When you finish college, you are only one step away to the real cruel world.

The first day in college is the last day of your innocent and lively days.

Each days in college life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs but very fulfilling one.

The hardest time of college life is when you have to say goodbye to your long-time friends.

Grades don’t matter in the long run. They are just numbers that don’t describe who you are.

I go to school to learn the facts and the truth, not to play and to be fooled by bunch of idiots.

The school is the safe haven of your knowledge and wisdom. It is also where you reproduce it.

Hardships and rejections may weaken you but they could not stop you from believing yourself.

College made me a strong and brave person which make endure all the pain and rejections.

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School trains students to become soldiers to make them ready for every battle that may come.

Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s the bravest move for a person who’ve done enough.

When you fail, stand up, move on, accept and find a way to make that failure right.

Opportunity does not always knock on your door, when you meet it don’t lose it.

I’m not a poet nor a writer but I could write hundreds of reasons why school is the best thing.

When everything turns back at you, move forward and keep chasing your dreams.

College is where you meet new friends, new classmates and new family.

Home is where you discovered your talent and skills while in school where you hone it.

If everything gets hard and tiring, look behind, look all the hurdles you passed through.

College life maybe tiring and hard but it is enjoying and amazing at the same time.

My college life is like a drama- it has a beginning, conflict, climax and sweet ending.

What you are in the school is what you are in the future. Be great to be great tomorrow.

Teachers are our second parents, they guide us and care us when our parents not around.

School is our second home, professors are our parents and classmates are our siblings.

An early person is likely to succeed for it is better to be first than to be last.

Teamwork among friends is greatly challenge during quizzes and examinations.

A single exam doesn’t define your intellectual capacity, a failed grade doesn’t mean stupidity.

One mistake is okay, doing the same mistake over and over again is unacceptable.

Bad action and attitude could make an intellectual and educated person stupid.

The path towards success is very bumpy and winding but GOD everything would be easy.

Learn to accept your mistakes and flaws for they will surely help you to reach your dreams.

Each day in school is like a battle- I should be always ready and armed or else I will die.

Check your bag before going to school for it’s better to be ready than to regret it after.

There is no easy in this world, but everything becomes easy if you have WILL and FAITH.

No course is dominant over the other, everything is equal when you are in the real world.

School is where all the firsts happened-seize and treasure each moment for they will lasts.

Everything becomes easier when you have friends who help carries all your burden.

Keep in mind that school papers, assignments and projects are not burden but a practice.

If you are well educated, no one could fool you. Also you should not fool anyone.

Worst about failing? It is when everyone already judge you and lose faith in you.

To fail at once does not make you a delinquent person, everything has a reason.

To pass a course, give time, exert effort and love it for it will surely love you back.

Failing the exam is like breaking up- it is painful and unforgettable.

I am in relationship right now- I am in love with my notes and textbooks.

Every night I have a date- I have a date with my reviewer and my paper works.

To be a college student is not an easy thing. It is a job that needs hard work and brave heart.

I might stumble and cry repeatedly, I will still stood up and moved on.

Being a student is the best part of your life, you gain knowledge and friends at the same time.

Learning is a step by step process- you cannot skip and cheat for it is not learning anymore.

Teachers are the army of truth, wisdom and knowledge so they should be loved and respect.

School is the fortress of knowledge and wisdom while students are the guardians of these.

Keep chasing your dreams and do not stop until you reach them. Strive hard and study hard.

Study hard and play hard- every hard work deserves a heartwarming rest and celebration.

Being a student doesn’t stop at school, you’ll always be for every life lesson you have to learn.

The things that made you cry now will surely the ones you will laugh about tomorrow.

The life in college is hard and amazing at the same time but it is the most remarkable.

Life is like the pages of the book, you don’t know what will comes next.

There are two types of college student- the genius and the master crammer. Which are you?

The best student is not with the highest grades but with a true acts of love.

A practical mind is always better than the book-based mind.

At the end of the day, we will always have the same destination. Same old ending.

As the clock struck twelve, our student life ends and our adulthood begins.

A critical mind, heart and soul will likely to succeed than anyone else.

Good college students are best time managers, they could play and study at the same time.

Cramming is not bad as long as you are cramming to review what you already read.

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