Christmas Pickup Lines

December 25th is the favorite day of the majority of the population in this world.
The season brings people together and makes almost everyone kinder and more generous as compared to the rest of the year.
This season also entails colder weather making people wish that there is someone they could embrace during the cold nights.
That is why single people are making sure they go out of their way to have someone special to celebrate with as this season approaches.
And to help with your dilemma, here are some of lines you can pick up when you finally found someone whom you want to be with during this season or maybe beyond.

Is it Christmas already? Because my gift is staring at me right at this very moment.

Is it Christmas already? Because my gift is standing in front of me right at this very moment.


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I must have been good the entire year because Santa decided to give you this early to me.

I can feel the Christmas spirit in the wind just by standing right here with you.

You are making me feel better, way, way better than a Christmas day can.

You are happiness, love, and warmth wrapped up in a vessel, the Christmas spirit itself.

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Is Merry your name? Because my Christmas will not be complete without you.

Is Merry your name? Because my Christmas will not be merry without you.

Can I be your Santa? Because I want to grant every wish you have.

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You are my wish for this season can I be yours too?

The wonderful time of the year is incomparable to the nights I spent holding you.

Is it Christmas already? Because I want to give you my heart already.

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You look like the brightest star I wanted to put on top of my Christmas tree.

You look like the beautiful angel I wanted to put on top of my Christmas tree.

Aren’t you tired of just hanging on top of my Christmas tree?


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Do you want to be the angel on top of my Christmas tree?

Finding you in the middle of the chaos is equivalent to a merry Christmas.

Finding you in the middle of the chaos is like an early Christmas gift from Santa.

Finding you in the middle of the chaos is like an early Christmas gift from the Higher being.

Finding you in the middle of the chaos is like an early Christmas gift from the universe.

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Today let us pretend I am Santa. Want to sit on my lap then?

Today let us pretend I am Santa. Want some sweets in exchange of a kiss then?

I want to spend Christmas with you indefinitely.

I want to spend Christmas with you forever.


I want to spend this season with you countless times.

I want to stuff myself of you like the way I will stuff myself with Christmas dinner.

I couldn’t get enough of you like the way I couldn’t get enough of this season’s food.

I am starving for you more than I am starving for the Christmas dinner.

When I look at you I see the all the things I want to do for Christmas eve.

When I look at you I couldn’t help but be grateful that I’ve been nice until Christmas.


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I want to be nice and naughty with you at the same time. You want that do you?

Want to be naughty with me?

Let us be a little naughty tonight because we have spent all this time trying to be nice.

We deserve to have some fun tonight after trying so hard to be nice.

Will you be my Christmas gift for myself?

I am cold; can you help me keep warm?

I will gladly trade my Christmas gifts if only I could have you as my gift instead.

Want to sleep in the hay with me and have some fun tonight?

I don’t mind spending Christmas day with you forever; in fact I’ll gladly do this every season.

Want to dress up like Eskimos and play some naughty game with me?

I don’t need mistletoe or lights because your presence is enough to make this season bright.

I’ll give you my heart in exchange of your crooked little heart.

One thing I can offer you on Christmas is this pierced little heart.

Don’t wait for Santa because everything you want is right here inside this sack.

My Christmas wouldn’t be merry without you on my side.

It is the season to be jolly, want to be jolly with me?

Follow me and I am sure you’ll be having the greatest Christmas of your life.

Just by seeing you puts me in the mood of singing Christmas songs.

Did the year fast forward to the 25th of December? Because suddenly my gift is here.

You are making my heart sing, Fa la la la la la la la!

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Let us be joyous and festive together in this season.

You’re shivering. Let me ease that tonight, baby.

You are the wish right here from the bottom of my heart.

Want to fall in the snow with me and create little angels?

Let me be the Frosty the Snowman of your life, the happy soul I believe you needed.

Want me to come back into life like Frosty the Snowman did?

Want to have some fun before I melt away like Frosty the Snowman?

Just like Frosty the Snowman said, do not cry because I will be back again.

If I am grandma, I’ll be gladly run over by a reindeer if it is you.

I don’t think I can celebrate this without you.

Baby you don’t have to watch out for yourself when I am with you.

Baby believe me I am not the Grinch the song is singing about.

I’ll protect you from every Grinch this life will throw at you, I promise.

A beautiful melody played when I heard you talk.

I want to give glory to whomever god you’re worshipping for giving you to me.

Lay with me on the hay?

You can have a merry season for yourself but believe me it is better when you spent it with me.

Gather your family because I want them to witness the day I will give my heart to you.

I want to be the Santa you are waiting to come.

I want to be the wish you are quietly whispering to the universe.

I don’t care if you’re rich or poor; all I care about is your heart.

Follow the light and see that even the light will lead you to me.

Follow the stars and receive the greatest gift you’ll ever receive this season, I promise.

Can I sleep inside of you? Because this world is nothing but harshness and coldness.

The best time of the year is still the days I get to spend with you doing nothing and everything.

My favorite time of the year is the day and the nights we held each other tightly.

You are my cup of cheer.

I made up mistletoe in my head so that I have an excuse to kiss you every time I see you.

Oh Santa Claus is here, it’s time we jump in the bed so that we’ll not scare him away.

I’m not home in this season when I do not get to spend this day with you.

I want to be the Santa Claus you’re kid caught you kissing.

You look like an angel playing a melody on her harp of gold for this season.

It is cold but you make me feel hot just by looking at you.

It is cold but you’re making me feel hot with your touch.

The angels sing whenever I hold your hand or feel your skin against mine.

My favorite season is here early because I’ve already received my wish.

I want to have some fun on the sleigh with you tonight and the next couple of nights.

If am Santa, I am more than willing to let you take a peak of what’s inside my sack.

Baby riding my sleigh would be more fun than the song sings about.

Baby, you brought joy to my world the day you walked through that door.

Let me bring joy to your world later tonight baby.

Dear, let me show you what genuine joy is if you will just let me.

Let me redefine the meaning of joy in this season baby.

Don’t be afraid of the snow because I’ve got more than enough warmth for the both of us.

Don’t be afraid of the snow baby because I’ve got a couple of ideas to let ourselves be warm.

The snow isn’t stopping any time so stay right here in my arms.

I promise I won’t let this passion ebb as long as there is snow outside.

I’ve got hot chocolate and warm blanket inside, all I need is you to complete the night.

This snow won’t stop me from going wherever you are right now.

Are you Jesus? Because you made me want to offer everything I have for you.

You brought more pleasure for me than my favorite season of the year.

Let me bring you pleasure greater than the pleasure this season brings you.

You eyes shine brighter than the stars combined.

You eyes shine brighter than all these lights combined.

Darling, there is nothing holier than the nights I spend with you.

This season teaches us to love one another. Does that mean you are going to love me?

This season is about giving away things freely. Can I have your heart then?

Will you dance with me until the night ends?

You glow like the nose of the most famous reindeer-Rudolph.

I want to make you glow like the Rudolph’s nose does.

You have the ability to make my heart melt even in this cold.

They’re all wishing peace on earth but I want some war with you, if you know what I mean.

I don’t mind having you as my breakfast when all these food runs out.

Do you want to play with my newly acquired toys?

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